PCB Magazine

CNSMT is one of the well-known sellers of PCB magazine for SMT line in China. This PCB magazine is suited for both big and small enterprises. With our PCB magazine, you will be able to have the best productivity rates.

  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Highly durable as it is made of high quality materials
  • improves proper organization in your workplace

What are the most common PCB sizes ordered from CNSMT:


  • 355 x 320 x 563 mm – standard size that can work with a PCB with a width of 250 mm.
  • 460 x 400 x 563 – that can work with PCB with a width of 330 mm and can store 50 PCBs altogether.
  • 535 x 460 x 569 – that can work with PCB with a width of 400 mm. If you need this kind of PCB magazine, please inform us a head of time as this is going to be a special order.

PCB Magazine

CNSMT is a company that you can trust when it comes to top quality PCB Magazines in different sizes. We made it available to our customers to make sure that we meet our customers’ demands for proper storage solutions for PCBs.


If you are thinking whether or not to purchase a PCB magazine for your SMT factory, the details below might be able to help you out in making an educated decision. Do take note that investing on proper SMT accessories and equipment is vital in making sure that you have what it takes to run an SMT factory.


What are the benefits of the PCB Magazine?

  1. Proper organization – with PCB magazine racks in your SMT production, you are able to securely organize your PCBs in one place. You can arrange them accordingly for better management.
  2. Security – one of the best ways to ensure high customer satisfaction is to make sure that your products are working efficiently and will last long. PCBs stored in a proper place will have better shelf life than the ones exposed in harmful conditions that can shorten its life.
  3. Keep the factory in order – having a proper storage for everything in your factory does not only enhance cleanliness and orderliness inside but will also promote better work performance towards your workers. Working inside a well and ordered workplace will always make workers happy and productive.



Common Features of a PCB Magazine

CNSMT offers a wide selection for PCB magazines. Features would depend on the size of the board that can be placed inside. But most often than not, here are the common features that you will see in every PCB magazine.


  1. Secured knobs – each rack with have knobs on all corners to firmly secure the box of the rack that also holds the slots that will hold the PCBs.
  2. Body – the body of the PCB magazine rack is made of high-quality metal steels (normally cast aluminum) that are known for its long-lasting ability and resistance to rust that can damage your PCB.
  3. Slots – depending on how big your PCB magazine is, there will be a number of slots available where you will be inserting the PCBs and keep them in a secure position. It is manually inserted for easier use. Majority of the PCB magazines will have numbering when it comes to their slots to make sure that it is easier to find the board that you are looking for.
  4. Side walls – proper side walls are also installed in all PCB magazine racks that are either made of steel or plastic. Either way, both materials used are able to maintain the right temperature to keep your PCBs safe at all times.
  5. Easy handles on both sides – PCB magazines comes with an easy grip handles on both sides in order to make transportation safe and easy.


These are some of the features that you may find in almost all types of PCB magazines. If you are looking for a specific feature, do not hesitate to contact us because we can definitely help you with it. We are a team of experienced professionals when it comes to the SMT line of equipment and accessories, and we can always give you proper suggestions for your SMT factory production.


What are the most common PCB sizes ordered from CNSMT:


  • 355 x 320 x 563 mm – standard size that can work with a PCB with a width of 250 mm.
  • 460 x 400 x 563 – that can work with PCB with a width of 330 mm and can store 50 PCBs altogether.
  • 535 x 460 x 569 – that can work with PCB with a width of 400 mm. If you need this kind of PCB magazine, please inform us a head of time as this is going to be a special order.


No matter what type of PCB magazine you are looking for, we have it for you. If you need other dimensions aside from the ones listed above, let us know and we might be able to help you out.

PCB Magazines are vital in any SMT factory. It helps sorting and organizing your board handling, while maintaining the quality of your boards and keeping them away from any harmful contaminants that can diminish its quality. PCB magazines are adjustable and secure. They are robust and are made of high-quality material that will not react with your boards. Also, our PCB magazines are heat resistant keeping your boards in the right temperature.


CNSMT takes pride not just when it comes to the vast options for PCB magazines, but also when it comes to our excellent customer service. This is what our customers likes about us. In fact, most of our customers don’t really know what they need for their SMT factory. If that is the case, we properly assist them in giving suggestions.


Once we have pointed what our customer needs, we will also assist them in placing the order, processing the shipment and if needed, we also assist in customs. Furthermore, we help our customers by answering their concerns once their orders reach them, especially when it is their first time to use our equipment.


With CNSMT, we guarantee you that you will be in good hands!


To know more about our PCB magazines, here are the most commonly asked questions by our customers prior to ordering:




Question: Do you manufacture, or do you supply PCB magazines that are made by different brands?

Answer: We both manufacture our own PCB magazine and we also source them from trusted makers of it. Here at CNSMT, we aim to give the best options to our customers in order to meet their needs and demands, as well as budget. That way, our customers will have a pleasurable experience in buying whatever they need for their SMT factory.


Question: Does your company comply with international standards when it comes to SMT equipment and accessories?

Answer:  Yes!

CNSMT is a 10-year strong company that specializes in supplying SMT equipment, machines and accessories to multiple customers across the globe. We have managed to deliver hundreds and thousands of different SMT units to new and repeat customers, which gives a solid proof that we adhere to the international standards.


If in doubt, we are open to a factory visit for you to see the different machines that we have for the SMT line. We also have professional engineers who can help you pick the best options for your company and can provide educated suggestions to enhance your company’s production.

Contact us and let us know when do you plan to visit our factory in Shenzhen China, so we can make sure that a team will be ready to entertain you when you get here.


Question: I need to place a bulk order. Are you able to supply?

Answer: Our company is ready to accept big or small orders. For big / bulk orders, we would like to request that you send us a message ahead of time, so that we can prepare your orders and give you proper quote and an estimated time for delivery.


Question: How soon can you deliver?

Answer: In order for us to give you an estimated time for the delivery, we would like to know your exact delivery address and the number of pieces you would like to order.


Question: Will you do proper inspections before you ship my orders?

Answer: Yes. Prior to packaging your orders, we will do proper inspection of your orders to ensure the quality that we promised. We are guided by the ISO standards and we have a team of people from our quality assurance department who will also take part during the inspection. Once our QA checklist is done, we will pack your items and hand it over to our trusted shipping partners.


Question: Can you accept custom made PCB magazine racks?

Answer: Since we are a manufacturer of PCB magazines too, we also do custom made racks. Please do send us the details of your custom made PCB magazines so that we can make a quote for it.


Question: How will you ship my orders?

Answer: We have different delivery partners who ships by land, air or sea. The way would send it to you depends on where you are located and your preference. The different ways of shipping your orders will vary in pricing depending on how big your order is and how fast you want to get it. We will give you the details once we have an idea of the items you would like to order from us.


Question: Is there a minimum order quantity?

Answer: There is no minimum order quantity. However, we would like you to be able to maximize your shipping cost. Please take note that our shipping partners do have a flat rate when it comes to shipping. Sometimes, it would save you more if you purchase more than one item.

TIP: If you do not wish to order more than 1 quantity of our PCB magazine, you may look at the different SMT equipment or accessories that we also carry. We will show you the list of items that our customers frequently buy together with the PCB magazine.


Question: This is going to be my first time to buy a PCB magazine and I am not sure which one to buy. Is it easy to use?

Answer: Our PCB magazines are very user-friendly. You do not need to have special technical skills to assemble it and use it. Each package comes with a user manual in English, to guide you during assembly. If you need our help, we can assist you once you have received the package already.


On the other hand, if you are not sure about the size of PCB magazine to purchase, get in touch with us. We will help you out!


Question: Are the PCB magazine racks heavy duty?

Answer: All of our PCB magazine racks are heavy duty and long lasting. Each rack is made of heavy-duty materials that are of high-quality to ensure long lasting use.


Question: Do you also offer refurbished type of PCB magazine? What can you say about the quality and dependability of the refurbished type?

Answer: Yes, we do! Aside from offering our own models and the ones from the different PCB magazines makers, we also offer refurbished types that comes with a lesser cost. We made this available to factories who are working on a budget, while making sure that their PCBs are kept in the proper place.


Quality wise when it comes to the refurbished type, we may say that these units are highly dependable and works efficiently as well. There will only be some signs of usage in it. Also, since they are refurbished, request for custom sizes may be limited due to the number of stocks that we have. If you want to know about our available stocks for our refurbished PCB magazine, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Question: Do you provide a warranty for refurbished and brand-new PCB magazine?

Answer: Yes, we do provide a warranty to all orders. The coverage of the warranty will depend on the item that you wished to purchase. If you want to know more about our warranty, please contact us directly.


Question: I want my order to be shipped to a different address. Is that possible?

Answer: Yes! We can ship your orders to any address you specify. We can also do drop shipping, if you wish to ship your orders directly to your customers.



These are the different questions that we received from our customers prior to making their purchase. If in any case you were not able to find the information that you are looking for from the questions above, you can always send us an email or call us, so we can properly assist you.


Order from us today and we will be glad to ship your orders directly to your factory in the soonest possible time.


If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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