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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Our Automatic pick and machine are widely used in electronics manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, aviation, LED lights, ships, yachts, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Automatic SMT pick and place machine feathers: fast speed, high accuracy, a high degree of automation, greatly reducing labor cost, improve production efficiency.

Faster Speed Of Automatic Pick And Place Machine In Stork

Full automatic pick and place machine mostly faster than a manual one, If your factory has plenty of orders, then must buy full automatic machines.


CNSMT provide all kinds of high-end speed automated pick and place machine in china, with cost-effective price and high-quality smt machines for you.


CNSMT also deal with most popular brands of new smt pick and place machines, with different machine feathers option.


CNSMT is an expert of used automatic pick and place machine supplier in china, who always provide perfect after-sale service for all of the customers.

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Your Best Automatic Pick And Place Machine SUPPLIER IN CHINA

Are you looking for an automatic pick and place machine? Here at CNSMT, we offer various machines from brand new to used ones. Whether you are a start-up or a stable company that would like to upgrade your production, we offer machines that can work on your budget.

We supply different kinds of brands of autotrophic pick and place machines. We assure you that we’ll assist you in every single detail when it comes to those machines. These are the different brands that we are offering: Juki, Fuji, Panasonic, Yamaha, Samsung, Sony, etc.

We can teach you to operate the machine in our factory or to your place, if you come to our factory to learn, then no need additional train cost, but if need our engineer to your place, must add round-trip tickets fee+food fee+hotel fee and accommodation

Generally speaking,cnsmt Automatic placement machine must be used with an automatic printing machine and high-end reflow soldering together. This is a full smt line, You can Choose different types of Automatic pick and machine according to different PCB sizes. The maximum can support 1500MM + LED PCB, and the smallest can be mount 50mm size PCB,

High precision automatic pick and place machine can mount minimum 01005 Electronic components, also can mount large components such as QFN BGA, and bulk materials and tube materials

If you are trying to start up to have your factory don’t be in a dilemma, all you have to do is just simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you just to make sure you’ll reach your satisfaction.

What is Automatic Pick And Place Machine?

The automatic placement machine is a device that is used to realize high-speed and high-precision automatic place components. It is one of the most critical and complex smd machine in the entire SMT production line. The placement machine is the core equipment in the SMT production line.

The Automatic Pick And Place Machine has developed from an early low-speed mechanical smt assembly machine to a high-speed optical  placement machine and it has developed into a multi-functional, flexible connection modular

Automatic Pick And Place Machine

What brand automatic pick and place machine around the world?

  • SONY (Japan) Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • Assembleon, Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • Siemens (Germany), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • Panasonic (Japan), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • FUJI (Japan), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • YAMAHA (Japan), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • JUKI (Japan), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • MIRAE (South Korea), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • SAMSUNG (South Korea), Automatic Pick And Place Machine
  • UNIVERSAL (United States), etc.Automatic Pick And Place Machine

What type of automatic pick and place machine in the market?

There are many manufacturers and brands of pick-and-place machines, The classification of the smd placement machine is as bellow:

By speed

  • Medium Speed ​​Mounter
  • High-speed placement machine
  • Super high-speed placement machine

Features: more than 40,000 CPH, using the rotary multi-head system. Assembleo-FCM and FUJI-QP-132 placement machines are equipped with 16 placement heads, and their placement speeds are reach to 96,000 pieces / h and 127,000 pieces / h.

By function

  • High-speed / ultra-high-speed placement machine
    Features: Mainly based on chip components, there are not many types of chip devices.
  • Multi-function placement machine
    Features: Can mount large devices and special-shaped devices.

According to the way

  • Sequential placement machine
    Features: It sticks components one by one to the PCB in order, and usually sees this type of placement machine.
  • Simultaneous placement machine
    Features: Using a dedicated hopper for placing cylindrical components, all components can be mounted on the corresponding pads of the PCB in one action. When the product is replaced, all the hoppers are replaced, which is rarely used.
  • Simultaneous online placement machine

Features: It is composed of multiple placement heads, and sequentially attaches one PCB patch at a time. Assembleon-FCM is this type.

By Automation points

  • Automatic pick and place machine
    Features: Most placement machines are of this type.
  • Manual pick and place machine
    Features: The manual placement head is installed on the Y-axis head, and the positioning of X, Y, and e can be corrected by the movement and rotation of the human hand. It is mainly used for new product development and has the advantage of a low price.

Automatic Pick And Place Machine

What should you know about the automatic pick and place machine?

As a high-tech smd machine, the automatic pick and place machine is very important for machines and people to operate safely and correctly.
The most basic thing to safely operate the placement machine is that the operator should have the most accurate judgment, and should follow the following basic safety rules:
1. Machine operators should receive operation training under the correct method.
2. Check the machine, turn off the power when replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustments (the maintenance of the machine must be carried out when the emergency button is pressed or the power is turned off.
3. Make sure that YPU (programming part) is in your hand to stop the machine at any time when “coordinate reading” and adjustment of the machine are performed.
4. Make sure the “interlocking” safety equipment is effective to stop the machine at any time, and the safety detection on the machine should not be skipped or short-circuited, otherwise personal or machine safety accidents will easily occur.
5. Only one operator is allowed to operate one machine during production.
6. During operation, make sure that all parts of the body, such as hands and head, are out of the movement range of the machine.
7. The machine must be properly grounded (really grounded, not connected to the zero line).
8. Do not use the machine in a gas or extremely dirty environment.
a) Those who have not received training are strictly prohibited to operate on the machine.
b) Safety is the first priority when operating equipment. The machine operator should operate the machine in strict accordance with the operating specifications, otherwise it may cause damage to the machine or endanger personal safety.
c) The machine operator should be careful and careful


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Automatic Pick And Place Machine

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