Your Best Panasonic NPM Feeder Calibration Jig

This Panasonic NPM Feeder Calibration Jig is a special device used to confirm and check the Panasonic feeder interval position (adsorption position) of the belt  (FEEDER) and make adjustments.

This Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig uses a CCD camera and a high magnification magnifying glass to observe the feeding condition, gear wear condition and the correction of the original point offset of the feeding motor through the display, reducing the throwing problem caused by the defective material rack, and it is very good for improving the placement yield. help.

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  • Good Quality
  • Used for SMT panasonic pick and place machine.
  • High precision for panasonic feeder
  • Lead time 1-2days.

Name: Panasonic NPM Feeder Calibration Jig

Part number;NM-EJW2A

Application:SMT Panasonic assembly machine

Exporter: CNSMT

1. The structure of the whole machine is simplified, the operation is simple, and the function is optimized. And adopt high-precision 0-clearance guide rail to ensure position stability,

2. Accurate detection. The position, height, and height of the pressing rod can be accurately measured. Can better grasp the quality status.

3. It is easy to operate, and can simulate the placement machine, automatically and continuously observe the picking position, can more clearly grasp the continuous running quality of FEEDER, so as to more effectively control the throwing rate.

4. Functions and features: ①Accurate XY axis adjustment; ②Directly adjustable axis camera; ③Built-in 220V DC power supply; ④Black and white cross reference cursor; ⑤Auto and step function; ⑥Super bright LED display; ⑦ Precise feeder control fixture; ⑧ Precise 8*2mm/12*4mm/16*8mm and 24*8mm feeder control belt

Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig


The Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig is what you need to ensure proper feeders are used in your SMT assembly every single time. 

The Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig will make sure that feeders are efficient in the line because proper feeders will help increase production yield and will improve your SMT assembly line’s production by eliminating wastage and damages. 

This feeder calibration jig is good in detection of instrument and has a stable performance. It works effectively in feeder calibration and investing on it is going to be a very wise decision for your SMT company. 


  • Precise and accurate X and Y axis adjustment
  • Adjustable axis camera
  • Power supply: 110 V / 220 V / 24 V DC
  • Cross reference cursor (black and white)
  • Equipped with an automatic step function
  • Bright LED display
  • Accurate and precise feeder fixtures
  • Jig tape set: 
  • 8 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 24 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 44 mm
  • 56 mm
  • Applicable to:

We also provide you bellow SMT Panasonic feeders in stock:

PANASONIC FEEDERN610117446AE 4mm with sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERN610136725AA 8mm 0201
PANASONIC FEEDERN610136726AA 8mm 0201
PANASONIC FEEDERN610031080AA 8mm 0201
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSBA00 8mm without sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KS6A00 12mm 16mm with sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSCA00 12mm 16mm without sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KS7A00 24mm 32mm with sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSDA00 24mm 32mm without sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERN610004577AA N610133537AA 24mm 32mm deep pocket
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KS8A00 44mm 56mm with sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSEA00 44mm 56mm without sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1L0YA00 N610133539AA 44mm 56mm deep pocket
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KS9A00 72mm with sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSFA00 72mm without sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1L0ZA00 72mm deep pocket
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KS10A00 88mm with sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSEA00 88mm without sensor
PANASONIC FEEDERKXFW1KSRA00 N610005073AA Vibration feeder

We also carry different spare parts of the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig and other SMT parts that you will be needing in your SMT line of assembly. 

What We Can Offer

When you place an order for the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig, we can offer you the following after sales services:

  • 24/7 technical support service via email – we will be able to reply within 24 hours after receiving the email. If you need a quick response, please call our customer support service. 
  • One year warranty – all of the machines ordered from us comes with a warranty. The warranty details are included in your order confirmation. We can offer free parts, free services and more within the warranty period. 
  • Free technical software updates – to upgrade your machine’s software, we offer free upgrades whenever applicable. We will notify you via email when the upgrade is already available. 
  • Technical training – If this is your first time to use the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig, we can offer technical training. Trainings can be done personally if you can visit our warehouse here in Shenzhen China. If not, we can offer video training via live video calls or pre-recorded. 

Why Choose CNSMT?

If you are planning to purchase your very own Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig, CNSMT is one of the best suppliers in Shenzhen China that you can trust. 

We offer great customer service before and after sales and we can give you the best price for all of your orders. 

Also, we can deliver your Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig in the fastest possible time for we have different shipping partners all over the world who can deliver your orders fast and safe right next to your doorstep. 

To know more about the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig that we offer, please check out the commonly asked questions by our past customers below for you to have a better and more guided buying decision. 

Panasonic Pick And Place Machine2

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How soon can you deliver the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig that I want to order? 

Answer: If you are ready to place an order for the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig, kindly send us the following details for us to confirm your order:

  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Quantity of order
  • Shipping type: Air, Sea, Land

Once we receive the details, we will reply with a quote for you to see the exact amount that you have to pay. We will also include the necessary information that you need to know like the coverage of your warranty and so on. 

Send us a reply with your confirmation. 

Once we receive your reply, we will send you an invoice and we will await your payment. 

Once payment is received, we will do the final quality check on your machine and pack it according to your preferred packing option. 

We pack machines in a wooden crate or hard cardboard box with proper protection linings to prevent dents or damages during shipping. 

Transit time may take 10 to 15 working days depending on your exact location. We will include this information in our email once we receive your exact shipping location. 

Question: Can I get a discount if I place an order for the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig together with a different machine / equipment? 

Answer: Yes, your orders will be discounted regardless if you mix different types of machines or equipment. We are very much open to negotiation. 

Question: May I know if you offer technical support in case we will be needing it after purchase? 

Answer: Yes. We can always offer technical support if you need it in the future. We can also provide free software upgrade as well as offer you discounted prices for spare parts should you require it in the future. 

Question: Is there a way for me to see how the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig work first before ordering? 

Answer: Yes. You may visit our warehouse if you wish to see a demo of the machine, conducted by our professional engineers. For overseas customers, you may request for a live video call. We can always arrange that for you before you decide to make a purchase. 

Question: Is the Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig easy to operate? Or do I need to send my operator to a special training for that? 

Answer: The Panasonic Feeder Calibration Jig is fairly easy to use with its straightforward functionalities. Normally, you don’t really need a special training for you to operate this. 

The Panasonic Feeder Calibration also comes with an English manual to guide you. Otherwise, we can always offer technical support. 


These are the most commonly asked questions we received from our past customers. If you don’t see the information that you need, you can always contact us directly, so that we can answer it for you. 

Here at CNSMT, we guarantee you that you are always going to be in good hands when it comes to all of your SMT machine and equipment needs. 

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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