Panasonic12/16mm feeder KXFW1KS6A00

Revolve your SMT feeder supplier problem

CNSMT is a company that has been operating for over 15 years. We have extensive operations in SMT equipment and SMT peripherals. We sell products from multiple brands such as Yamaha, Fuji, Philips, Samsung, and more.About SMT machine and pneumatic feeder,electric feeder.

Panasonic12/16mm feeder KXFW1KS6A00


Part.NoPanasonic CM/NPM 12/16mm feeder
P/N12/16mm feeder

Panasonic CN/NPM 12/16mm feeder advantage:

1.Panasonic CN402/CN602/NPM 12mm and 16mm are universal, eliminating the need to purchase 12mm and 16mm feeder separately, saving costs

2.Exclusive tape reservoir design provides visual warning when 80% full
3. Individual pitch LCD display for each track reduces setup time
4. Lifetime lubrication gear train technology eliminates routine maintenance
5. Sensors automatically tune position, eliminating routine calibration
6. Stepper motors deliver fast, repeatable performance over 500 million cycles
7. Precise tolerances and seals; easy-access egress port prevents jamming

8.On-board diagnostics, user-serviceable modular design
9. Technology common with SSF, MP, iON – Proven design, common parts
10. 1-year comprehensive warranty, worldwide support infrastructure


NPM-DX Leading-edge, High Volume Placer


The NPM-DX is Panasonic’s next generation of X-Series mounting production concept for Smart manufacturing. The NPM-DX boasts a stable operation based on the autonomic function, Autonomous Line Control, allowing for APC system and automatic recovery option.

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