Yamaha YS12F Pick and Place Machine

CNSMT is one of the most reliable YAMAHA SMT MACHINE  manufacture and supplier in China, Who can provide you both original new and used and China made high-quality SMT feeders.

All the models of the YAMAHA SMT Machine in stock, like YS12/YG200/YG12/YV100XG/YG100R/YSP and so on. It’s important that we can provide you free technical support on how to operate the machine and how to repair the YAMAHA SMT machine if you are the first time use it.


Yamaha YS12F Pick and Place Machine

ApplicableL510mmxW460mm to L50mmx W50mm
Mounting accuracyaccuracy(μ+3σ) +/-0.05mm/CHIP
Mounting tact20,000CPH(under our optimum condition)
Component supplyTape reel, tray
Number of component typesTape package 106 types(Max/8mm tape reel conversion)
Applicable components0402 to 45x100mm,including ball type electrode components*32x32mm or more
Applicable height15mm
Power supply3-Phase AC  200/208/220/240/380/400/416V+/-10%
Air supply source0.45MPa
External dimensionL1,254 x W1,755 x H1,475mm

Part Name: YAMAHA SMT machine

Application: yamaha Pick and place machine, YAMAHA surface mounting machine, YAMAHA chip mounter

Model:YS12/YG200/YG12/YV100XG/YG100R/YSP and so on


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Your Reliable YAMAHA SMT machine Supplier in China

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Cause SMT FEEDER is the most important part of the SMD Machine, So you must choose the better quality feeder for your pick and place machine, some of the feeders not in good condition, it will have a lot of issues while mounting PCB.

So find a good and reliable YAMAHA  FEEDER supplier is also important for your SMT line production.

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We have various Yamaha SMT machines and Feeder. If you need them, please contact us.

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