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Printed Circuit boards are among the most complicated and highly sensitive electronic devices. The bulk of wires make their formation more sensitive. There are fair chances of the wires and the board to get damaged because of dust and moistures.

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Selective Soldering Machine

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 Even, the heat of a reflow oven and wave soldering can damage the board. So, there is a dire need to rely on the latest technology to make such highly sensitive electronic devices more protected because of outer and internal factors. The Selective Soldering Machine is the perfect option to make multiple electronic devices safer. It will save the whole board from dust and drops of water which can damage its efficiency and durability. 

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SMT Wave Selective Soldering Machine

CNSMT prepares the Selective Soldering Machine with 100% quality material to save your money. You will invest once but will enjoy it for a long time.

Through automation, components are soldered in a very unique way.

Perfect soldering is the most important feature of the Selective Soldering Machine which makes the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) more secure.

The perfection leads to use the machine for a long time that will, of course, save your time as well as money.

CNSMT offers the machine at highly affordable rates just to make you enjoy the best service of the machine to make PCB and other electronic devices more secure.

We are the leading manufacturer in China that takes the demand of its customers more seriously.

Selective Soldering Machine for your cause. It is perfect for industrial usage.

You will love to add the machine for 100% protection and safety.

Always rely on the Selective Soldering Machine and make your electronic devices secured from all sorts of risks.

SMD soldering machine is now widely used for many kinds of electronic industry, like soldering LED PCB, SMD components soldering


Selective Soldering Machine

Selective Soldering Machine also called smt soldering machine or automatic smd soldering machine, hot air soldering machine

CNSMT is a world-class maker of Selective Soldering Machines that can be found in Shenzhen, China. It has released the latest models of Selective Soldering Machines for soldering components on a PCB in a selective and precise manner.

With this machine, you will not have any uncertainty about the soldering process. The machine will solder the components perfectly on the PCB. It will carefully solder without skipping any process making the output as excellent as possible. It gives out the best soldering technique to ensure that the result will be durable.

It comes in various models that you can choose from that will suit every business needs. This is why CNSMT will only create top-notch equipment and we promise to make it for many years to come to give businesses the needed support that they need.


How to choose the best Selective Soldering Machine?

Wave Selective Soldering Machine must be accurate to ensure that it will not damage the other components of the PCB while doing its tasks.

A selective soldering machine should precisely solder the components on the right spot and amount of heat. As a result, a perfectly functioning PCB will be achieved.

In CNSMT, we guarantee that our products will give you the satisfaction that you are looking for. We make sure that all the products have passed high standards of quality check.

BTW:CNSMT both provide China brand and ersa selective soldering foreigh brand selective soldering process machines with best and competetive price


What makes our Selective Soldering Machine the best?

In CNSMT, there various models that you can choose from for our Selective Soldering Machine line that will give you the output that you deserve. This will help you meet your production goals in your company at an affordable price.

They will make things more hassle-free for your employees because it is user-friendly to operate. It has modern features to catch up with the current needs of the industry.

The Selective Soldering machine has all the top-notch features that will help you achieve the best solders on your PCB that is durable and flawless.

The design is super elegant as well because of its great appearance. The high-quality of its materials are truly the best value for your money and you’ll never regret buying it.

Why choose CNSMT?

  • CNSMT is a premium brand in China that creates competitive pieces of equipment that makes our clients globally to be satisfied


  • We provide a warranty to ensure that the concerns of our customers will be addressed and solved accordingly


  • We give full support whenever customers are asking for help regarding the product that they bought from us


  • The Selective Solder Machine built by the CNSMT is one of the best models that are currently sold in the market right now


  • It is made to provide the best user experience that will surely give your enterprise a new boost in productivity and automation

If you have more inquiries just ping us and we are happy to respond to your message.

selective-soldering-machine-priceHow reliable is your Selective Soldering Machine?

Since our Selective Soldering Machine is made of premium materials, it sees to it that the machine will function perfectly according to your needs. It will give the best solder even on the tiniest corners of the components.

How do you ship Selective Soldering Machine to our place?

We make sure that the item is secured while it is on the road. It is super secured to ensure that no mishaps will happen. Aside from that, we also ensure that the machine will arrive at the soonest possible time without compromising its safety.

What is the delivery time of the Selective Soldering Machine?

It is reliant on the location but mostly the machine could arrive in less than a week given that there is no serious circumstance such as weather conditions and the like.

Do you have spare parts for the Selective Soldering Machine?

Aside from buying and selling units, we also sell spare parts. There will be a time wherein a part of the machine will need a replacement that is why having spare parts available will ease up everything.

What spare parts are included in the deal?

It is completely reliant on the buyer if what kind of spare parts they want to include in the deal.

How many days we can receive the Selective Soldering Machine?

Depending on the circumstance but most orders arrive less than a week after it has been ordered.

Does it support the English system?

Yes, the manuals and the machine itself have both English written instructions and options. This will ensure that international users will be able to understand everything that is written on it. Since English is the universal language any companies from across the world will be able to utilize our equipment well because of the English system that we have.

How long a Selective Soldering Machine could last?

If the machine is well taken care of, then most probably the machine could even last for 10 years or more. So it is important to use the equipment properly and don’t forget to have some preventive maintenance on it from time to time.

Is it easy to maintain a Selective Soldering Machine?

Yes, simply because everything is modern and automated that is why you do not have to extensive work when maintaining it.

Although, cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance to ensure that no dirt will clog its main parts.

CNSMT also provide all the selective wave soldering machine spare parts,ans have professional engineers repair selective wave soldering machines

Is it easy to use this type of machine?

Yes, simply because it does not have any complex mechanisms that is why people will surely not have a hard time using this machine. It is especially made to provide efficiency without being too complex.


Our Selective Soldering Machine is the best buy. It will surely take your business to new heights as it can increase the productivity of your workers and at the same time provide quality results.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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