YAMAHA CL56mm feeder KW1-M7500-000

ProductYAMAHA CL 56mm Feeders
ApplicationApplicable to YV、YG series Yamaha mounter
  • YAMAHA CL56mm feeder KW1-M7500-000
  • The free standard package for export
  • Original new&used&copy.
  • 8MM-72MM Available
  • Fast delivery.

Part Name: yamaha feeder

Application: yamaha Pick and place machine, yamaha surface mounting machine, yamaha chip mounter



YAMAHA CL56mm feeder KW1-M7500-000


Yamaha CL 8*4mm Feeders           KW1-M1100-000
Yamaha CL 12mm Feeders            KW1-M2200-300
Yamaha CL 16mm Feeders            KW1-M3200-10X
Yamaha CL 24mm Feeders            KW1-M4500-015
Yamaha CL 32mm Feeders            KW1-M5500-010
Yamaha CL 44mm Feeders            KW1-M6500-000
Yamaha CL 56mm Feeders            KW1-M7500-000
Yamaha CL 72mm Feeders            KW1-M8500-000

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