pcb mini loader without magazine

pcb mini loader without magazine


Power supplyAC 220V/ 50/60Hz
PCB size (mm)50*50-420*320mm or customized
PCB transport directionCustomize left to right or right to left
Transport height900 ± 20 mm
Main motor power220w
Machine size780*500*1560mm
Weight (kg)170
  • After finishing the work every day, please clean the surrounding area of the loading machine equipment.
  • It is forbidden to modify the emergency stop circuit and action confirmation.
  • Regularly maintain and confirm whether the emergency stop action is normal.
  • Regularly maintain and confirm whether the very safe detection and protection actions are normal.

PCB Mini Loader For SMT, an easy PCB loader solution for SMT.

The operator does not need to insert the board very carefully, the loader will arrange it perfectly!

No air controller is needed, the board will be sent by the motor of the conveyor.

The machine is small when compared with a magazine-type loader, it can save a lot of space for the workshop.

Standard SMEMA control is equipped to communicate with a solder paste printer.

pcb mini loader without magazine


Follow the instructions below:

Please follow the safety regulations guidelines for this PCB Mini Loader and make sure to follow the regulations.
Please use protective equipment and clothing as required.
Do not touch PCB Mini Loader with wet hands.
During operation, if any abnormality occurs, please stop the machine immediately, deal with it according to the abnormality handling method, or contact us.


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pcb mini loader without magazine


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