Samsung Sm Feeder Calibration Jig

Samsung Sm Feeder Calibration Jig

When it comes to feeder calibration jigs, Samsung is one of the makers that will not disappoint you. 

CNSMT carries Samsung sm feeder calibration jig to support SMT Samsung feeders in improving common problems like:


  • Deviation in feeder positioning
  • High or improper deposit rate
  • High defective rate
  • Inefficient production rate

With the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig, you know that you are backed up with a smart machine that will allow you to conveniently get your feeders working faster with high accuracy. 


Samsung Sm Feeder Calibration Jig

  • Simple and user friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Equipped with high quality gears to ensure proper stability and position for a more improved work efficiency. 
  • Can easily measure picking position and detect proper height and with accurate detection. 
  • Can perfectly analyze the situation. 
  • Equipped with 12 inches LED display monitor
  • LED lamp
  • 50 x magnification
  • CCD camera
  • Compact body

The Samsung sm feeder calibration jig is indeed a very reliable device to ensure the feeders are properly placed and efficiently working. And since it is very easy to operate, and equipped with the best technology to monitor feeders, you can expect continuous work flow with the highest productivity rate. 


  • X/Z/Y adjustment
  • Adjustable camera for better axis monitoring
  • Equipped with 220 V power supply
  • Cross scale cursor
  • Equipped with both automatic and stepping functionality
  • Bright LED display that is easy to the eyes to reduce eye fatigue
  • High and efficient feeder control
  • Feeder control belts: 
  • 8 * 2 mm
  • 12 * 4mm
  • 16 * 8mm
  • 24 * 8mm
  • Can work with different types of feeders such as:
  • FUJI CP6
  • SONY
  • JUKI

To know more about the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig, we have listed some of the most commonly asked questions by our past customers regarding this machine. Please see below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig? 

Answer: The price of the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig is already listed in our products page. The price listed is the price at the moment, but we are always open to negation. 

We also give discounts if you are going to order more than one machine, or if you are also going to order other machines that goes with the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig. 

We carry almost all types of SMT machines needed by most SMT companies. Please check it out. 

Question: I read that you are offering both new and used machines for the SMT assembly. Do you also offer it to the feeder calibration jig?

Answer: Yes, we do! We offer both new and used for almost any type of SMT machines that we carry. 

If you are interested with our used Samsung sm feeder calibration jig, please contact us directly so that we can show you the stocks that we have in our warehouse. 

Also, when it comes to our used Samsung sm feeder calibration jigs, the quality of the machines is highly dependable and as efficient as the new ones. You will only see some signs of usage but the quality of work is never compromised. 

You will be able to enjoy the machine at a fraction of a cost. 

Question: Does this machine come with an English manual? 

Answer: Yes, all of our SMT machines including this Samsung sm feeder calibration jig comes with an English manual. We can also provide a video tutorial of it so you can see how it works. 

Question: Is this readily available in your warehouse? I would like to check it first personally. 

Answer: Yes, we have some Samsung sm feeder calibration jigs in stock in our warehouse at the moment. If you are able to visit us personally, we will be more than glad to do a demo of the machine so you can see how it works in actual. 

Our team of professional engineers will be there to assist you.

Question: If I place an order for this machine today, when can I expect to get it if I am overseas? 

Answer: When you are ready to place an order for the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig today, we will just need one day to make the final quality check before we pack it and hand it over to our shipping partner. 

For overseas orders, we ship via sea or air. The number of days for shipping will depend on your preferred shipping way. Normally, shipping can take 10 to 15 working days. Please contact us directly with your exact shipping address so that we can give you a more accurate answer. 

Question: Will you require a down payment if I want to place an order for the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig?

Answer: Yes, upon confirming your order, we will require a down payment of 30%. The balance is payable when your machine is ready to be shipped. 

Please take note that after confirming your order, we might need a day to do a quality check. Or if the machine is out of stock, and will require us to replenish from our supplier, we might require more than one day. 

Contact us directly to know if we have the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig in stock at the time you want to order it. 

Question: Is it really important to have a feeder calibration jig? 

Answer: Companies who wants to ensure increased production without barriers that can happen due to defects and errors, investing in a good feeder calibration jig like what Samsung has to offer is vital. 

The Samsung sm feeder calibration jig will ensure that feeders will always work efficiently without any miss. Doing this will give you the peace of mind that there won’t be any wastage or what’s worst is – there won’t be any damages with your machines. 

These are the different questions raised by our past customers when it comes to the Samsung sm feeder calibration jig. If you need further information, contact us back. 


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