If you’re looking for a used Yamaha YSP printer with 2D solder paste inspection,CNSMT offering Yamaha YSP solder paste printers in good condition with good after-sale service.The ysp printer High Printing Performance, Repetitive Alignment Accuracy ,Printing Stability Control Function, Variable Printing Squeegee Angle ,Supports Printing Range for Ultra-Long Substrates up to L600mm


  • High Printing Performance
  • Repetitive Alignment Accuracy
  • Printing Stability Control Function.
  •  Variable Printing Squeegee Angle
  • Supports Printing Range for Ultra-Long Substrates up to L600mm

YAMAHA Printing Machine YSP Equipment Parameters:
PCB size: length 510 x width 460mm~length 50 x width 50mm
The printing range can reach up to 600mm, corresponding to a PCB with a maximum length of 610mm
Printing head group: 3S scraper head group (i.e. rotating separate scraper)
Printing accuracy: Printing accuracy (3 σ):+/- 0.025mm
Reset Precision (3 σ):+/- 0.005mm
Printing speed: 11.0 seconds (best condition)
Printing steel plate size: length 750 x width 750mm
Length 736 x width 736mm
750 length x 650mm width
Length 650 x width 550mm
Length 600 x width 550mm
Length 600 x width 650mm
PCB size: length 510 x width 460mm
510 length x 460mm width
510 length x 350mm width
330 x long
Width 250mm
330 length x 250mm width
330 x long
Width 250mm
Power supply: 3-phase AC 200/2018/220/240/380/400/416 V+/-10% 50/60Hz
Compressed air volume: Dry and clean air above 0.45MPa
Appearance dimensions: length 1640 x width 1640 x height 1400mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight: approximately 1600kg

High printing performance
Repetitive alignment accuracy
Printing stability control function
Variable printing angle of attack
Can support printing range of L600mm ultra long substrate

CNSMT, as your long-term partner, offers high-quality used Yamaha YSP solder paste printers and comprehensive SMT production line services. We are committed to providing competitively priced equipment with guaranteed quality and boast a professional after-sales service team to ensure your peace of mind throughout the usage.

Our Advantages:

  1. Competitive Prices: We provide Yamaha YSP solder paste printers at highly competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your equipment procurement.
  2. Quality Assurance: Every piece of equipment undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it is in optimal working condition upon delivery. We understand the critical importance of stability and reliability in the SMT industry.
  3. Professional After-Sales Service: Our after-sales service team consists of experienced professionals ready to support you. Whether you encounter issues during equipment use or require maintenance, we provide timely solutions.
  4. Comprehensive SMT Production Line Service: In addition to Yamaha YSP solder paste printers, we offer a complete range of SMT production line services. This includes pick-and-place machines, reflow soldering, wave soldering, conveyors, and board handling equipment to meet various needs in your production line.

About Used Yamaha YSP Solder Paste Printers:

Yamaha YSP solder paste printers are renowned for their high printing performance, repetitive alignment accuracy, and printing stability control function. Our used equipment undergoes strict testing and maintenance to ensure stable performance that meets your production requirements.

About SMT Production Line Services:

We not only provide individual equipment but also offer a full suite of SMT production line services, including:

  • Pick-and-Place Machines: Efficient and precise machines for placing various components.
  • Reflow Soldering: High-efficiency reflow soldering equipment to ensure solder joint quality.
  • Wave Soldering: Suitable for specific soldering processes, ensuring strong solder connections.
  • Conveyors: Flexible connections between production line segments to enhance efficiency.
  • Board Handling Equipment: Handles various PCB sizes, ensuring smooth production processes.


Choosing CNSMT, you gain access to high-quality equipment and comprehensive services. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and contributing to the success of your SMT production line.

For any further inquiries or detailed equipment information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing CNSMT, and we look forward to providing excellent service!

RFQ Guide for Yamaha YSP Solder Paste Printer:

**1. Introduction:

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  • Specify the purpose of the RFQ.

**2. Product Specifications:

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    • PCB Size Compatibility: (Specify dimensions)
    • Printing Accuracy: (e.g., +/- 0.025mm)
    • Printing Speed: (e.g., 11.0 seconds)
    • Solder Paste Inspection: 2D or other specifications
    • Any specific features required (e.g., Variable Printing Squeegee Angle)

**3. Quantity:

  • Indicate the quantity of Yamaha YSP solder paste printers you are looking to purchase.

**4. Delivery Requirements:

  • Specify the desired delivery date.
  • Include the preferred shipping method and destination.

**5. Quality Assurance:

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  • Inquire about warranty and after-sale service.

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  • Inquire about training services if needed.

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