SMT Samsung Feeder

CNSMT is one of the well-known sellers of SMT Samsung Feeder in China. This feeder is suited for both big and small enterprises. With our SMT Samsung Feeder you will be able to have the best productivity rates.

  • SMT Samsung Feeder is reliable
  • High quality
  • Trusted by many
  • Comes with a wide variety of models to choose from

SMT Samsung Feeder


CNSMT is the best supplier for SMT Samsung Feeder in China. We carry the most number of models of this feeder, and we also provide the best options to our customers when it comes to quality.


We have stocks for brand new, used and premium copy of the SMT Samsung Feeder. We made them available, because we understand that each SMT company will have their own needs and wants.


To know more about our SMT Samsung Feeders, let’s start by explaining the details:


What is an SMT Feeder?


An SMT feeder is one of the most vital accessories in an SMT assembly. Some calls it an SMT mount, some call it a feeding gun, while some would call it an SMT machine feeder. No matter what you call it, the feeder’s main purpose is to pick up the components through a controlled pick-up machine. It is a vital process in an SMT production. Without a proper feeder, there will be low effeciency and a negative impact in your production.

There are different kinds of feeders, and a specific feeder will be required in use depending on the type of component to be picked up.


Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to SMT feeders. They have one of the most best quality feeders that many SMT companies trust. They are a specialist when it comes to the surface mount electronic production, which gives them the edge when it comes to developing different models of SMT Samsung Feeders. This is the reason why CNSMT partnered with Samsung, as we only want the best options for our customers.

CNSMT is a trusted supplier of SMT Samsung Feeder in China


Here at CNSMT, we take pride in saying that we are the most trusted supply company of SMT Samsung Feeder and other SMT feeders in China. We have been working hand in hand with our customers for more than 10 years already, and we are very happy to say that we are able to meet our customers’ requirements every time.


Why do many SMT Companies trust us?


  • Aside from providing quality OEM feeders and branded feeders like the SMT Samsung Feeder, we also provide surplus types, in order to meet the capabilities of our customers.
  • We have a large inventory in stock, so that our customers in China and the rest of the world will have enough options to choose from, at the most affordable price.
  • Quality is always our top priority! Whether you are buying a new SMT Samsung Feeder or a surplus one, you are guaranteed that the quality is still excellent.
  • We also process orders very fast and dispatch of orders can be done at the soonest possible time too! We are very flexible because we understand that your production cannot wait.
  • All of our SMT Samsung Feeders and other types of feeders come with warranty. Regardless if you are buying a brand new feeder or a surplus type, we will give you the peace of mind that your investment is protected.
  • Also, depending on your case and tenure of relationship you have with CNSMT, we also offer flexible payment terms, making your purchase easy and manageable.
  • We are also known for giving the best customer service after sales, as we will make sure that we can help you in case you need repairs, spare parts and the like.


These are the reasons why many SMT companies would like to deal with CNSMT for their SMT needs. We care for your company, because we aim for long-term business relationship always.


Models of Samsung SMT Feeder That We Carry


  • SM321
  • SM320
  • SM310
  • CP40
  • CP45
  • FV NEO


CP45SM 8*4mm
SM481 PLUS SM 12mm
SM482 PLUSSM 16mm
SM471SM 24mm
SM411SM 32mm
SM421SM 44mm
SM321SM 56mm
SM320CP40-CP45 8x2mm
SM310CP40-CP45 8x4mm
DECANCP40-CP45 12mm
CP40CP40-CP45 16mm
FV NEOCP40-CP45 24mm



If you can’t find the exact Samsung SMT Feeder that you are looking for from the post above, please contact us directly because we have more in stock.

SMT Feeder Maintenance


A good feeder is required if you want the best performance when it comes to your SMT line of production. But aside from getting the best quality, you also need to give proper maintenance to it, in order to keep its effeciency at work.


To keep the quality of your feeders, you must:

  1. Do regular clearning
  2. Give proper lubrication
  3. Make sure they are always calibrated


These are some of the things you have to do, in order to keep your SMT feeders in tip top quality. If you neglect doing such, you are at high risk of mishandling your components, misplacing the parts, and damaging them. This will cause delay and additional expense in your production line.


Properly Storing Your SMT Feeder


Aside from keeping your SMT feeders clean, lubricated and calibrated all the time, you also have to ensure proper storage for them. Here at CNSMT, we also have the best storage solutions for your SMT feeder to avoid mishandling, damage, and more.


An SMT feeder storage can do the following:

  1. It provides your operators a proper place where they can store and keep the unused SMT feeder in one place. This will give them an easy time to pick the proper feeder to use, which increases proper time management during production.
  2. Since different kinds of feeders are used in one cycle of your production, your operators can stack them up accordingly, and use it for the next cycle, without having to pick the right feeder again.
  3. With a proper storage, you can also place the feeders that won’t be used and keep them in one cart. This way, your operators can just use a specific cart containing feeders that are to be used for the day.
  4. It also minimizes change over, which can be a very good practice in your production.


At CNSMT, we have everything that you need when it comes to SMT feeders and storage solutions for your feeders. Contact us directly, if you want to know more about our one stop shop.



To know more about our Samsung SMT feeders and how to place your order , below are the different questions we have answered for our past customers.


Question: Do you manufacture the Samsung SMT feeder, or are you a supplier?

Answer: We are a trusted supplier of the Samsung brand of feeders here in China for more than 10 years now. We have different kinds of models available in stock, as well as the brand new and uses ones.

We are also a manufacturer as we can also provide a premium copy of the feeder. If you want to know more about the different options, kindly contact us directly.


Question: I would like to know if you can accept orders outside China?

Answer: Yes. We process both local orders and oveseas orders.


Question: For overseas orders, how soon can we get our orders?

Answer: For overseas orders, it normally takes 10 working days after final confirmation of orders. To know the exact days for you to get your shipment, kindly send us your exact delivery address.


Question: I already have a Samsung SMT feeder, but I always get a yellow light error. How do I fix this?

Answer: We’re glad to hear back from you. If you are seeing a yellow light, it means that there is a problem with your sensor. You might want to adjust your cylinder stroke or you might want to check the actual sensor. Let us know if this helps.


Question: I am planning to purchase a few models of the Samsung SMT feeder. Do you offer the best price for it?

Answer: Yes. We are a trusted supplier of the Samsung SMT feeder here in China, and because we have been a partner of the said company for quite some time already, we are able to bring down the price and give you a better offer. For us to give you a quote, please let us know the models of that you need for your Samsung SMT feeder.


Question: I purchased a Samsung SMT feeder from a different company, and it started to not work properly. I find your website and I saw that you are very responsive in helping customers from the SMT line. My problem is that the cylinder is not working at all. How do I go about this?

Answer: Hello. We are sorry to hear that no one was helping you out from the company you purchase the feeder from. We’re happy to help!

If you do not see any action from your cylinder, then here are the things that you might want to check:

  • Sequence – is it intact?
  • Solenoid valve – does it have good contact?
  • Control board – does it have the right parameters?
  • Air supply line – does it have issues?

Check those parts and let me know if we were able to help.


Question: I think my feeder is busted. The cylinder it moves, but the movement is normal. Should I replace it?

Answer: If the cylinder shows irregular movement or slow movement, your feeder might still be repaired. Try replacing the sensor. Otherwise, if you wish not to repair it anymore, we have available replacements now. Just let us know if you wish to place another order.


Question: I am interested with your premium copy for the Samsung SMT feeder. What can you say about the quality?

Answer: Our Samsung SMT feeder copy is a good choice if you are looking for a feeder with great quality as the branded one but at a lesser price. We guarantee that it will have excellent performance that you can rely on for years of use. If you want to see the actual feeder, just let us know.


Question: If ever, this is going to be my first time using the Samsung SMT feeder models in my SMT production. Is it easy to use?

Answer: In general, if you are already familiar with using feeders in your SMT production, you will not have a hard time switching to a different model/brand. In any case, if you need assistance, we encourage you to contact us directly so that we can assist you further.


Question: Hello, I own an SMT supply company here in my country. I was wondering if you are able to give me a discounted rate if I wish to source some accessories, equipment and machines from your company?

Answer:  Yes, of course! Send us a letter of intent to our sales department so we can place your name under our reseller list. We offer great discounts and incentives to our resellers so you can take advantage of better profit. Once we receive your email, we will send you a reply regarding the estimated discounts that you may get from us.


Question: This is my first time to use the Samsung SMT feeder. I am having some issues with the feeder gear, because it keeps on moving back a bit. What should I do?

Answer: This is a very commong problem when it comes to the Samsung SMT feeder, but there is a quick fix to that. All you have to do is to make a few adjustments when it comes to the stroke screw. Let us know if this one helped you.


These are the common questions that we received from the different customers we had in the past. If you cannot find the actual answer to your question, please feel free to message us directly, so that we can assist you further.


Here at CNSMT, we are ready to help you with all of your SMT line requirements. We have almost everything that you need and we can also help you find the right machines based on your needs.


Contact us today, and let our team of professional engineers help you and your company reach the best yield for your production.


If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,












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