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PCB NG Loader

Today’s high-performance electronic systems are being driven by ever-increasing complexity and density that require designers to consider issues of electromagnetic interference (EMI) / electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as well as power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI), and thermal integrity.

To accelerate the design process and meet aggressive delivery schedules, engineers need to be able to perform cross-fabric and multiphysics analysis to model, simulate, and analyze these effects on system-level designs. PCB NG Loader high-capacity and high-accuracy multiphysics analysis technologies enable designers to perform multiphysics analysis within an in-design process that goes beyond the chip and extends throughout the entire system.

L shape PCB loader
PCB Loader/stack machine
pcb mini loader without magazine
SMT PCB automatic magazine loader
pcb loader/suction machine
PCB ng/ok buffer conveyor
SMT PCB Conveyor
SMT PCB High-end Conveyor
smt pcb robot arm mechanic
pcb NG unloader
PCB buffer for AOI SPI

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