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Electronic PCBA, circuit boards, and chipboards need full protection from the outer and harsh climate risks. Their originality and quality also get spoiled because of dust. They also need protection during cleaning internal and external parts.

So PCB conformal coating spray machine development can meet all these requirements, and It’s a full matic online machine, mainly used to protecting PCB  material avoid dusty.

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Cnsmt manufactures PCB Coating Machine for the safety of your electronic devices such as electronic components, circuit boards, chipboards, home appliance control board, automotive electronic control board, military instrumentation circuit board, computer control board, industrial equipment control board, agricultural equipment control board, battery protection board, LED control board, outdoor LED display, inverter circuit board, security control board, and motor control board.

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CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

PCB Coating Machine

conformal coating pcb is that the most effective way of coating a PCB. Choose the selective PCB conformal coating machine that allows the user to ‘select’ which areas of the board must be coated, the specified thickness for the coating and permit the machine to try to to the diligence for you.

Proforma coating Machine

Automatic conformal coating machine don’t get tired, don’t usually have bad days and are happy to try to to precisely the same thing time after time, resulting in improved process reproducibilities.

Selective coating machine

PCB Protection spray coating machine of different types is also applied to the machine for making the circuit board secured and well-protected from water, dust, and other risks.

You will love to use the machine.

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Coating Machine

Cnsmt PCB conformal coating spray machine is perfect and efficient for a one-sided coating line for circuit boards.

It runs from right to left or left to right direction during coating.

It provides you the speedy coating.

You will enjoy its efficiency by more than 30%.

Interesting thing is that it is a one-time investment to enjoy the benefits for the whole life.

Pcba circuit board protective conformal coating spray machine is the fully automatic coating machine.

The machine is perfect for automatic selective coating, greatly improving productivity, with automatic curing and PCB inspection conveyor machine make a full assembly line.

Different countries of people called the different name of PCB Conformal Coating machines, such as

PCB epoxy coating

PCB silicone coating

PCB lacquer coating

PCB silicone coating

PCB lacquer coating

Circuit board conformal coating

Circuit board coating

Circuit board Protective Coating

pcb protection spray

The most reliable human-machine interface and quick programming are the unique features of the PCB Coating Machine.

It will be the best addition to make the circuit boards and other electronic things more protected.

Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain will make the PCB Coating Machine perfect for your long term usage.

Make your electronic devices protected and save money.

PCB Coating Machine works accurately especially in achieving a variety of circuit board selective area spraying.

It is also perfect for the multi-track spraying which adds as spot coating, line spraying, and curve spraying.

It is also suitable for completing the spraying process of high-density and complex circuit boards.

That is the reason; that is the most suggested machine to complete the coating in more efficient ways.

Even, the machine does not leave the edge of a device without coating.

It performs its functions in very reputable manners even by coating the coating edge of a device.

The PCB coating machine also eliminates the shadowing effect of spraying.

You will love to add the machine in your collection as it is the best one that performs its functions in a highly efficient way.

That is the reason; the system accuracy of the machine is ±0.01 mm.

If you invest in the PCB coating machine, you must be damn sure that you will enjoy high speed, high reliability, high stability of the drive and perfect control system.

There are different types of precision nozzles.

Three types of nozzles are added in the machines which are available for customers to choose from.

The standard equipment of the machine also carries two nozzles.

Through this, you can attain the high-density and complex circuit board spraying as well as dispensing processes.

Another amazing thing is that the width of the input board is adjustable automatically.

Most of the functions of the machine are automatic which will save your time with rapid growth and production.

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pcb conformal coating spray

As you recognize pcb coating spray machine is important onto PCB assembly, Please click here to refer the video: PCB conformal coating spray machine, to find out the PCB coating equipment the best way to spray your PCBA.

Learn more combined circuit board waterproofing spray |solution(click here) or contact us for assistance determining which circuit card coating process would work best for your application.

circuit board conformal coating

PCB conformal coating machine Main Features:

  • 1.X, Y, Z, and three-axis movements enable accurate selective spraying of varied PCB boards faraway from uncoated areas like connectors.
  • 2.Accurately achieve a spread of circuit card selective area spraying.
  • 3.It can realize multi-track spraying like spot coating, line spraying and curve spraying, and may complete the spraying process of high-density and sophisticated circuit boards.
  • 4.It can effectively and evenly coat the sting of the device, eliminating the shadowing effect of spraying.
  • 5.The system accuracy is ±0.01 mm.
  • 6.Whole plate conformal coating machine with high speed, high reliability, high stability of the drive and system .
  • 7.There are three sorts of precision nozzles available for patrons to settle on from. the quality equipment also carries two nozzles. This two nozzles can realize automatic switching and cooperation of spraying operations, and may achieve high-density and sophisticated circuit card spraying and dispensing processes.
  • 8.The device is provided with intelligent automatic widening and narrowing functions (the width of the input board are often adjusted automatically).
  • 9.Programming mode: software program with data input automatic programming; handle manually enter any track automatic programming mode
  • 10.PCB conformal coating machine with the waste gas collection,educator,which reduce the iritant gas discharge fficiently.

Please go this link: Why PCB conformal coating machine is important onto PCB assembly? then you’ll skills to settle on your PCB conformal coating equipment and the way to save lots of your budget.
PCB conformal coating machine

Providing unique conformal coating equipment for all of the various coating material technologies is one among CNSMT Technologies specialties. We can provide custom conformal coating machine for any PCB conformal coating application process.

As a part of that turnkey solution, we will offer packages of kit for PCB conformal coating process assembly line, It includes

  • PCB Conformal coating machine,
  • PCB UV curing machine,
  • PCB UV inspection conveyor,
  • PCB UV conveyor.

This allows CNSMT to supply the entire PCB Select Coat conformal coater at a reduction to customers to make sure that they receive the simplest deal possible.
If you are curious about more solution about the PCBA surface coating process, please attend the web: https://cnsmtline.com

Simple Coat software works via a customer-supplied laptop pc. Programming is straightforward and may be done either by manually teaching a program or by employing a JPG image of a PCB. All dispense and motion parameters are often easily altered with the easy-to-use interface. Various shapes, patterns, and areas also can be programmed.

In conformal coating operations, PCB coating manufacturers must balance throughput, materials and labor investments, while addressing regulatory and environmental concerns. Traditional methods for applying conformal coatings, like dipping and air spray, are expensive in terms of materials and labor.

The expense of solventless conformal coating materials has driven costs even higher. CNSMT’s selective conformal coating equipment systems provide a number of benefits for manufacturers at every level of production from batch to high-volume, in-line processing.

Find the proper PCB coating solutions for your manufacturing needs by browsing the CNSMT parts, equipment systems below.

Full-Auto PCB Conformal Coating Machine

Manufactured and dealed by CNSMT


Ensuring quality control of conformal coating machineries was made easier, as CNSMT offers its latest manufactured PCB conformal coating machine to the market. Featuring its additional features to ensure quality painting procedures of conformal coatings to PCB in order to prevent environment-related problems like moisture, sault and static. CNSMT provides an option of machinery either a full panel coating or selective coating depending upon the required protection of the PCB.


Why use PCB Conformal Coating?


In order to lengthen the shelf life of a printed circuit board, almost all technology-producing companies use conformal coating to protect and maintain the durability of their PCB. This is primarily due to the increase of updating and size differences of the gadgets available in the market that require even smaller and delicately designed PCB, the demand for conformal coating has increased over a period of time.


What’s new to the specification of the machine?


Full- Auto PCB conformal coating machine is considered one of the most reliable machineries in the industry in providing quality and secure coating protection to PCB units.

In CNSMT, the manufactured model is improved with additional higher specifications in coating process;


  • Designed as a one-sided coating line for circuit boards, the machine is considered higher in terms of efficiency compared to other machine available in the market;
  • Made bigger with a size of 5500MM x 1200 MM x 1600 MM (L x W x H) making it faster compared to other brands;
  • Has higher maximum board size of 460 x 460 which is larger than usual market available machine that only measures up to 30-50 MM


Why should you buy CNSMT-Manufactured PCB Conformal Coating Machine?


Different models of coating machine is already available in the market, however CNSMT aims to provide best services with utmost product quality and high client satisfaction compared to other brands. CNSMT offers the following benefits of its coating machine which makes it a reliable partner company for all your technology-machinery needs;


  • Our coating machine is considered a one-time investment that offers benefit of a lifetime, as it is made with durable materials and steel plating that would last even heavy or light weight use of the machine;
  • Uniform and accurate coating consistency with accuracy rate higher compared to other available market brands;
  • Significantly reducing the production cost since only one technician is needed to operate the machine thus improving the decreasing labor costs
  • Environmental friendly as the machine uses low power making energy consumption reduce a significant number. Higher machine waste gas recovery is higher to maintain clean air in a workshop to protect employees health.


Basic Faqs


  • Why choose us?


CNSMT is one of the leading machinery manufacturers in the technology industry in China and is slowly paving its way to the global market. Known for its high quality materials and top standard in production – you can make sure that you are in the right hands when it comes to your machine and equipment needs!


  • I am purchasing the machine for the first time, is it easy to operate?


Like all other machineries, CNSMT produces machines that are easy to operate. The machine uses Xino coating software as a control software which is developed in Windows 7 environment which is easy to manipulate even for new users.


  • How to place an order in your company?
  • Send a request thru our official email of the desired product before a quotation will be sent by our representative;
  • Prices may be negotiated once you are in contact with our sales representative, you may also communicate other product-related queries at the same time before finalizing your order;
  • Proforma quotation and invoice will be provided by our sales team, once confirmed from your side, the order will be processed;
  • Payment as per the invoice must be paid;
  • If purchasing locally, you may visit the factory for machine inspection, if ordered internationally – rest assured that our team of technicians will do final inspection to make sure that the machine is in a 100% quality before shipment.


  • Do you ship internationally?


Yes. However, shipment duration may vary as per different country that the company is able to ship machinery to.


  • I am buying locally, how many days would it take to be delivered?


The estimated delivery time for orders made within China is 3- 5 working days.


  • Is there a warranty given to the purchased machinery?


Yes, a one year warranty is given to every purchased product. In case there is any identified problem in the product, an extended warranty will be given  – no questions asked!


  • Do you have online support available?


Yes, we have a 24/7 online support team available to assist you in your different queries and needs.


We have more products that not upload on website,If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information!

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