Heller Reflow Oven

CNSMT is one of the well-known sellers of Heller Reflow Oven in China. Our variety of models are suited for both big and small enterprises. With our Heller Reflow Oven you will be able to have the best productivity rates.

  • Increased Production
  • Low maintenance
  • Less Nitrogen use
  • Void free
  • Industry 4.0 compatible
  • Equipped with the Cpk software at no charge

Heller Reflow Oven

CNSMT is a leading supply company in Shenzhen China when it comes to SMT line of products and equipment, including the Heller Reflow Oven.


The Reflow Oven is a machine that makes sure that all of the needed components are well placed on the PCBs to ensure quality and efficient performance.


How does it work in actual?

If you are dealing with an SMT Line of production, you should be working on tons of circuit boards that are composed of hundreds to thousands of tiny components to be part of an overall mechanism. Making sure that those hundreds to thousands of tiny components stick to the board, soldering is done inside the reflow oven.


  • Preheat your oven.
  • Insert your board.
  • Set the machine well with the proper parameters for a sure and 100% concise work.
  • Adjust your temperature and let the board stay there for 1-2 minutes.
  • Take out the board and let it cool for a while.


Of course, this is just a summarized breakdown. There are other things you still need to consider in each process, and CNSMT will be glad to offer you our service in helping you understand the use of a reflow oven. In fact, if you need an actual face-to-face demo of it, you may always schedule a visit to our factory in Shenzhen China, and our professional team of engineers will be glad to show you how it works.


Here at CNSMT, we carry most of the popular models of the Heller Reflow Oven like the HELLER 1809XL and the HELLER 1707EXL.

CNSMT is a trusted partner in China by the Heller company, who is the pioneer when it comes to reflow ovens since the year 1960.

But we also carry other models like the ones below:


heller 1809exlheller 1936mk5heller 1707EXL
heller 1809heller 1913mk5heller 1809 mkiii
heller 1707heller 1912heller 1707 mkiii


Aside from the heller ovens above, we also carry one of the most popular models which is the MK7 reflow oven, please see the chart below for the details, including the exact number of heating and cooling zones, as well as the maximum PCB width.


MK7 Reflow Oven Info Chart


ModelLength Heating ZoneCooling ZonePCB Width





465 cm



465 cm






2 top (STD) Bottom cool /external


2 top (STD) Bottom cool /external













590 cm




590 cm







3 top (STD) Bottom cool /external



3 top (STD) Bottom cool /external







2043678 cm133 top (STD) Bottom cool /external22”


154 top (STD) Bottom cool /external22”



Heller: a trusted brand for reflow ovens:


Founded in the year 1960, Heller continues to be the leader when it comes to quality, dependable, and advanced reflow ovens. They were able to achieve this by improving their components over the years, thus embracing change and challenges, in order to develop the most advanced reflow ovens needed for the SMT production.


They are the leader in the market of reflex ovens and partnered with customers around the world, including CNSMT in order to make their products available to the local market. CNSMT, being the partner of Heller in Shenzhen China, we understand the Heller Reflow Ovens inside and out, giving us the ability to give proper suggestions and assistance to our customers when using the machine.


What are the benefits of a Heller Reflow Oven?


  1. Increased Production – working with a fast, efficient machine like the Heller Reflow Oven can yield more, thus increasing the production’s output.
  2. Low maintenance – most Heller Reflow Ovens especially the newer models are equipped with maintenance free technology that helps the operators in maintaining the machine even after multiple use. For example, most Heller Reflow Ovens are equipped with cooling technology, which is helpful when saving on energy loss, but also eliminating the risk of overheating that can damage the machine overtime.
  3. Less Nitrogen use – Nitrogen gas is used in order to keep the soldering process in order to prevent oxidation. The more Nitrogen gas that you use, the more expense you need to do a cycle of soldering. But with most Heller Reflow Ovens, less Nitrogen gas is used, thus making it very economical and good to the environment as well.
  4. Void free – where you can do inline reflow with vacuum furnace.
  5. Industry 4.0 compatible – which means that your machine adheres to the current trends and advancements when it comes to reflow oven.
  6. Equipped with the Cpk software at no charge – ensures the operators with full and fast management of the soldering process.


What does the Cpk software do?


  • With fully integrated Cpk software, the program will watch over the process for you, making sure that everything is running smoothly.
  • It provides temperature monitoring on heated zones.
  • It can generate a complete report of all parameters and calculations used in the process.
  • It can be programmed to send the report directly to your operator’s email, for faster information.
  • It is completely user friendly, giving you the best user experience.
  • It works accurate and fast, which gives you the advantage of a faster production, for more yields.


This is just a brief summary of what the Cpk software can do. There is more to like about this software, and CNSMT is ready to let you know about its capabilities once you place an order with us.


To know more about the Heller reflow ovens that we carry, here are the most commonly asked questions we got from our customers:


Question: I am going to use a Heller Reflow Oven for the first time. I am still waiting for my shipment. May I know the temperature I need to set when reheating it for the first time?

Answer: Ideally, you preheat the oven at 100 degrees Celsius. But to make sure, you may refer to your usual manual. If you purchased the reflow oven from us, feel free to contact us and we will assist you when using it for the first time.


Question: How much time should I set in order to do one cycle of?

Answer: This depends on your circuit board. Ideally, it should take 1-2 minutes per cycle. Please contact us for further assistance.


Question: Are you allowed to reflow a PCB multiple times?

Answer: Actually, there is not rule when it comes to reflowing your PCB. But as a general rule, the best practice when it comes to reflowing PCB is you can only do it not more that 5 or 6 times/cycles.


Question: A reflow oven is quite big and bulky to ship. Have you ever shipped this kind of machine locally and overseas?

Answer: Yes. If you wish to order a reflow oven from us, we can arrange shipping for you. We can find the best shipping arrangement for you and get the most affordable cost.

We have shipped reflow ovens across the world many times already, and we are happy to say that every shipment we did was successful.


Question: I want to see how a reflow oven works first. How do I do that?

Answer: The best way for you to see how a reflow oven works is for you to visit our factory. We have a team of professional engineers and reflow oven operators who can show you the processes you need to know in order to get the best yield.


Get in touch with us and we will be glad to confirm your appointment with us.


Question: Is it easy to use a reflow oven?

Answer: In general, the reflow oven is easy to use and manageable. It also comes with a user manual, so you can get an idea on how the features work, as well as understanding how to navigate the software.


If you purchase the heller reflow oven from us, we will be glad to assist you to understand the process.


Question: I saw the available models you have for reflow ovens. I think I need a different spec. Can you assist me on this?

Answer: If you have very specific needs for your reflow oven, we might be able to help. May we request that you contact us directly? That way, we can know the full details of your requirements, and see how we can move from there.


Question: Brand new reflow ovens are quite costly. Do you also carry refurbished types?

Answer: Yes, we do! Here at CNSMT, we carry both new and refurbished type of equipment, especially for the heller reflow ovens. Please contact us with the exact model you are looking for so we can check if we still have it on stock.


Question: Is there are warranty for your refurbished type of heller reflow oven?

Answer: Yes, all of our equipment whether new or refurbished comes with a warranty.

Question: What can you say about the quality of the refurbished units for your reflow ovens?

Answer: Our refurbished reflow ovens are functioning excellently. We do not sell refurbished reflow ovens with defects, as we understand that this will affect our company’s reputation.


Here at CNSMT, we always check our stocks on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality of all our SMT machines. We also store them in proper storage, to keep them away from harmful contaminants that may diminish its quality.


Question: How fast can you process delivery for products like the reflow ovens?

Answer: We normally process orders fast. We can delivery your orders within 10 days after we have confirmed your order. However, there are times when we need more than 10 days for the delivery especially when we are going to ship them outside China. Kindly get in touch with us so we can give you a proper quote for your orders.


Question: What are your payment methods?

Answer: If you are ready to place your order, we accept payments via bank telegraphic transfers, major credit cards, and cash.


Question: Do you have solder experts whom we can talk to in case we need further assistance regarding the usage of our reflow oven?

Answer: Yes, we do! We have a team of highly trained and qualified professionals who can operate the reflow oven and you can reach out to us even during the after sales. Here at CNSMT, we are dedicated to achieve long-term partnerships with all of our clients.


Question: I am not sure what type of Heller reflow oven to get. May I speak to someone to get professional advice?

Answer: If you are still checking the market for the Heller reflow oven, we are very much happy to serve you! Get in touch with us via phone, email, or you can even pay a visit to our factory, so we can show you the different features of the different Heller reflow ovens that we have. We will be happy to assist you, and help you find the best reflow oven based on your needs.


Question: I would like to be a supplier of the Heller reflow oven here in my country. Are you open to a partnership?

Answer: Yes, of course! We will be glad to supply you with your needed Heller reflow ovens that you can offer to your customers. We can also provide you with the best quote so you can take advantage of the highest profit.


These are the different questions that we have compiled from the inquiries that we have received. If you cannot find the answer to your question from the information above, please contact us directly!


With CNSMT, we promise to give you the best service from the time you are acquiring a reflow oven, to the times you will need further help. We are ready to serve you always!


Order your Heller reflow oven now and check out other SMT equipment that you might also need. We’ll be more than glad to assist you on this.


  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

















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