Your Best Samsung Feeder Supplier in China

CNSMT is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have over 10 years of experience in the SMT feeder field. not only provide you China-made Samsung/Hanwha FEEDER, but also Original Samsung feeders. we always provide the best quality and competitive price for you, if you are looking for or ready to buy any models of SMT Samsung/Hanwha feeders, just contact us immediately.

  • SMT Samsung feeder manufacturer
  • High-quality Samsung/Hanwa feeder
  • Calibrate well before shipment.
  • Ship to worldwide
  • Perfect after-sale service
SUMSUNG/HanwhaSM Stick Feeder
SUMSUNG/HanwhaCP Stick Feeder
SUMSUNG/HanwhaIC Tray Feeder

SM411/SM421/SM471/SM481/SM482/SM321/SM320  SAMSUNG /HANWA FEEDER


We have all different models of Samsung feeders in stock, we can delivery to you within 3-5 days

Your Best Samsung Feeder From China

Get Your Samsung/Hanwha Feeder From The Best Supplier In China!


Here at CNSMT, we offer different kinds of feeders, and one of the most in demand feeders in the market is the Samsung/Hanwha feeder.


Our company is dedicated in bringing you high quality, accurate, and dependable Samsung/Hanwha feeders when you need it!


Our one stop-shop for all SMT needs is ready to serve you and assist you.


Samsung/Hanwha feeders is one of the most in demand feeders in the market today, and CNSMT takes pride in offering a wide variety of Samsung/Hanwha feeders to match almost any kind of requirement that you have in your SMT line of production.


This is why many companies around the world trusts CNSMT as the main supplier of Samsung/Hanwha feeders because we do not only offer a wide variety when it comes to size, but we also offer new, used, and premium copy of it.


Here at CNSMT, our Samsung/Hanwha feeders is known for its great quality, precision, accuracy and durability.


We always do complete inspection and calibration in every order placed for the Samsung/Hanwha feeder, to make sure that it will reach you with the quality that you expect.


If you are looking to purchase Samsung/Hanwha feeders, look no further because you will be able to learn more about the feeders here and how to purchase it.

We can ship Samsung/Hanwha feeders locally and internationally right at your very door step.

We will process everything for you, so all you need is wait for your orders to arrive.


In the meantime, learn more about our Samsung/Hanwha feeders here, so you can make a better and wise buying decision.



Get Your Samsung/Hanwha Feeders From The Trusted Supplier!


Here at CNSMT we have focused on being the best provider of Samsung/Hanwha Feeders in China.

For more than 10 solid years, CNSMT takes pride in being a reliable, trustworthy and flexible supplier of the Samsung/Hanwha Feeder not only in China, but around the world.


We can handle big or small orders and deliver it to you in the fastest time possible and at the safest way.

We can deliver door to door, from port to door, port to port, and more!

We are very flexible when it comes to shipping, and we would always find ways in order to meet our customers’ demands and requirements.


Whether you want to ship it here in China or anywhere around the world, CNSMT can deliver your Samsung/Hanwha Feeders fast and in excellent condition.


We also take pride with the long-term partnership that we have with our shipping partners, giving us the advantage of getting the best shipping quote for your orders.


CNSMT is not just a leader but an expert when it comes to Samsung/Hanwha Feeders and all kinds of SMT line of equipment.

You can always rely on us when it comes to your orders and you can trust us that we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.


How To Place An Order

If you are ready to place an order for your Samsung/Hanwha feeders, here is what you need to send us:


  • Complete Name
  • Shipping address
  • Samsung/Hanwhafeeder details (Size and qty)


Once we receive this information, we will send you a quotation for your order.


We also provide shipping options with an estimated price for each.


If you are okay with everything, then we confirm your order and we will await your payment.





Why Choose CNSMT as your Samsung/Hanwha Feeder Supplier?

CNSMT is your best choice when it comes to Samsung/Hanwha Feeders. And here are the reasons why:

  • We have been in the business for more than 10 years; thus, we have shipping partners who have been with us since day 1. That being said, our shipping partners have already given us the privilege to get the BEST RATES that will give you the cheapest shipping cost.
  • We can ship from any port in China, which gives more options for international orders.
  • We can provide help in processing paper works of your shipment.
  • We have an outstanding track record when it comes to our shipments in both local and international destinations.
  • We have a showroom that you may visit so that you can check the Samsung/HanwhaFeeders personally and see how it works. Our expert engineers and highly trained staff can assist you, so you can make the best buying decision.


Let us know how you want your Samsung/Hanwha Feeders to be delivered. Contact us with your requirements!


Lead Time For Shipping

Many of our customers have been asking us about the lead time for Samsung/Hanwha Feeder orders.

To answer your question in general, our lead time is less than 10 working days from the time you have place your order.

However, more days may be required depending on your actual shipping address. Other factors that may change our normal lead time for shipping would be your actual orders.

To get a more accurate answer for the lead time, we would like to request that you send us a detailed information about your orders and the actual shipping address. From here, we would be able to give you an accurate lead time and a quote for the shipping rate.


Getting You Samsung/Hanwha Feeders From China


One of the many reasons why most SMT companies around the world trusts CNSMT when it comes to their Samsung/Hanwha Feeders and other SMT equipment is that we also provide complete assistance when it comes to export documents that requires heavy understanding of the matter.


Here at CNSMT, we will help you with all of the paper works that is required so that you can be rest assured that your orders will reach you on time and in tip top condition.


Whether you are looking for proper documentation for sea, air, water or land shipping, we can definitely help you out.


We suggest that you coordinate your requirements with us with an ample time allowance, to make sure that your orders will reach you at the fastest time possible.


What Are The Best Ways For Shipping Samsung/Hanwha Feeders Abroad?


If you are looking for the best & possible ways to ship your Samsung/Hanwha Feeders from China, you have to understand that there will be some factors that you will always have to consider.


For international orders, we only have two options for shipping; Sea and Air.


These two options for international shipping are the most viable ways to get your orders to you fast and safe.


But these two options should be carefully considered too, depending on some factors like:


  • The component & nature of the item that you want to be shipped out. Ideally, Samsung/Hanwhafeeders can be shipped either of the two ways.


However, depending on the bulk of your order, you might want to choose sea shipping to save on cost.


  • Lead time is another factor that you might want to consider. If you are looking to get your orders fast, air shipping is the best way to go.


Regardless of the type of shipping you choose, CNSMT will make sure that you will receive your Samsung/Hanwha feeders at the fastest time possible.


We will make arrangements with our international delivery partners so that once your orders reach the port, a land shipping will be arranged for you to receive your orders right at the door step.


What Are the Types of Samsung/Hanwha Feeders Do We Offer?


CNSMT takes pride in the wide variety of Samsung/Hanwha Feeders that we can offer. We can offer both new and used, in order to give options to our consumers.

Aside from new and used, we can also provide original Samsung/Hanwha feeders, as well as a premium copy of the original which works exactly as the original, but in a lesser price.


We also make sure to calibrate all of our Samsung/Hanwha feeders before shipping to make sure that all will work properly when it reaches you.

We also ensure that your Samsung/Hanwha feeders are well packed with protective wraps to prevent damages during transit.

Our Samsung/Hanwha feeders are available from 8mm to 88mm. Just let us know what your requirements are, so that we can give you a proper quote for your order.


If you want to know more about the different specifications of our Samsung/Hanwha Feeders, you may go ahead and check out this link


If you do not see the exact specification that you are looking for from the link above, feel free to message us so that we can help you further.

feeder trolley

We Value Your Money, So We Focus on Quality


One of the most important things we focus on when it comes to our business is we focus on QUALITY.

Here at CNSMT, we build long term business relationships with all of our clients and our way to do that is to always keep them satisfied.

We value your hard-earned money so we always make sure that all of your orders will reach you with quality that will go beyond your expectations.

For instance, if you will purchase Samsung/Hanwha Feeders from us, we make sure to offer a transparent transaction where we show you the quality of our feeders and the status. Since we offer used and new, as well as original and copy, we will make sure that you know the difference of each before you confirm your orders with us.


We will also provide you with an accurate quotation where there will be no hidden charges along the way. That way, you won’t be surprised with unknown charges.


Proper inspections are also given to your orders before we hand them over to our shipping partner. We will make sure that your orders are packed properly with your preferred packaging to ensure safety during transit.


We are one of the SMT suppliers that can ship your orders fast!

We have a systematic warehouse that can accommodate multiple orders daily, and can finish the process of taking the order, confirming the order, and shipping out the order as fast as possible.


Our Guarantee


We Value Quality –  we make sure that your orders with us are safe from the time it leaves our warehouse from the time it reaches you.

We make sure to do proper quality check and we deal with only the best shipping partners that will also take good care of your orders once it leaves our warehouse.


Warranty – we always make sure to provide a warranty for your peace of mind.

Should any untoward event happen to your orders, a proper investigation will be done to check what really happened with your order.

If the fault was proven to be from our side or the shipper’s side, then we will be more than glad to replace your order at our own cost.


We are always committed to working really hard to keep our customers happy and satisfied.


That is why we go the extra mile to make sure that you will get what you deserve when placing your orders from us.



Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung/Hanwha Feeders


Question: Can you tell me more about your Samsung/Hanwha feeders and how to place an order?

Answer: To place an order for Samsung/Hanwha feeders, send us the following information:


  • Model of your Samsung/HanwhaFeeder
  • Quantity
  • Shipping Address
  • Name


Once we have the following information, we will be sending you a quote for your order, together with the different options you have for shipping and the cost. If you are okay with everything, you may proceed to payment. After payment, we will be processing your orders by doing the quality check and calibration and arrange the shipment with our shipping partners.


Question: What are your payment options?

Answer: For payments, we accept major credit cards, telegraphic transfers, or paypal.


Question: Do you require a down payment?

Answer: If your order is already available for shipping, we require full payment upon order confirmation. For bulk orders, we require 30% deposit and the balance should be payable once we have finished doing the quality check for your orders and when it is already ready for shipping.


Question: How sure am I that I will be receiving my orders once payment is made?

Answer: CNSMT has been in the business for more than 10 years already. That being said, we have already built a strong business relationship with a lot of SMT companies around the world, that can attest to our credibility as an SMT supplier in China. Let us know if you need such proof before you place an order.


Question: Do you offer replacement parts for the Samsung/Hanwha feeders?

Answer: Yes, we do! Message us and let us know the exact spare part that you need so that we can check it from our stocks.

Question: I require a very specific size for my feeder and I am not sure if you have it. Can you help me?

Answer: Let us know your specific requirements and we will see if this is something that we have. Otherwise, we can check our suppliers so that we can further help you with your needs.


Question: I just need to place a small order for the Samsung/Hanwha feeders. Do you require a minimum order?

Answer: We do not have a minimum order here at CNSMT. Just let us know the exact quantity that you need, as well as the size of your feeder, so that we can process your order. Please include your name and the shipping details of your order, so that we can provide you with a complete quotation for your order.


Question: I need help in operating the Samsung/Hanwha Feeders. Can you help me?

Answer: If you have placed your orders from us for your Samsung/Hanwha feeders or if you are planning to place an order from us, we will be more than glad to assist you in operating the Samsung/Hanwha feeders. Actually, if this is your first time to use the feeders, we can do an online demo of it first, so you can see how it works in actual. Otherwise, you are free to visit our warehouse and our professional staff and engineers will be more than happy to assist you.


Question: I read about your Samsung/Hanwha Feeder copy. Can you tell me more about the quality of this versus the original one?

Answer: Many SMT companies around the world have already purchased our Samsung/Hanwha feeder copy. They prefer this type for it can greatly reduce the cost of your purchase but will still serve its purpose as how the original one would do. We have invested so much in developing SMT feeder copies to ensure quality and dependability. The only difference between the copy and the original is the packaging for the original feeders comes with its original packaging from Samsung/Hanwha.


If you are still in doubt, you can always message us so that we can offer a video conference call for us to show you how the original and the copy looks like in actual.


Question: Do you also have Samsung/Hanwha feeder carts?

Answer: Yes, we do! We have almost every SMT machine, equipment, spare parts and more in store. We also carry SMT machines from well known brands. Let us know the type of feeder cart that you need, so that we can check it from our warehouse.


Question: Where is your warehouse located?

Answer: Our warehouse is located at the beautiful city of Shenzhen here in China. If you are planning to visit our warehouse, we encourage you to send us a message first, so that we can make sure that our professional team of engineers will be ready to assist you when you come here.


Question: I do not see the exact Samsung/Hanwha feeder size that I need from the list in your website. Can you help me on this?

Answer: CNSMT takes pride in building great business relationships with our clients but with our co-suppliers as well. We have strong alliances from the co factories here in China and in abroad, and we can help you find the right feeder that you need at the best price. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find it for you.


Question: Do you also sell used Samsung/Hanwha Feeders?

Answer: Yes, we do! We sell new, used and copy type of Samsung/Hanwha Feeders. Let us know what you need so that we can go ahead and check it out for you.


Our used Samsung/Hanwha feeders are highly dependable and durable, as we always make sure to calibrate them prior to packing, so that you will get what you need. We also offer a warranty on used feeders to give you the peace of mind for your orders.

Question: Do you offer after sales customer support in case we need it?

Answer: Yes, we do! In fact, we have a very good track record when it comes to our after-sales customer service. It is one of the services we offer that our customers like the most. Feel free to message us anytime you need support after placing your orders from us.


Question: Does the Samsung/Hanwha feeder come with an English manual?

Answer: Yes, it does. Also, in the event you need further support, we have English speaking customer service representatives who can help you out, as well as English video tutorials. Just let us know what you need.






These are the different questions asked by our customers before placing and order from us. If you cannot find the information that you need from the information above, you may always contact us via phone, email or just send us your question from our contact form inside the website. Our friendly customer service representatives will be answering it within 24 hours.


Here at CNSMT, we assure you that quality and great customer service will be given to you. Order your Samsung/Hanwha feeders now and we assure you that you will not be looking for another SMT supplier anymore in the future.


Contact us now!

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,




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