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There are so many Surface Mounted Machines available in the market but all you need is CNSMT’s Pick and Place Machine.

If you are worried about mounting components on your precious PCBs, then CNSMT is the best choice for you. We manufacture our machineries with much effort and accuracy of their working.


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YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Your No. 1 Surface Mounted Pick and Place Machine in China

CNSMT presents you the best SMT Surface Mounted Machine with the best features in it. A surface mounted technology is used in manufacturing electronic circuit boards.

These electronic circuit boards are then placed with components onto them. When a printed circuit board is mounted with components onto it, it is then termed as a Surface Mounted Device,

Your Reliable Surface Mounted Pick and Place Machine Partner in China

CNSMT Prove the below model machines

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The SMD machine that is used for producing a surface mounted device by soldering it to a PCB is called a Surface Mounted Machine. The SMD is produced after going through these operations.

The production of a PCB is taken through several processes which include the application of solder paste on the printed circuit board, attaching the components on the PCB through that solder paste, cleaning the PCB, reflowing the solder paste and then having electrical testing. The Surface Mount Machine has several features which include different head nozzles, down-looking camera, pneumatic feeders, feeder installation areas, up-looking camera, IC stack, USB portal with a USB, emergency stop, power switch, PCB clamping area, touch screen for giving instructions, and a power area. All of these features are available in a surface-mounted machine only at CNSMT.

These features are specifically designed to mount the components on a PCB carefully and accurately. The accuracy levels of this machine are really high. We don’t compromise on the quality of our machines. Therefore, we have manufactured these machines with detailed features. The amazing micro cameras help in placing the components on the device carefully.

These cameras can be dragged anywhere during the processing of the operations in the machine. There are many other ways for mounting components on a PCB. For a better and accurate tendency, your choice should be CNSMT’s surface mounted machine. Enjoy the credibility of the Surface Mounted Machine with quick benefits.

You won’t regret investing into our Surface Mount Technology Machine. Some amazing features of our machine include up to 8 placement head with a speed of 20.000 cph. For the highest accuracy of working Surface Mount Pick and Place Machine works with carbon fibre beam in it.

This amazing feature makes it unique and attractive while working. The touch screen feature will help you to feed the machine according to your need. Whatever information you will add the machine will work accordingly.

Through the touch screen, you can add areas where you want to mount on the components on the PCB. There is no compulsion of a specific shaped PCB. This machine can work on any kind of PCBs from round to linear PCBs, you don’t need to be worried about it.

The surface mount machine allows you to have touch screen based operations. You can zoom in to the screen to see the portions clearly where you want the components to be mounted.

The graphical interface and sensitive help makes this machine technically smarter than other machines. Upon setting the information, the surface mount machine will start working; it will pick up the components through the nozzles from one side of the machine and place them on the PCB on the other side.

The surface mount machine will keep on working until it finishes mounting the components on the given PCB areas. The surface mount equipment will work in a specific motion that will keep its pace faster. If you want a best partner for your PCBs to become SMDs then, this Surface Mount Pick and Place Machine is the best option for you.

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