CNSMT wholesale SMT YAMAHA ZS8MM FEEDER in China, which part number is KLJ-MC100-004/001/002/003. We can export to worldwide door to door service.

We provide you both original new and used KLJ-MC100-00 electronics feeder, with high quality and competitive prices. we also manufacturer full of the feeder spare parts with the best rate.

  • Original new and used available
  • Used for SMT Yamaha ysm10 ysm20 ys12/24.
  • Fully auto electronics feeder
  • Lead time 1-2days.


Part number;KLJ-MC100-000/001/002/003/004/005/006/007/100

Application:YAMAHA YS12/YS24/YSM10/YSM20/YSM40R surface mount machine

Exporter: CNSMT

CNSMT is a professional Yamaha zs feeder supplier in China, KLJ-MC100-000 is zs8mm feeder, which is widely used for Yamaha ys pick and place machine

If your Yamaha ys machine need more feeders, please contact us as soon as possible

This KLJ-MC100-000 zs8mm feeder can be used for all the ys pick and place machines

So you don’t need to worry about it, this is a most stable and qualify electronics feeder in the world


We provide you bellow Yamaha electronics feeder :

yamaha YS12,YS12F,YS12P,YS24,YS24X,YS88,YS100,YSM10,YSM20,YSM20W,YSM40,YSM40R pick and place FEEDER
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 8mm feeder, KLJ-MCN00-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 8mm feeder, KLJ-MC100-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 12/16mm feeder, KLJ-MC200-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 24mm feeder, KLJ-MC400-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 32mm feeder, KLJ-MC500-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 44mm feeder, KLJ-MC600-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 56mm feeder, KLJ-MC700-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 72mm feeder, KLJ-MC800-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 88mm feeder, KLJ-MC900-000

YAMAHA ZS Electronics 104mm feeder, KLJ-MCA00-000


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CNSMT Supply SMT full line machines in China, and export to all over the world, including

  1. SMT printers
  2. SMT pick and place machine
  3. SMT reflow oven
  4. SMT conveyor
  5. PCB loader and unloader
  6. PCB buffer
  7. AOI
  8. SPI
  9. Wave soldering machine
  10. PCB coating machine
  11. Dispenser machine
  12. laser machine
  13. SMT feeder
  14. SMT nozzles
  15. SMT spare parts
  16. PCB Trolley
  17. Stencil inspection machine
  18. ESD PCB magazine
  19. SMT FEEDER Cart
  20. ETC

We provide full line machines, If you can’t find a similar product on our website, please contact us with your real photos, cause we have too many variety machines and spare parts in stock, and maybe some of them not showing on the website, kindly contact us via Email or WhatsApp or skype or WeChat, We will discuss further.

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