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SMT Used Machines have been highly demanded by the electronic industries. These machines are expensive due to their efficiency and quality of work. If you are in the initial phases of your business in this industry and you do not have enough money to invest then, invest in the used smt equipment is the best approach to start up your business. 

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used smt equipment

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CNSMT manufactures the SMT Machine by using high-quality material. The quality material increases the longevity of the machine to save your money. The used smt equipment performs the same functions as a newly bought machine is operated. 

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Used Smt Equipment

Managing a business in a low budget is possible now with this used smt equipment. These machines are used to place all components on the printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board comes into working only by placing the components onto it.

A PCB gets upgraded to a surface mount device only by the placement of components onto it. For an industry to produce an SMD, it should have SMT Machines. A Second Hand SMT Machine could be the best choice for you keeping in mind your budget.

CNSMT deals with many kinds of smt used smt equipment,such as: used pick and place machine, used reflow oven, used wave solder machine, used PCB manufacturing equipment,used smt pick and place machine, used smt solder paste printer machine, used AOI, used SPI…

You will love to make the machine part of your house or industry. And enjoy all the functions of a used smt equipment at very affordable prices. The used smt equipment will be your perfect choice.

That is more time saving and money-saving. That is also designed to operate in the easiest ways just for your ease. Decide to invest in the Used SMT Machine and save money unexpectedly.


Used SMT Equipment

SMT equipment or also known as surface mount technology is vital in creating fully-functional PCBs.

As we all know this type of equipment never comes cheap because of the tremendous amount of time and effort in creating them.

This is why buying a brand new SMT equipment can use a lot of resources in your company.

So it is a good idea to buy used yet quality SMT equipment, it will do a lot of good things for your company because of the benefits that it can give.

In this article, we will discuss more it to help you gain those benefits of buying used SMT equipment real quick. So let us not delay the learning curve as we tackle its benefits down below!


Benefits of Used SMT Equipment

  • Cost-friendly: Since they are second-hand products, their pricing is significantly lower compared to their brand new counterparts.
  • As a result, you’ll not have to worry anymore if you have a tight budget. This is because you can get good deals when buying used SMT equipment.
  • Easier to buy:  Compared to brand new SMT equipment there are less paper works required in buying second hand SMT equipment. It will save you significant time and effort in doing those.


How to Look for Good SMT Used Equipment?

  • It must be sold by a well-known company: It allows you to lessen the chances of getting scammed because the products that you are about to get are proven effective and free from major defects.
  • It must be tested thoroughly: The used SMT equipment machine must undergo tremendous quality checks to point out errors immediately and fix them accordingly. As a result, it will reach the buyers in a perfect working condition
  • The price must be fair enough:  You must make sure that the SMT used equipment has a price that is suitable for second-hand items.


Why should you buy SMT Used Equipment from us?

There are several reasons why you should buy used SMT equipment from us. This is because we value our clients very well by ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Here are the following factors why we are the best in what we do.

  • We only sell the best used SMT equipment: It only means that all the products have undergone standard checking with extreme attention to details. It will give buyers the peace of mind that what they are getting is fully-tested and error-free equipment.
  • Competitive pricing: We price our products fairly to the major public to afford. We see to it that our price is the lowest in the market and at the same time a guarantee that it does not compromise the quality of the products that you are getting.
  • We provide warranty: Even though we sell second-hand products we see to it that our buyers will get the utmost protection that they deserve against certain issues that might arise.
  • We practice open communication: We see to it that we respond to queries very well to give your customers the ultimate satisfaction that they deserve. So do not think twice and our SMT used equipment will help reach the goals of your company.
  • Easy to maintain: Since we also sell spare parts of the said products, finding one when you need them. You do not have to look anywhere else which will save you a lot of time and effort.



In our company, we value each of our customers as if they are family. So it is our primary goal to give the best products as possible.

We make sure that every SMT Used and new equipment that we sell meets the highest criteria of quality to make the goal of every company achievable.

With the combination of quality, functionality, and affordable pricing, you will surely never go wrong without products.

CNSMT is one of the most trusted sellers of used SMT Equipment in Shenzhen, China. It sells the best SMT Equipments to give you an extraordinary tool to place SMDs on printed circuit boards.


The equipment can do it in a precise way making everything manageable and error-free PCBs in the quickest way possible. They are high-speed and capable of integrating the following components in no time:

  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Integrated circuits


This equipment is also beneficial if you want to use it for packaging microchips which are also known as the flip-chip method. Furthermore, CNSMT will  sell used but the most reliable SMT Equipment for your business needs.


How to choose the best Used SMT Equipment

Choosing the best-used SMT Equipment can be a daunting task, but it is easier than you think. There are several factors that you should put in consideration when buying them:


  • How durable it is?
  • Manufacturing date
  • Price
  • Overall condition of the used smt equipment


So once you buy the particular SMT Equipment, you’ll know what to expect. It will help you make the most out of your production so that you will be able to get the best value for your money.


In CNSMT, we give you the guarantee that you will only have the best equipment from us. So the next time that you will have your production, you’ll get the most out of it and increasing your production in no time.


What makes our Used SMT Equipment the best?


We are aimed at providing you with a used SMT Equipment that is worthy of your time and money. We checked it thoroughly and made sure that it is suitable for your company’s needs.


In CNSMT, we give utmost respect to our customers and we want to reciprocate to that trust that they give. Just like the used SMT Equipments that we are selling.


All of the products are there to give you the satisfaction that you need. It has all the necessary and modern features that you need for a used SMT Equipment.


Since workloads can be tremendous at times, you’ll need a used SMT Equipment. It will help you speed up the process making you profit more because of the tremendous productions down the line.


The used SMT Equipment will provide you with all the necessary features that you need in PCB manufacturing. You will get the best results that you are looking for with the PCBs that you will about to produce.


Why choose CNSMT?


CNSMT is one of the famous sellers of used SMT Equipments. They are known for their reliability in doing their tasks in the production room. You will be amazed at how they can transform your productivity to the next level.


  • We have the best team that performs the job to check the used SMT Equipments then if any, address them accordingly to make sure that you will get the best product as much as possible.
  • The products that you are getting are proven to be very effective in its tasks. So you will have a responsive and reliable used SMT Equipment to use on your PCB production area.
  • The repeat customers that we have are a manifestation that a lot of people are satisfied with our products.


For more inquiries, please send us a message or give us a call.




How do a used SMT Equipment work?

The used SMT Equipment is essential in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production. This is because they can integrate various components on a PCB. In this manner, you should consider having them because they can make things automated thus making the job faster.



Why should you buy our used SMT Equipments?

Every entrepreneur dreams of growing their business. They can only do it using having reliable equipment that they can use on their operations. So if you are in the industry of PCB production, you’ll surely want to have a reliable used SMT Equipment that you can use.


About that, you’ll surely want to invest in our used SMT Equipments. It does not mean that they are used, they are already abused. We see to it that we are only selling the tried and tested machines that will make sure that you are in good hands.


Do you offer a warranty for your used SMT Equipments?


Yes, because we value the trust that our customers are giving us, we always want to give back. We offer a warranty on our products so that our customers will be secured in case there are issues with the used SMT Equipment. It is our mission to solve it as soon as possible to satisfy your needs.


Does the used SMT Equipment have English language support?

Yes, this is the only way customers abroad will be able to understand the whole concept of the product and how it works. So we offer full English language support, as we do not deprive any person of enjoying the full benefits of our used SMT Equipment.



Do you provide after support on your used SMT Equipments?

Yes, because sometimes there are unforeseen events that might arise such as having some issues with the used SMT Equipment which is perfectly normal. So we will help you troubleshoot the problem the soonest time possible if any. In this way, you’ll not have any interruptions with regards to your PCB production.


How do you perform quality checks on your used SMT Equipments?


We have a very meticulous way of used SMT Equipment inspections. This is why our customers are truly satisfied with what they bought from us. It makes them enjoy the full benefits of the products particularly the used SMT Pick and Place that we are selling. They are awesome and will help you reach your goals in the production of PCBs.


Do you also sell spare parts of the used SMT Equipments?

There are times wherein parts experience wear and tear, so it is inevitable that parts break down over time. In this manner, you’ll need spare parts that will make the performance of the used SMT Equipment to get back to normal just like when it was still new. About that, we offer spare parts for USED SMT Equipments to accommodate your needs.


How long will the used SMT Equipments arrive after ordering?

Our couriers are dedicated to delivering your packages the soonest time possible. So you do not have to wait for too long until you start using your newly bought used SMT Equipment for your business.


How long will the used SMT Equipments last?

Used SMT Equipments do not deteriorate easily. They are built to last that is why you will get your return of investment without any doubts at all.


If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information



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