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CNSMT Provide SMT Full Line Solution for you, Which include SMT Stencil Printer, SMD Pick and Place Machine, SMT Reflow oven, SMT conveyor, Solder paste mixer machine, AOI, SPI, SMT FEEDER,SMT NOZZLE, ETC. We provide both new and used smt machines,and any other kinds of models of smd machines

We also can customize different types with your own specs. Send a enquiry of your sublimated smt line machine orders now!


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You can reach us within 24/7 so don't hesitate to contact us, our Customer Service Team is here to serve you, to build a strong and reliable connection for both of us. By all means, we are available all time just to make sure you will be assisted.
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We, CNSMT are ready to serve you by giving guidance to sort out any technical query. You can count on our Technical Support team, We assure you because the said team have a Technicians and Engineers with them.
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We spend many years to build a good reputation and we handled the delivery professionally. CNSMT delivery team assures that the product is delivered and handled carefully on the designated date and time.


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Your No.1 SMT Line Machine Supplier

Our technique team with over 10 years of experience in SMT line machines, their professional skill ensure us to offer a fastest smt line solution including smt and THT.

Setup Your Best SMT Line Machine with CNSMT

Our strictly quality inspection make sure every step of smt line machine provided with the best quality and correctly. Our people will check the precision, models& machine parts and condition before packaging, and double quantity checks before the shipment.

smt solder paste printing machine

DESEN DSP-1008 SMT Solder Paste screen printer machine is one of the most popular model in the world, Its a China brand SMT printing machine, Which is the TOP1 brand of smt printer in China. It provide both english and Chinese language of operating system, and easy learn. CNSMT supply both new and used DESEN DSP-1008 screen printing machine, used one can be affordable for most of small smt factories, If you dont have too much budget, you can choose the used type.


YAMAHA YSM10 PICK AND PLACE Machine are one of the most popular SMT Machine currently, It made from Japan, which developed a lot of quality SMD machines for the world. CNSMT both provide new and used ysm10 surface mounting machine, which is with 10 shaft and nozzles, 0.035 precision, with max 96nos 8mm feeder capacity. We always supply the stable SMD mounting machines and spare parts for you, and CNSMT has an over 10 years after-sales team for customers.


SMT WAVE SOLDERING MACHINE is regularly used for solder electronics components on the pcb, which mostly used for solder THT big components. Its different with reflow oven, reflow oven is used for solder mounted components, soldering machine is used for solder THT components,.

vitronics soltec reflow oven

SMT VITRONICS SOLTEC REFLOW OVEN is one of the most famous reflow oven model in the world, which is well known as stable quality,  especially with long-life hot motor, these motor give uniform heat for every zone, ensure make pcb soldered more better quality. CNSMT also supply all the vitronics soltec reflow oven spare parts, such as: reflow oven motor, reflow oven heater wire,  reflow oven oil, reflow oven chian. ETC.

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SMT Line

CNSMT is a professional sublimated smt line machine manufacturer in China.

we can privide any kinds of types for sublimated smt line machines including smt pick and place machine, smt stencil printer, smt reflow oven, smt conveyor, pcb loader and unloader, smd component counter machine,solder paste mixer machine, smt soldering wave machine, THT machine, PCB coating machine, pcb cutting machine, pcb buffer. We also can make smt line machine as your own specs.

CNSMT sublimated SMT Line machine can be provde full line design without extra charges.

CNSMT professional sales team can provide the most effective communication and fastest reply service, your quote and email will be replied with 8 hours.

CNSMT quick turnaround time just take 1-2 days for your smt line order, in that way it will save you many cost and time instead of several weeks delivery

Startup Your Best smt line Machine with CNSMT


CNSMT is supplying high quality and high-reliability service smt line.


Fast Response

You can reach us anytime and our customer dealing department are well trained to handle the situation and ready to answer all the inquiries, so don’t hesitate to call us and ask for help. We assure you that we can accommodate all the incoming inquiries.


Free Technical Support

CNSMT technical support team can resolve the problem immediately. The team itself has an engineer and technician. If having a feeling of uneasiness about the issue the team is giving guidance on how to resolve it properly. We proudly say that we can fix the problem easily, we’ve been in this line for too long.


On-Time Delivery

Having an issue with deliveries with the past? No need to worry! CNSMT makes sure to deliver it on time and handling it carefully. So you can count on us by delivering it safely.



As a supplier, our company is well known, for we do transactions internationally with professionalism for 10 years and still counting. We have all the smt line machines and spare parts at our warehouse, just drop the name of what you need and we assure you that we can supply the numbers of what you are requesting. You can deal with us with any different kinds of smt line brands. Name it, we have it!

If you want a practical solution for smt line, CNSMT is your best choice, as we have professional technique team and sales team ensure you got a perfect service

Why choose CNSMT line machines

smd machine

CNSMT is a smt line machine brand based in Shenzhen, China.

We are a well-established company that has been providing clients with the highest quality products and services since our inception.

Our company offers stylish, and high quality sublimated smt line machines that thousands of customers have come to rely on and trust.

We offer a wide selection of smt line machine at competitive process.

In addition, we offer one on one services with design flexibility and high-quality sublimation smt line solutions that are guaranteed to last.

We pay absolute attention to ensure that provide high-quality smt line machines for you.

As a smt line machine expert, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our services.

That is why we also offer fast turnarounds with door to door delivery to help meet your demands and expectations.

Besides, our MOQ is very reasonable.

Just reach us via email or phone to find out more about our smt line machines and also, why you should trust us with your order.


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