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CNSMT X ray component reel counting machine is mainly used in SMT industry to fast count the whole reel of materials, including but not limited to the detection of capacitance, diode, transistor and other discrete components.

The main principle of the CX-1000 X ray counter machine is to use the imaging principle of X-ray rays, the material imaging to obtain image information and then count, and the results of detection feedback.

At present, our X light point machine can realize automatic and manual detection in two ways.

  • Full automatic counting
  • The detection accuracy is 99.99%
  • 0201 package size or above
  • High counting speed
  • Support 7-15 inch dish
  • It is convenient for staff to operate and reduce working space
  • Automatic coding and anti-freeze labeling
  • Supports interconnection with ERP, MES, and WMS systems
Equipment working modeManual feeding or reconfigurable automatic feeding
Check the size of the traySupport 7-15 inch dish
Check package size0201 package size or above
Test tray height10-50mm
precisionThe detection accuracy is 99.99%
Testing timeThe detection time is within 10s, excluding the transmission time
Type of detectorFlat plate detector
Detector pixel size139um
Ray source voltage100KV
Ray source current1.5 mA
An external functionSupports bar code reading and bar code printing
The workstationVision Controller, DELL Display, 21″


With Tensor Flow transfer learning, you will need fewer images to train the desired model
Open VIVO was used to optimize the model to improve the reasoning speed and reduce the network operation overhead
It can be deployed on the GPU, CPU, or NPU to reduce the dependency of the model on the hardware environment and reduce the threshold of AI deployment. The calculation speed of the model is accelerated, reducing the dependence of the model on the hardware type

We are a collection research and development, production, sales and service in one of the professional SMT electronic equipment manufacturer in China. Employees have rich industry experience and the spirit of innovation, based on learning and independent innovation, and through the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology

According to the market demand and constantly improve product performance, formed its own unique characteristics, adhering to the science and technology to ensure quality, service to improve the purpose of products, to provide customers with first-class products and services.


The smt reel x ray counter advantages


  • X – ray source adopts Chinese famous brand side window type X – ray tube, long service life, maintenance free. The flat-panel detector uses a 17-inch ultra-clear screen for fast imaging without distortion.
  • Can simultaneously calculate 4 7 inch material discs or 1 13 to 15 inch material discs. Significantly reduce the counting time, remove excess manpower, can be turned to assist other personnel
  • Retract or change the line, shorten the time of stopping the line. The machine uses digital data, can print barcode stickers or directly upload database. The feeder can be large
  • Improve the lack of material, missing material, missing material, less material situation, digital management of material storage, reduce the cost of material inventory, improve the accuracy of material inventory.
  • No need to open the packaging bag, keep the integrity of the material roll, will not affect the moisture resistance of the material.

Cloud database

  • Each device can be connected to our cloud database, and the data and pictures collected by the device will be uploaded to the cloud, and the device will automatically download from the cloud
  • The latest database. The engineers will also optimize the algorithm in the background based on the pictures and data collected by each device, and periodically update it to the database for customers to use.


It is used in semiconductor, electronic assembly (EMS), solar photovoltaic, LED, lithium battery, aerospace, military and other high-end manufacturing industries.



Deep learning algorithms for artificial intelligence

The software adopts artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm. It does not need to bind the components and the algorithm, but uses AI to automatically identify the components and automatically apply the algorithm. The algorithm can learn the data of the components that have been pointed.

Such as:

1, length to width ratio
2. The Angle of each corner of the component;
3. The slope between components from inside to outside
4, from the inside to the outside components of the image deformation law, and so on, with the counting number of components more and more, the results of the point is more and more accurate, encountered similar components, larger plate, can also easily cope with.

Intelligent database

equipment software uses machine automatic learning algorithm to analyze a large number of data records, automatically update and tune to the database. Over time, the accuracy of equipment point will be more and more close to 100%, and the coverage of components will be more and more wide.

We have a set of sound technical service and after-sales service system, to serve the society in good faith, to do the pre-sale and after-sales tracking service of the products sold. We adhere to the faith of “honesty, excellence, continuous innovation”, with advanced management concepts and technology driven, to create our business philosophy.

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