CNSMT is one of the most reliable YAMAHA FEEDER manufacture and supplier in China, Who can provide you both original new and used and China made high-quality SMT feeders.

All the models of the YAMAHA FEEDER in stock, like YAMAHA  SS/ZS/FT/CL mechanic and electronics feeder. It’s important that we can provide you free technical support on how to operate the feeders and how to repair the YAMAHA FEEDER if you are the first time use it.


  • YAMAHA CL FEEDER KW1-M1300 8*2mm
  • Variety models of YAMAHA feeder
  • The free standard package for export
  • Original new&used&copy.
  • 8MM-72MM Available
  • Fast delivery.
Product descriptionCL feeder
Part.NoYamaha CL 8*2mm feeder
Applicableyamaha YV/YG

Your Reliable YAMAHA Feeder Supplier in China

CNSMT has over 15years SMT YAMAHA FEEDER experience in China, we have a skilled after-sale team and technique team support your business.

We have vast YAMAHA FEEDER in our warehouse, both new and used YAMAHA feeder available. about used YAMAHA feeder, don’t worry about the quality, our professional engineer will inspect and calibrate its perfect condition before ship to your place.

As we are the one-stop-shop of YAMAHA FEEDER, we always provide you the best price and best quality YAMAHAfeeders, save your time and money is also our final goal.

You just need to tell us your YAMAHA SMD machine model, or your feeder photos, we will know what type of your requirement, then will quote you the best price within a few minutes.

So find a good and reliable YAMAHA FEEDER supplier is also important for your SMT line production.

We will always here be your best friends and partner.


YAMAHACL 8*2mm Feeders for 0402KW1-M1300-000YV/YG
YAMAHACL 8*2mm Feeders for 0201KW1-M1500-030YV/YG
YAMAHACL 8*4mm FeedersKW1-M1100-000YV/YG
YAMAHACL 12mm FeedersKW1-M2200-300YV/YG
YAMAHACL 16mm FeedersKW1-M3200-10XYV/YG
YAMAHACL 24mm FeedersKW1-M4500-015YV/YG
YAMAHACL 32mm FeedersKW1-M5500-010YV/YG
YAMAHACL 44mm FeedersKW1-M6500-000YV/YG
YAMAHACL 56mm FeedersKW1-M7500-000YV/YG
YAMAHACL 72mm FeedersKW1-M8500-000YV/YG


Yamaha CL series Feeder is Yamaha’s pneumatic Feeder, suitable for Yamaha YV/YG SMT mounting machines.

CNSMT has a good reputation in the industry. Our company is located in Shenzhen, China, and the shipping address is also in Shenzhen. We support multiple modes of transportation, including sea and air, to deliver goods to you.

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