Best Yamaha FT Feeder Supplier in China

CNSMT is one of the most reliable YAMAHA FEEDER manufacture and supplier in China, Who can provide you both original new and used and China made high-quality SMT feeders.

In terms of appearance, FT 8*2 feeder handle is blue and FT 8*4 feeder handle is black.


  • Variety models of yamaha feeder
  • The free standard package for export
  • FT 8*2 feeder and FT 8*4 feeder
  • Fast delivery.


Application: YAMAHA Pick and place machine,YAMAHA surface mounting machine, YAMAHA chip mounter

Model:FT 8*2 feeder and FT 8*4 feeder

YAMAHA FT series feeder suit for YG12/YG12F


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Your best yamaha feeder supplier in China

CNSMT is the best yamaha feeder supplier in China,We provide you with various models of Yamaha pneumatic and electric feeder SMT machines, printing machines, wave soldering, and other equipment and so on.

We have our own factory and numerous Chinese brand equipment, such as docking stations, loading machines, unloading machines, etc., with favorable prices and quality assurance. In addition, we sell equipment from various brands such as Yamaha, Fuji, Siemens, Samsung Philips, etc

Other yamaha feeder model:

yamahaFEEDER CL8X2 (0402)newKW1-M1300-00X
yamahaFEEDER CL8X4newKW1-M1100-000
yamahaFEEDER CL8X3 (0201)newKW1-M1500-030
yamahaFEEDER CL12mmnewKW1-M2200-300
yamahaFEEDER CL16mmnewKW1-M3200-10X
yamahaFEEDER CL24mmnewKW1-M4500-015
yamahaFEEDER CL32mmnewKW1-M5500-010
yamahaFEEDER CL44mmnewKW1-M6500-000
yamahaFEEDER CL56mmnewKW1-M7500-000
yamahaFEEDER CL72mmnewKW1-M8500-000
yamahaFEEDER CL88mmnewKW1-M9500-000
yamahaFEEDER FT 8X2mmnewKJW-M1100-00
yamahaFEEDER FT 8X4mmnewKJW-M1200-023
yamaha FEEDER   FT 12mmnew
yamaha FEEDER   FT 16mmnew
yamaha FEEDER   FT 24mmnew
yamaha FEEDER   FT 32mmnew
yamaha FEEDER   FT 44mmnew

YAMAHA FT series feeder suit for YG12/YG12F.

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