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CNSMT Electronics is the pioneer of automated R&D and manufacturing and has been there in the business for over 15 years now.

One of our proven specialties is the PCB pick and place machine, which contributes to PCB assemblies. Also popularly called a PCB component placement machine, this assembly machine uses top-notch technology to serve your requirements efficiently.

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CNSMT has professional engineers support for your questions about smt PCB pick and place machines, and it's free after you buy from us.
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CNSMT has a professional development team for smt periphery equipment and smt PCB pick and place machine spare parts, So that control us products cost, give you the best rate of machines and spare parts


SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Your Reliable PCB Pick and Place Machine Supplier

CNSMT as one of the most trustworthy automatic PCB assembly machine supplier in China, we always put customers request at the first place, High-quality machine, best service are our most important faith.

We are the official suppliers of both used and new SMT PCB Pick and Place Machines

CNSMT not only buy and sell used smt PCB pick and place machines but also deal smt new machines, So that satisfy different customers need


YAMAHA YV100X is a hot-sale model of PCB pick and place machine, Its a mid-speed and cost-effective smt machine, Usually used for start-up smt factories, as this model machine price has not cost too much, many of small owers can afford it,


YAMAHA YV100XG most used for the driver of led PCB placement, It can be used for 1200mm led PCB, but need to install 1200mm mount kit onto the machine, and its the update machine model of yv100x, It uses windows system


YAMAHA YV100II PCB PICK AND PLACE MACHINE is a very high-cost effective machine, but year a little old, if you have not too much budget, then yv100II is your best choice, Only need about 10kUSD you can buy it to your factory.

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We are the official suppliers of both used and new SMT PCB Pick and Place Machines from different brands like YAMAHA, JUKI, FUJI, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, SONY, MIRAE, etc. Our production includes automatic PCB assembly machines and semi-automatic ones as well.

We believe that customization is the key to satisfy every technological need, hence we provide PCB Pick and Place machines with speed ranging from 5000CPH to 100000+CPH, based on your request. Usually, the default voltage for these machines is single 220v,3phase 380v, but variations can be brought, depending on your requirements.

Budget is never a problem if you work with us, as we tailor the best solution for you.

Are you a startup? Rest assured, CNSMT will help you in your entire journey. Not only we will offer you free design factory drawing and free PCB Pick and Place machine setup, but also provide total support to all your startup factories.

We spend many years to build our repute in the international market on the base of our core value of professionalism. We have a record to deliver our committed order on time whenever you order or wherever you ask for delivery. 

CNSMT has its extraordinary delivery team that always endeavors to ensure the delivery of your order on time. You need not worry while ordering us. We reach you with your order where you are. Be confident and enjoy our reliable delivery system. 

We offer the best and affordable rates of shipment as compared to our competitors. Enjoy the support of our dedicated and efficient delivery team to get your order on time. We pledge to provide your order with 100% assurance of no break-up

Our expert professional test the calibration of the machine’s head nozzle shaft, before every shipment to ensure smooth functionality upon reaching your factory. 

Our principles lie on integrity and loyalty to our customers. Want to start your PCB Pick and Place Machine factory? Let’s have a chat!

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