Wholesale SMT YAMAHA SS 56MM FEEDER(KHJ-MC700-003)

KHJ-MC700-001/002/003/004 is SMT YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER part number, We deal with used and new this type of feeder in China.

  • Original new(used)
  • Used for SMT yamaha ys pick and place machine.
  • High quality than the mechanic feeder
  • Lead time 1-2days.


Part number;KHJ-MC200-000/001/002/003/004/005/006/007/100

Application:YAMAHA YS surface mount machine

Exporter: CNSMT

After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support, Online support
Local Service LocationNone
Showroom LocationNone
Video outgoing-inspectionNot Available
Machinery Test ReportNot Available
Marketing TypeNew Product 2020
Core Componentsother
Place of OriginJapan
Brand NameYAMAHA
Model NumberKHJ-MC700
NameYAMAHA feeder
Product nameSMT YAMAHA feeder
Modelvibration feeder
Prand NameYAMAHA
ConditionOriginal New
Quality100% Tested Workable
ApplicationSMT PCB Assembly Production Line
TypeSMT Spare Parts

We provide you the best quality yamaha ss12/16mm feeder, and also other size of yamaha feeder, like ss8mm/ss24mm/ss32mm/ss44mm/ss56mm/ss72mm/ss88mm electronics original feeder.


CNSMT supply bellow feeder models:

KHJ-MC100-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS8MM FEEDER

KHJ-MC200-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS12/16MM FEEDER

KHJ-MC400-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS24MM FEEDER

KHJ-MC500-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS32MM FEEDER

KHJ-MC600-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS44MM FEEDER

KHJ-MC700-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER

KHJ-MC800-000/1/2/3/4/5/6  YAMAHA SS72MM FEEDER

How to choose the best KHJ-MC200-000/1/2/3/4/5/6 YAMAHA SS12/16MM FEEDER?

  •  The KHJ-MC200-000 YAMAHA SS12/16MM FEEDER should be high precision
  • The KHJ-MC200-000 YAMAHA SS12/16MM FEEDER should mount fast speed
  • The KHJ-MC200-000 YAMAHA SS12/16MM FEEDER should be calibrated well before shipment



What makes our The KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER the best?

We have a professional engineer team for repair and calibration smt feeder, ensure that every one of our feeders is the best quality, and not have any issues when it arrived at your factory.



Why choose CNSMT?


CNSMT is expert in SMT machines and spare parts field, we not only buy and sell used and new smt yamaha feeders, but also develop and design China made feeders, we have a strong after-sale team support your business.




How does a KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER work?

It works on SMT YAMAHA pick and place machines, like Yamaha ys12 , Yamaha ys24, Yamaha ysm10, Yamaha ys12f, Yamaha ysm20, Yamaha ysm40r


Do you offer a warranty for your KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS566MM FEEDER?


Yes, for the new feeder, we give 1 year warranty, for the used one, we give 3 months warranty


Does the product have English language support?

Yes, all of the feeders can fit on English langage


Do you provide after support on your KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER?

Yes, it is our mission to give you the utmost satisfaction to our customers.



How do you perform quality checks on your KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER?


We have standard operating procedures that we follow to give you out the best products as possible.


Do you also sell spare parts of the KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER?

Yes, we have developped all the smt feeder parts in stock, With best price for your replacement, So dont worry about this, We always provide your smt feeder spare parts any time.


How long will the KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER arrive after ordering?

You will not have to wait for too long before you enjoy your KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER. This is because we have couriers that are dedicated to providing quick and safe delivery of your packages within shor time


How long will the KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER last?

You do not have to worry about physical components to break down easily. So it is only fair to say that KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS56MM FEEDER can last more than 10 years at least


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