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CNSMT is a professional company that provides competitive price and quality PCB magazine loader&unloader service and also deal with a wide range of SMT full line solution services in China.

In order to meet your PCB magazine loader&unloader needs, we have startup an SMT factory that holds the capability of accommodating economical, affordable, and reliable PCB magazine loader and unloader machines and other SMT perhaps equipment.

Our high-quality machines are not only limited to provide you PCB magazine loader and unloaders, but also extends to SMT PCB conveyors, SMT pick and place machines, SMT reflow oven, PCB coating machines, SMT stencil clean machines, and many more.

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Working Power SupplyAC220V 50/60HZ
Supply Pressure5kg/cm2
PCB Size(mm)350×50~250(330,460,500 option)
PCB Transmission DirectionLeft to right (right to left optional)
Rack Specifications(mm)355x320x563
Hopper Lifting Step(mm)10, 20, 30, 40
Transmission Height(mm)900±20
Main Motor Power (W)295
Long x Wide x High (mm)
Control Panel Selection1. Touch screen; 2. Button

1) Overall dimensions: L1700 * W1120 * H1200 ± 30mm

2) Dedicated aluminum profile guide and dedicated thousand-bird plastic chain

3) 90W brake motor drive adopts ball screw to make Magazine step up and down

4) The transmission motor uses a 25W fixed speed motor.

5) Pneumatic clamp structure.

6) Turnover box size is (L) 630 * (W) 530 * (H) 565mm (screw adjustment method)

7) PCB specification MAX: (L) 600 * (W) 250-460mm option

8) Direction: Right to left / Left to right

9) Select the pitch of the lifting platform as 10, 20, 30, 40

10) Transmission height H = 920 ± 30

11) Xinjie PLC programmable controller control

12) With automatic board loading function

13) The operation control panel is a display and control true color touch screen;

14) Pneumatic components (the position of the push plate cylinder is adjusted with a screw)

15) Power supply: 220V 50HZ

16) Air source: 0.4-0.6MPa

17) Number of fully loaded storage boards: 50PCS

18) One set of electric control box

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Whenever you intend to purchase the PCB loader&unloader machine, we are always here to provide you the best quality, affordable, efficient, and trustworthy SMT machines and services so that you will run your SMT factory more valuable and smoothly. We keep you updated about all the latest technique information the first time.

Your Reliable PCB Magazine Loader in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines


CNSMT-L250mm PCB Magazine loader&unloader is a standard machine, this size of pcb loader and unloader max PCB width is 250mm, 50-250mm PCB width will be suitable on this model machine.if your PCB width not more than 250mm, you can order CNSMT-L250 .


CNSMT-L330 PCB Magazine loader&unloader is a mid size of PCB loader machine, this size of loader and unloader max PCB width is 330mm, It must be less than 330mm of your pcb width. this model is a little expensive than CNSMT-L250.


CNSMT-L460  PCB Magazine loader&unloader is a large size of smt machine, this size of PCB magazine loader support max 460mm PCB width, you can order the different size of loader and unloader accordingly.

PCB Magazine loader

The Mini PCB loader and unloader is a new developed model smt machine, it greatly saves your space, as its size and dimension less than the normal one, many of customers prefer to buy the mini PCB loader and unloader.

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CNSMT Is Your Best Partner Of PCB Magazine Loader&Unloader

As a leading SMT machine manufacturer and supplier in China, CNSMT has rich experience make all kinds of PCB loader&unloaders. We provide very competitive rates and can deliver your goods worldwide.

We have a professional and efficient team that will handle and customize all the SMT machines in China. Just ask for a quick quote, whether you are already our client or not, we will be available online 24/7 to support your business.

What models of PCB magazine loader and unloader you provide?

  • CNSMT-L250
  • CNSMT-L330
  • CNSMT-L460
  • CNSMT-L580


Working Power SupplyAC220V/110V 50/60HZAC220V/110V 50/60HZAC220V/110V 50/60HZAC220V/110V 50/60HZ
Supply Pressure5kg/cm25kg/cm25kg/cm25kg/cm2
PCB Size(mm)350×50~250 350×50~330350×50~460350×50~580
PCB Transmission DirectionLeft to right (right to left optional)Left to right (right to left optional)Left to right (right to left optional)Left to right (right to left optional)
Hopper Lifting Step(mm)10, 20, 30, 4010, 20, 30, 4010, 20, 30, 4010, 20, 30, 40
Transmission Height(mm)900±20900±20900±20900±20
Main Motor Power (W)295295295295
Long x Wide x High (mm)
Control Panel Selection1. Touch screen; 2. Button1. Touch screen; 2. Button1. Touch screen; 2. Button1. Touch screen; 2. Button


We not only provide you the standard PCB magazine loader&unloaders but also can customize loaders depends on your requirement. we have a professional technique team to support you anytime.

Who we are?

  • CNSMT is a leading company that manufacture SMT machines and spare parts, with a competitive rate and the best quality for you
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the SMT field, we have our own factory produce SMT conveyors, PCB loader and unloaders, SMT reflow oven, PB coating machines, SMT FEEDER trolley, PCB hanging cart, Pcb racks, PCB cleaning machine, Stencil cleaning machine…ETC
  • We buy and sell SMT pick and place machines and reflow ovens
  • We produce and customize SMT feeders and nozzles
  • We helped over 500+customers start up them SMT new line,with rich experience in SMT full line solution
  • We can support you free aftersale service online or vedios
  • We are 24hours online support your business
  • CNSMT can export to worldwide by sea or air
  • Our company located in Shenzhen of China, who is nearby international airport and HK airport

Our company is a long-established, experienced SMT machine specializing in produce China made SMT perihaps machines and parts, and the company is based on customer gain, placing customers first and offering them the best PCB magazine loader and unloaders

Our success is based on integrity and responsibility, and it is our job to find you the best PCB magazine loader and unloader supplier.We will help you find a viable solution and see measurable results in little or no time.

If you‘re ready to order PCB magazine loader and unloader click here for more information and offers.

How to place an order?

  1. Send us an inquiry about the PCB magazine loader and unloader
  2. Discuss the machine details, size, models
  3. confirm the final price and payment and delivery term
  4. Send formal quotation or proforma invoice
  5. Start to prepare and produce the machine
  6. Contact forwarder for shippment
  7. Received the machine
  8. We guide you operate the PCB magazine loader and unloader
  9. more after-sale service

How to make the payment if we are the first time import goods?

  • T/T pay via bank, you can pay USD,GBP,EUR,CHF,AUD,JPY,KRW,HKD,CAD most of the currency we can accept
  • Paypal, if you are a small amount, we can accept Paypal, but if too much amount only can TT
  • Westernunion
  • Other more



Machine inner details

Except PCB loader and unloader, do you also supply other SMT machines?

Yes, we also supply bellow products

  1. SMT full line solution
  2. SMT pick and place machines
  3. SMT Printer
  4. SMT reflow oven
  5. SMT conveyor
  6. SMT soldering wave machine
  7. SMT semi-aumatic printer
  8. SMD component reel counter machine
  9. Solder paste mixer machine
  10. Solder warm-up machine
  11. PCB coating machine
  14. Automatic Insert machine
  15. PCB magazine loader and unloader
  16. PCB magazine
  17. PCB racks
  18. AOI
  19. SPI
  20. X-RAY
  21. Others more

If we want to buy the PCB magazine loader and unloader from you, How to ship it to us?

  • As the PCB loader and unloader weight and dimension is heavy and bigger than the normal product, we always ship by sea
  • If you need the machine urgently, you can choose by air shipment, but ship cost more expensive than by sea
  • We provide you different ways of shipment including door to door, to your port, to your airport, depends on your request.
  • Most of the shipment is not include the destination country import duty, need you to do customs clearance by yourself after the goods reach your country
  • Some of the countries can include all the ship cost and duty, so please discuss with our people before place the order, we will advise you the best way of shipment
  • You can also use your own forwarder to pick up the PCB loader and unloader machine to our factory directly.

How do you pack the PCB magazine loader and unloader?

Normally, we pack with the wooden box that company with the export standard, and if you afraid of the PCB loader Oxidation during the long time shipment, you can inform us to add a vacuum package to avoid oxidation.

The wooden box can protect your machine crashed, and keep it safe during shipping.


After reading about PCB magazine loader, there might be some questions in your mind.

In the below frequently asked question section, we have answered a few questions that you may want to ask about the PCB magazine loader.

Take a look!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Primary Use of PCB Magazine Loader?

A: PCB magazine loader is used at the beginning of the SMT production line for loading PCBA. It pushes PCBA out of the magazine onto the conveyor of the downstream machine and loads the production line automatically.

Q: What is The Difference between PCB Magazine Loader and Unloader?

A: As mentioned above, the loader helps with loading the PCBs by pushing them out of a magazine onto the conveyor.

On the other hand, a PCB magazine unloader helps with unloading PCBs. Arriving PCBs are taken up by the conveyor, and a specially designed pusher pushes them into the magazine. The magazine indexes to the next position for the next unloading cycle.


Q: Is PCB Magazine Loader Worth Buy?

A: Yes, PCB magazine loader is helpful in many ways, and it is 100% worth buying it. This will not only help you with PCB loading but also help you with unloading. Further, it can finish the loading of more than one PCB in a few minutes.

Further, PCB loader and unloader machines minimize the risk of errors and speed up the loading process. Also, these machines ensure that all PCBs are loaded in proper alignment and do regular checkups when it comes to orientation as well as contamination.

All in all, PCB magazine loaders are very useful as they save your time, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

Q: Is a Mini PCB Loader for the SMT Assembly Line Useful?

A: Yes, you can also use a mini PCB loader for the SMT assembly line. CNSMT produces many types of PCB magazine loaders, including mini loaders too. With this loader, you do not need to set the lifting step, as it can be adjusted automatically.

It is based on a circulating loading PCB board mechanism, which can adjust the lifting of PCB automatically. Further, you can increase the number of PCB board in the mini loader machine anytime without replacing the PCB magazine rack.

All in all, we can say that the mini PCB loader offers multifunction and can be customized according to need. When you place the mini PCB loader in the front on the SMT assembly line, it works as a normal PCB loader.

When you place it in the middle, it works as a PCB buffer and can also act as a conveyor to transfer the PCB board. And, when you place it at the end of SMT production line, it works as a PCB unloader.

Q: What If The Board Handling Conveyer Gets Damaged?

A: If the board handling conveyer of your PCB magazine loader gets damaged, you can buy a new conveyer from us. In this case, you do not have to buy the whole machine, just change the conveyor, which causes you very little as compared to the complete machine.

Q: How many PCBs I Can Load in the Magazine Loader at a Time?

A: From CNSMT, you can get various types of PCB magazine loaders. When you buy a loader machine from us, you can easily place or load about 50pcs of PCB at a time.

Further, if your requirement is to load more than 50 PCBs at a time, we can customize the machine according to your needs.


Q: Can I Get A Loader Pusher From You?

A: Yes, you can get a loader pusher from us. We understand that buying a new machine can be expensive, so we also produce parts of PCB magazine loader. You can get any type of loader pusher from us according to your requirements.

Q: What Size of PCB board a PCB Magazine Loader Can Handle?

A: We can customize different types of SMT loader and unloader. Normally, the PCB width is 250mm that can be loaded in PCB loader, but if you need loader for larger PCB size, then we can make that for you.

Our all PCB magazine loaders will provide you top-notch satisfaction to do your work most efficiently.

Q: Will it Cause Any Damage to PCB Board?

A: No, our PCB magazine loader will cause no damage to your PCB board. It works smoothly and efficiently. There is a control panel through which you can check the process and can control things like speed, loading quantity, and more.

We understand that the PCB board is very important to you, and we produce machines that cause no harm to your PCB during the loading and unloading process.

Q: Maintenance Tips for PCB Magazine loader

PCB magazine loader helps you in many ways. It improves productivity, reduces errors, saves your time, and save labor cost. But, when you buy it and use it, you need to maintain this machine as well to improve its life.

Take a small clean cloth and clean it to ensure it is free from any dust. Also, do regular inspection of your machine to check if all parts are working or not.

Moreover, regular inspection will help you with the smooth working of the PCB magazine loader, and if there is any issue, you can address it early.

Keep in mind that maintenance of machinery is important to enjoy the work for a long time.



PCB magazine loader machine is very helpful as it streamlines the loading process and saves you time as well as money. We hope that you get answers of your queries related to this machine.

If you are planning to buy a PCB magazine loader, feel free to call CNSMT. We produce machines of various types and also produce customized PCB loaders as well as unloaders.

Our specialized engineers ensure to design the best machine utilizing advanced knowledge and the latest technology.

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