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CNSMT has over 10 years experience of produce SMT solder paste printer, including full automatic solder paste printing machines, semi-auto printers, manual printers.

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CNSMT is a reliable SMT solder paste screen printer machine manufacturer in China, we not only produce China brand full-automatic solder paste printing machine but also sell used foreign brand SMT printers, like MPM,DEK,EKRA,YAMAHA,PANASONIC,SAMSUNG…

CNSMT always provide you the good quality and competitive price SMT solder paste printers for you, ask a quote immediately, we will reply you with 7hours or as soon as possible.

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Solder Paste Printer

There are a lot of brands and models SMT solder paste printer machines in the market, price, and specification also too much difference. bellow are the 3 main types of SMT printers :

  1. Full-automatic solder paste printing machine
  2. Semi-auto solder paste printer
  3. Manual desktop solder paste printer


Solder Paste Printer – The Complete FAQ Guide

Here is a complete guide to understanding the use of solder paste printers in the right way.

Every possible query you may have regarding the solder paste printers is answered in the guide below.

Your questions about the most reliable source for purchasing bulk solder paste printers for your business are also answered below.

  1. What is solder paste printer
  2. How does solder paste printing work?
  3. Is solder paste printer essential equipment?
  4. Why does your company need a solder paste printer for manufacturing high-quality PCBs?
  5. Brands that manufacture solder paste printers
  6. How many solder paste printing equipment’s are there?
  7. What is a manual solder paste printer?
  8. What is an automatic solder paste printer?
  9. Which is better: Automatic solder paste printer or manual solder paste printer?
  10. Who can sue a manual solder paste printer
  11. The use of stencil with solder paste printer
  12. Can you use a solder paste printer without a stencil?
  13. How much would it cost for you to invest in solder paste printers?
  14. Are solder paste printers reliable?
  15. Can the SMT process function without solder paste printer?
  16. How can you use a solder paste printer efficiently?
  17. Does environment play any role during solder paste printing process?
  18. Methods to create an adequate environment for solder paste printing process
  19. How can you perform a successful solder paste printing for your business?
  20. Best place to purchase solder paste printers

1.     What is Solder Paste Printer?

A solder paste printer is an equipment/machine used in the application of solder paste on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Figure 1: Solder Paste Printer

The application of solder paste is one of the most critical processes performed during the surface mount assembly of a PCB.

During the solder paste printing process, pads are soldered on the printed circuit boards.

A manual or a semi-automatic stencil printer machine is utilized with a squeegee blade to perform this process of spreading solder paste on the PCBs.

2.     How does Solder Paste Printing Work?

The working of the solder paste printing process involves a series of other processes to be performed earlier.

Figure 2: Solder Paste Printer Process

Since these processes help manufacture a high-quality and efficient printed circuit board, the solder paste printing works like the last one aligned in PCBs’ manufacturing.

This process involves using a stencil printer machine to print the solder paste on the printed circuit boards.

It is conducted at the time when the PCBs surface mounting assembly is held.


3.     Is Solder Paste Printer Essential Equipment?

The solder paste printing of a printed circuit board (PCB) is a very critical step.

For performing this step effectively, a solder paste printer or stencil printer is used as a machine to efficiently apply the solder paste on PCBs.

In this way, the usage of solder paste printer equipment becomes essential for performing the solder paste printing process.

4.     Why does your Company Need a Solder Paste Printer for Manufacturing High-Quality PCBs?

It is essential for any company that manufactures PCBs to undergo a series of processes to manufacture effective and reliable printed circuit boards.

One of the essential processes in this series includes the solder paste printing process.

In this process, the solder paste printer helps to effectively apply the solder paste on PCBs.

Without using a solder paste printer, you may not achieve efficient and reliable solder paste printing outcomes.

So your business needs to consider using reliable solder paste printers for manufacturing high-quality and reliable PCBs.

5.     Brands that Manufacture Solder Paste Printers

Since solder paste printing machines are highly essential for manufacturing reliable and high-quality printed circuit boards, many brands, and companies manufacture such machines.

Some of the top brands that manufacture solder paste printers include:

  • CNSMT Technology
  • RIGHT.
  • DESEN.
  • DEK
  • MPM
  • GKG

6.     How Many Solder Paste Printing Equipment are There?

The range of solder paste printing machines is wide.

With the multiple brands that manufacture solder paste printers, multiple printers are also available in the market.

Each of the different solder paste printing equipment work differently and catered according to your business’s PCBs manufacturing requirements.

What type of solder paste printer you should utilize for your business should be considered according to your worker’s expertise and skills of handling an SMT Solder Paste Printer.

This wide range of solder paste printers include:

  • Manual printers

Figure 3: Manual Solder Paste Printer

  • Automatic printers
  • Entry-level automated printers
  • Semi-automatic printers

Figure 4: Semi-Automatic Solder Paste Printer

  • Fully automated printers
  • High-speed and high-end printer machines

Figure 5: High Precision Stencil Printer

  • Low-cost printers

7.     What is a Manual Solder Paste Printer?

A manual solder paste printer is more like a professional solder paste printer machine.

This kind of printer machine doesn’t have automatic working settings.

Figure 6: Manual Stencil Printer

Instead, you need to have a clear and detailed understanding of how to set up, arrange, use, and clean these types of solder paste machines.

With a lack of automatic performance, the manual solder paste printers tend to be more complicated to understand for beginners.

If some experts or professionals have prior experience or understanding in handling manual solder paste printers, they can most efficiently manage them.

If you can control a manual solder paste printer machine, then you achieve effective solder paste printing outcomes on the PCBs.

8.     What is an Automatic Solder Paste Printer?

An automatic solder paste printer machine is unlike the previous, i.e., manual solder paste printer in any way.

Figure 7: Automatic Stencil Printer

These printer machines are either semi or fully automatic.

It depends on what type of automatic performance you are looking for in the solder paste printer machine. Either way, an automatic solder paste printer has automatic functions.

So you don’t have to set up, arrange, or use these printers by controlling each step manually.

Instead, these automatic solder paste printers machines are easier to manage and run.

The automatic solder paste printers are highly suitable for unprofessional using a solder paste for the first time.

Getting efficient results of solder paste printing on PCBs with automatic solder paste printers is easy.

You only need to understand how these automatic printer machines need to be managed and operated according to the PCB printing needs.

There are various suitable sources to learn how to manage the performance of such automatic printers.


9.     Importance of Squeegee in Solder Paste Printer

A squeegee is an essential part of the solder paste printer that helps perform solder paste printing on the printed circuit boards.

Figure 8: Squeegee in Stencil Printer

When you apply the solder paste to a PCB through a stencil printer machine, the squeegee blade is required to complete the printing.

This tool is mainly a source of force present in the stencil printer.

Squeegee forces help to move the solder paste from the stencil to the printer circuit board.

Hence, we can say that the squeegee tool is a crucial part of the stencil printer machine that helps complete the solder paste printing process.

A squeegee can be made with either metal or polyurethane.

10.Who Can Use a Solder Paste Printer?

Solder paste printing is an essential process utilized in the manufacturing of high-quality PCBs.

Without performing the process of solder paste printing, the modern-day PCBs’ quality and efficiency are not guaranteed.

For this, solder paste printers are utilized in the PCB manufacturing companies.

So anyone who runs a business manufacturing high-quality printed circuit boards that can meet the modern-day day circuit board requirements should utilize solder paste printers.

Since these printers are a crucial part of manufacturing high-quality PCBs, all PCB manufacturers can and should use a solder paste printer.

If you also run a business manufacturing PCBs, then you can purchase reliable Solder Paste Printer Equipment.

11.Key Parameters of Effective Solder Paste Printing Process:

For performing an effective solder paste printing process on printed circuit boards, it is essential to consider specific parameters on the solder paste printer.

These parameters play a huge role in making the solder paste printer machine work efficiently and the process more reliable on the PCBs.

For avoiding mistakes during the solder paste printing, it is essential to focus on key parameters that include:

  • The squeegee speed
  • The squeegee angle
  • The squeegee pressure
  • Cleaning of the stencil
  • Speed of stencil separation
  • Condition of the stencil and squeegee
  • PCB support
  • The print stroke
  • Storage and handling mechanism of the printer
  • The inspection

Figure 9: Parameters of Solder Paste Printer


Once all these parameters are present and utilized properly during the solder paste printer usage on the PCBs, you can achieve guaranteed reliable and high-quality PCBs printing.

12.Can You Use a Solder Paste Printer without a Stencil?

A stencil is an essential component of a solder paste printing process.

Stencil printers help to pour solder paste on the printed circuit boards effectively.

With the help of a stencil and the squeegee, the printer machine pushes and implements the solder paste on the PCBs.

Without a stencil, it is hard to perform the same process efficiently on the PCBs.

Hence, for high-quality solder paste printing on the PCBs, stencils serve as an essential component.

13.How much would it cost for you to invest in solder paste printers?

Different types of solder paste printers come at different costs.

The cost of a solder paste printer depends upon various factors.

These factors can include the brand, the type, the storage, and the task handling ability of a solder paste printer.

It is better to look for sources that can offer you a wide variety of solder paste printer models, brands, and features.

CNSMTLine is a reliable source that offers you multiple options of solder paste printers in different price ranges.

With a wide variety of options, you can choose the best printers at reasonable costs for your business.

14.Are Solder Paste Printers Reliable?

The reliability of solder paste printers is determined through the importance of this process.

Since the solder paste printing process aims to deposit the correct amount of solder paste on each of the PCBs pads for soldering, a solder paste printer machine can effectively achieve this aim.

Figure 10: Reliability of Solder Paste Printing

This machine screen prints the solder paste through a stencil.

This is a very crucial part of the solder paste printing process.

If this screen-printing of solder paste isn’t accurate, then the PCBs assembly can be defective.

Hence, it is easy to evaluate that a machine can be more reliable to offer accurate outcomes.

In this way, a solder paste printer works as more reliable equipment to perform solder paste printing and ensure the PCBs’ defect-free assembly.

15.Why Should you Keep the Solder Paste Printer Stencil Clean?

Keeping the solder paste printer stencil clean is essential for effective printing outcomes.

If you don’t clean the printer stencils, the solder paste buildup in different printer areas can affect the printer’s performance.

This buildup will not only decrease the effectiveness of the solder paste printer’s performance, but it will also limit the printer’s ability to repeat the process for future PCB manufacturing.

16.Is It Easy To Clean Solder Paste Printers Stencils?

Since different types of pastes are utilized in the solder paste printing machines, cleaning them can be difficult.

Figure 11: Stencil Wiper Rolls

The best way to do this is to clean the printer stencil is to use an automatic under stencil wiper cleaner.

While using a wiper system, it’s essential to ensure that:

  • You use the stencil wiper system that has both the solvent and vacuum capabilities present.
  • You should keep adjusting the wiper system under the stencil so that there is no flux or paste residues stored under the stencil.

Figure 12: Custom Stencil Wiper Specs

17.How to Choose the Right Solder Paste Printer?

Since there are plenty of solder paste printer machines and brands available in the market, you need to choose the right one for your business.

This can be possible by following the following process:

  • First, look for the SMT printer that can put solder paste on printed circuit boards. In this way, you can ensure that the PCBs’ electrical links will be functional after the solder paste printing process.
  • Next, make sure that the solder paste printer you use does not damage any part or component of the PCB during the printing process.

Afterward, you should also ensure that the printer can cool down its stencils after the completion of the solder paste stencil printing.

18.Does Environment Play Any Role During Solder Paste Printing Process?

Yes, the environment plays a huge role in improving or negatively affecting the solder paste printing process of PCBs.

If there is dust or dirt in the environment, it can end up on the printed circuit boards.

This dirt and dust can make the solder paste printers stencils cause various defects during the printing process.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain PCBs’ environment by keeping them covered or otherwise, by cleaning them before usage.

19.An Adequate Temperature for Solder Paste Printing Process

For conducting the process of solder paste printing accurately, it is essential to keep the temperature of the environment accurate.

In case of air draughts or high temperature, the solder paste can dry out very quickly.

A changing room temperature at the working area can cause difficulties in accurately performing the solder paste printing.

For avoiding this and faults in PCB like bridging, etc., it is better to maintain a temperature between 21 – 25C.

20.Best Place to Purchase Efficient Solder Paste Printers

According to the industry experts, only if you perform the solder paste printing and reflow of the soldering process of a PCB in an efficiently controlled way, then 70% of its defects from the surface mounting process are completely deducted.


It means that you need to purchase efficient solder paste printers for PCB manufacturing to achieve such accurate outcomes.

For this, CNSMT offers you the best and most efficient varieties of the solder paste screen printer machines.

So you can choose the best printer machine option according to your business’s PCB manufacturing demands.


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