SMT splice pliers with trolley

The SMT splicing cart has completely introduced SMT splicing into a new era. It is a leap of SMT splicing technology. It completely realizes the splicing without jamming and non-stop. Copper buckle design, strong penetration force of copper buckle, suitable for any material belt on SMT production line, continuous piece design saves the time that the operator needs to install a copper buckle every time the material is connected, it makes the material connection easier , more efficient. The success rate of material receiving is as high as 99.7% or more

  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Adjustable trolley height.
  • 8-88mm tapes both can use
  • simple operation.
  • Package disassembly

1. Can be rotated in all directions
2. The height of the receiving table is adjustable
3. The stapler type feeder is easy to load and unload
4, can be prepared in advance
5. 8~72mm tapes can be connected
6. The feeding method is simple
7. The use of pitch scissors can ensure the pitch consistency between the old and new tapes after splicing
8. The use of copper splice buckle increases the strength of the splice port, so that the splice port is not easy to break. Operational advantages: the operator can put a pack of copper buttons in the splicing pliers at a time, and the automatic feeding (the material is like a staple mode) avoids taking a copper button every time the material is connected, saving time
9. The consistency of the material receiving effect does not depend too much on the operator’s skills and work attitude


SMT splice feeding cart, universal wheel design: can be rotated and pushed in all directions, made of anti-static material; feeding table design: height can be adjusted according to requirements (870mm-980mm); material tray design: feeding belt, copper buckle, connection Materials such as cutting pliers are placed for easy access; special support base and copper buckle waste box device design: the splicing pliers can be rotated in all directions, and the tools are easy to load and unload.

CNSMT recommends a SMD feeding truck, which saves labor and controls the feeding. If necessary, a prototype sample can be provided at any time.


We are manufacturer supplie a movable 360-degree rotating splicing car and automatic splicing pliers, with a row of copper buttons, flexible to use and easy to operate, which are essential splicing tools in the smt workshop.

Advantages of smt splice pliers

Improve work efficiency by 35%, save material by 40%, fully utilize the remaining material, reduce the number of downtimes, and prolong the service life of the machine.


The component carrier tape is cut neatly, the copper buckle is mounted on the positioning pin of the splicing pliers, the carrier tape is pressed on the copper buckle, the crimp on the pliers is pressed to the carrier tape, the upper and lower clamps are clamped, and the material tape is withdrawn to complete the material splicing.


Now there are three kinds on the market, two are Siemens, and the other is that the former is bulky and not firm, and the latter is light, firm, convenient, and more suitable for female operators.


The smt splice pliers are mainly used to connect the copper buckle to the edge of the material strip, and paste the splice strip on it.

The stapler type splicing pliers are a new type of smt splicing pliers. The splicing pliers are designed according to the working principle of the stapler. There is no need to put the copper button in every time, so it saves a lot of time.

Whether the processing of this product is customized, the type is trolley, the degree of automation is manual, Brand:CNSMT, model is SMT-12, the purpose is SMT pick and place processing, the external size is 1200 (mm)

smt splice trolley

● Universal wheel design: can be rotated and pushed in all directions, made of anti-static material;

● Design of receiving table: height can be adjusted according to requirements (870mm-980mm);

● Material tray design: materials such as splicing tapes, copper buckles, splicing pliers and other materials are placed for easy access;

● Special support base and copper buckle waste box device design: the splicing pliers can be rotated in all directions, and the tools are easy to load and unload.

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