Mitsubishi AC Contactor SD-T12 / UT-AX4

CNSMT is one of the most reliable Mitsubishi manufacture and supplier in China, Who can provide you both original new and used and China made high-quality SMT feeders.


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Mitsubishi S-K25 AC Contactor S-K25 Scope of Application: The S-K series electromagnetic contactors are mainly used to connect and disconnect circuits in power systems with AC frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, rated voltage up to 1000V, and rated current up to 800A. They can be combined with appropriate thermal overload relays or electronic protection relay groups to form motor starters to protect equipment that may experience overload during operation.

Mitsubishi AC Contactor SD-T12 / UT-AX4


The TH-N series thermal relay is mainly used in power systems with AC frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, rated voltage up to 690V, and rated current up to 800A, as overload protection and phase failure protection for three-phase AC motors. The delay type (with saturation reactor) is particularly suitable for motor loads with long starting times. The thermal overload relay can easily achieve coordinated protection with the superior protection of the molded case circuit breaker.


What Types of JUKI FEEDER CNSMT provide?

  4. JUKI LABEL FEEDERsamsung-label-feeder
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    KV7-M7558-01XM. LIGHT COAX. ASSY
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    KV7-M9143-10XSPLINE 1(250)
    KV7-M9149-00XCOLLER,  BRG
    KV7-M9282-00XSTOPPER, SUB
    KV7-M9283-00XCYL., YMDA16X35
    KV8-M3759-00XBLIND  BUSH
    KV8-M7103-00XPISTON, PLUG




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    We are a manufacturer, OEM & ODM service are available.

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   The delivery date is about 1-2 days after receipt of payment.

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   Accept payment by T/T, Paypal, Western Union.

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    Yes, we can. We can supply the SMT full-line, PCB Coating line, DIP line, and LED production line.

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CNSMT has a reputation that is unmatched.


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You can get an instant quote of any spare part of the JUKI FEEDER.


We are always here to assist you.HANWHA SM481 BANNER


Not many people know that apart from dealing in SMT machines, we also offer a wide array of spare parts and JUKI FEEDER accessories.


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