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  • SMT feeder
  • JUKI FF mm Feeder FF56FS E80017060B
  • JUKI feeder
  • Usage: JUKI pick and place machine
  • Product description: JUKI FF 56mm Feeder FF56FS E80017060B
Part NumberE80017060B
Part Namejuki ff feeder FF56FS
Delivery lead timein stock

What is the advantage and feature of JUKI electric feeder?

The newly developed JUKI electric feeder has excellent compatibility and versatility, solving the problem that only the JUKI KE3020 placement machine can use electric model.

1) For all JUKI placement machine models, from KE700 series to KE2000 series, X, F series, FX series can be upgraded to electric type feeder, the upgrade process is simple, easy and convenient.

2) The high-precision electric feeder adopts electronic control and high-precision electric motor. From 0201 to 0805 electronic component patch, the patch can be guaranteed to be stable.

3) The newly developed electric feeder’s reasonable structural design solves the drawbacks of the flipping of the patch parts, and the side feeding is not in place (the deformation of the pressure cover, magnetization, poor cylinders, etc.).

4) The high-speed speed can reach 20 times per second, which realizes non-stop refueling.

5) The high-life single-flyer can continuously produce more than 10 million points, solving the maintenance problem of feeder.

6) Man-machine dialogue can monitor the quantity of each feeder installation in real time, which can be used for database analysis.

7) Highly interchangeable one feeder can be used as 8*2/8*4.

8) Fine-tuning function Due to the control of the electronic motor, the feed distance can be fine-tuned. The problem of mechanical feeders using the long-term unsynchronized placement problem is solved.

9) High safety and safety locking device solves the problem of collision caused by human factors caused by the unstable installation of feeder. The external power supply is equipped with precision protection device, which solves the problem that there will be no external factors affecting the performance of the machine.


Beside,JUKI FF 56FS Feeder have the other advantage:

1. Common use in Samsung SM Series machine;
1. Fit for 2000 series machine, able to directly use in newest Juki machine;
2. One Juki 8mm Electrice feeder =Juki CF, CFR, AF 8*2 and 8*4 Feeder;
3. One Juki 8mm Electrice feeder can be used in 0201, 0402, 1206, 0805, Diode,Audion components;
4. Electronic motor control, so you can adjust feeding distance, needn’t stop machine to change tape;
5. Copper material Tape Guide,  Difficult Deformation;
6. Built-in spare parts, reduce the parts damage.
4. High quality, built-in spare parts, reduce the parts damage

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