Yamaha YCP10: Precision Stencil Printing Excellence for Advanced PCB Assembly

The Yamaha YCP10 Stencil Printer is a precision printing solution designed for the electronics manufacturing industry. Known for its advanced features and reliability, the YCP10 ensures high-precision solder paste application onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). With a user-friendly interface and programmable settings, this stencil printer offers flexibility in adapting to various PCB layouts.

  • High Precision
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Reliability
Applicable PCBL510 x W460mm to L50 x 50mm
Printing head3S head (3S : Swing Single Squeegee)
Double squeegee head (Option)
Printing accuracyPositioning repeatability (6σ) : +/- 0.010mm
Cycle time8sec (Standard printing : under optimum condition, except for printing time)
Applicable stencil sizeL750 x W750mm, L736 x W736mm, L750 x W650mm,
L650 x W550mm, L600 x W550mm (Option),
L550 x W650mm (Option), L584 x W584mm (Option)
Power supplySingle-phase AC 200/208/220/230V +/- 20V 50/60Hz
Air supply source0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry state
External dimensionL1,130mm x W1,760mm x H1,370mm
WeighApprox. 1,100kg


YAMAHA’s original 3S head[3S:Swing Single Squeegee]

Program change squeegee attack angle (1 degree units between 45 to 65°) and speed to an ideal setting to provide optimal printing conditions that match the solder being used.

Stencil vacuum

A stencil vacuum mechanism delivers consistent high accuracy printing with no effects from stencil droop. Also drastically cuts the setup time since no offset entry is needed during back and forth printing movement.

Filling adjust

Handy function corrects solder fill amount for the PCBs which have just finished cleanings and in this way cuts down on solder print irregularities.

Ideal for large-size boards and extra-wide stencils!

Though housed in a compact body, it handles large PCBs of L510×W460mm as well as a variety of stencils sizes to boost line productivity to the max!

Auto cleaning system

This system ensures cleaning that matches work conditions after making settings such as cleaning type, speed and suction.

Cleaner fluid bottle

Cleaner fluid is easily replaceable during production from a large capacity bottle mounted on front side of machine. The fluid remaining in the bottle can be easily checked at a glance.


YAMAHA YCP10 dimensionsYAMAHA YCP10 dimensionsYAMAHA YCP10 dimensionsYAMAHA YCP10 dimensions

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To buy a used Yamaha YCP10 SMT printer from China, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Research and Identify Sellers:
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  2. Verify Seller Reputation:
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  3. Contact the Seller:
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  4. Request Detailed Information:
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  10. Documentation:
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Remember to conduct thorough due diligence, communicate clearly with the seller, and ensure that the transaction is conducted securely. It’s often beneficial to work with established and reputable sellers or brokers in the industry.

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