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  • 8MM-88MM Available
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Part Name: Panasonic Feeder

Application: Panasonic Pick and place machine, Panasonic surface mounting machine, Panasonic  chip mounter



Panasonic Feeder Unit – The Ultimate FAQ Guide:


This guide will help you choose the right Panasonic Feeder Unit for your needs.

It covers everything you want to know about the design, working, types, performance, cost, and other important aspects of a Panasonic feeder unit.

So before you purchase a Panasonic Feeder unit, it’s better to read this guide.


1.     What are the Panasonic Feeder Units?

A Panasonic feeder unit or SMT feeder unit works as a tool that is used with SMT Panasonic pick and place machines.

These tools are used for mounting products and other items available in the market.

Other than Panasonic, CNSMT also provides you many other brands of  SMT feeder tools.

This can include brands like:

  • Yamaha feeder
  • Simens feeder
  • Sony feeder
  • Philips feeder
  • Mirea feeder
  • Juki feeder
  • Samsung feeder
  • Fuji feeder, etc.

In addition, different types of pick and place machines perform well with different types and design of feeder units.

That is why there are plenty of feeder unit options available in the market.

It is very important to understand each of the type and its usage so that you can invest in the right Panasonic feeder unit that fulfills your work needs.


2.     How do the Panasonic Feeder Unit Reconditioning Solutions Offered by Panasonic Work?

The Panasonic feeder unit reconditioning solution by Panasonic is suitable to maximize feeder usage productivity.

This program helps to inspect, clean, lubricate, and calibrate the Panasonic feeders.

After this reconditioning of the Panasonic feeder, it comes back to its optimal operating capacity.

This can be termed as the maintenance of the feeder that brings it back to its new-like performance.

Once the Panasonic feeder unit is back to its new-like performance, it is set to serve more efficiently for a longer time.

This reconditioning solution by Panasonic altogether helps the feeder unit to last longer than its competitor brands.

3.     The Benefits of Panasonic’s Feeder Unit Reconditioning Solutions:

Usage of feeder unit reconditioning solution by Panasonic can help boost its productivity.

This helps to make the feeder unit 100% operational.

With a 100%operational feeder unit, you gain the benefits of increased throughput and reduced costs.

These two major benefits can be categorized in detailed benefits as:

Increased Throughput:

  • Maximizing the full performance of the Panasonic feeder unit slots. This also avoids issues like machine stoppage.
  • Smooth working of the Panasonic feeder unit that lets you avail of an off-line setup. This reduces the changeover time.
  • Availability of more pickup rates in lesser cycles.

Reduced Costs:

  • You don’t have to pay for scraps due to the increased pickup rate.
  • No need to stock feeder unit parts of purchase devices for their maintenance.

Once you avail of all these benefits with your 100% operational and durable Panasonic feeder unit, you get assured reliability and increased productivity throughout your work.

Hence, the Panasonic feeder lasts as a longer and more efficient model.


4.     What are the Different Panasonic Feeder Types?

When it comes to the types of feeder units, there are only two major types.

This includes:

  • Electrical Panasonic feeder units
  • Mechanical Panasonic feeder units

Both these types of feeder units work effectively with different types of Panasonic pick and place machines.

In addition, both electrical and mechanical Panasonic feeder units can be used in different criteria, depending upon your expertise and need.

If you are not familiar with using a feeder unit previously, please contact us online, we will introduce you to the right model of Panasonic feeder for you, Normally an electrical Panasonic feeder unit is easier to setup and operate.

But when it comes to mechanical Panasonic feeder units, these are more suitable for professionals that are ready to handle their technical working and maintenance needs.

5.     What are Panasonic Feeder Units Made Up Of?

Commonly, there are two different types of Panasonic feeder unit manufacturing materials.

This includes Panasonic aluminum feeder units and copper Panasonic feeder units.

Both these types of Panasonic feeder units have different properties, reliability criteria, and usage requirements.

Depending upon the machine’s usage and performance, you can choose the right type of Panasonic feeder unit.


6.     What are the Different Types of Requirements that Determine the Panasonic Feeder Unit Variants?


When you determine the different Panasonic feeder unit variants, it’s important to understand some requirements that can cater according to your unit variants needs for the in-feed of BD2.

These requirements include:

  • Feeder unit for start or end
  • Feeder unit for the center
  • Feeder unit for distribution board
  • Feeder unit for the end, along with a switch disconnector
  • Feeder unit variants have multiple cable entries, including from sides 1, 2, or 3.

Once you understand and follow this basic structure idea and requirements of a Panasonic feeder unit, it can be easier for you to understand the working of a feeder unit.

With different types of feeder units available, it can be easily determined that all have several similarities at the end. So this guide can be useful to understand almost all types of feeder units.

7.     Feature Guide of a Panasonic Feeder Unit:


To understand the different features of a Panasonic feeder unit, you can follow this guide.

  • The front face of the feeder unit introduces the cables.
  • For a single core cable entry, the feeder unit consists of an aluminum cable entry plate.
  • It includes bolts for the supply. These bolts offer cable connection.
  • There is a factory-fitted jumper available in the feeder unit. It is located between the PE and N and can be removed if you need a five-core cable connection.
  • There is no need for a joint block to supply the feeder unit.
  • A feeder unit doesn’t include junction or directly mountable units.

panasonic-feeder-loading-jig8.     How is the Panasonic Feeder’s Performance Better?

Panasonic has been serving its customers for years and its products are highly reliable.

The company guarantees high-quality manufacturing, responsive customer service, and longer-lasting performance with its Panasonic feeder units.

You also get a maintenance warranty with Panasonic’s feeder units.

The outcome of Panasonic feeder units has been remarkable, making their place in many technical workshops.

Panasonic’s manufactured feeder units serve as a more durable tool, saving plenty of maintenance time and cost.

As a result, Panasonic feeder units are one of the best serving ones among other brands.

That is why many professionals and brands also consider the usage of Panasonic feeder units to manage their tasks with the help of different pick and place machines.

9.     Is a Panasonic Feeder Unit Reliable?

Yes, Our Panasonic feeder unit is highly reliable as it is built with precision quality standards.

This reliable manufacturing makes the Panasonic feeder unit a more efficient tool for usage with different types of pick and place machines.

In this way, when you combine a Panasonic feeder unit with the right pick and place machine, you can avail of a suitable working experience that can improve the business pace.

Other than that, the different types and designs of the Panasonic feeder unit also guarantee that you can use them with the right machine collaboration, without worrying about unwanted outcomes.

So you can easily rely on Panasonic feeder units while operating a pic and place machine for all your tasks.

smt panasonic pick and place machine

10.Is the Panasonic Feeder Unit Easy to Install and Operate?

It is very easy to understand the operating and installing of a Panasonic feeder unit.

However, if you haven’t previously used a Panasonic feeder unit, you can look up feeder calibration jigs.

These jigs can help you understand the usage of different types of Panasonic feeder units.

For example:

By seeking help with a detailed and accurate Panasonic feeder unit calibration jig, you can better understand it’s operation.

This can save you from facing any kind of complications.

11.Difference Between Electric Panasonic Feeder Unit and Mechanical Panasonic Feeder Unit:

When you choose between the types of Panasonic feeder units, you need to understand the working of both electric and mechanical feeder units.

The Difference:

Here, the electric feeder unit serves as a more stable and effective component for the Panasonic pick and place machine.

It is because Panasonic electric feeder units are easier to manage and use, offering you a hassle-free operation.

Now the Panasonic mechanic feeder units are also reliable, but they need frequent maintenance.

For these Panasonic feeder units, you need to frequently replace some of the feeder’s consumable parts monthly.

Hence, you need to first learn the repairing and maintenance method of mechanic feeder units.

12.Method of Using a CM Feeder Finger Combined with a Panasonic Feeder Unit:

The usage of a CM feeder finger combined with the Panasonic feeder unit allows you to add patented features and benefits.

These features and benefits include an increase in the feeder’s production capacity by 150%. This also reduces the need for feeder setup and change over time.

Here, you can use either 3-inch short tape strips or a full reel.

All you have to do is push the tape slightly in the feeder, then place it in the pick and place machine/feeder cart.

Now you can utilize the Panasonic feeder or Panasonic tape feeder easily.

13.A List of Panasonics Feeder Unit Spare Parts:

When you buy a Panasonic feeder unit, you will also need a stock of its spare parts.

This will help the feeder unit to function efficiently for a long time.

The spare parts used in a Panasonic feeder unit include:

  • Main body
  • Feeder motor
  • Feeder Spring
  • Feeder cover
  • Feeder Wheel
  • Feeder screw
  • Feeder board

14.How Many Sizes of Panasonic feeders are There?

The Panasonic feeder sizes are available in a huge variety.

This includes availability in:

  • 8*2mm
  • 8*4mm
  • 12mm
  • 16mm
  • 24mm
  • 32mm
  • 44mm
  • 56mm
  • 72mm
  • 88mm

15.What Makes a Panasonic Stick Feeder Different from Other Feeders?

The Panasonic stick feeder is also called a Vibration feeder, Used for feed tube or bulk electronic components, different from other feeders because it can easily adapt hardened metal.

This feeder can also install three tubes or five tubes together for faster and more productive usage.

Another difference is that these stick feeders are commonly known to have a lead time of 1 day.

PANASONIC-FEEDER16.Who Can Use the Panasonic Stick Feeder?

Just like any other type of Panasonic feeder unit differ in usage industries and sectors, stick feeders are also used in different areas.

Some of the most common sectors that use Panasonic stick feeder include:

  • Business organizations factory
  • Electronic factory
  • Trade corporations.

17.Can you get Customized Panasonic Feeder Units?

When you choose a manufacturer or seller of Panasonic feeder units, you will either get the option of having customized feeder units or ones available in a specific category.

For fulfilling your customization needs, you will need to look for professional and reliable sources that can take your order according to your needs.

This way, you can place an order of a Panasonic feeder unit depending on your pick and place machines requirements.

It will help you purchase the perfect feeder unit.

18.What are the Usage and Features of a Panasonic Label Feeder?

The SMT Panasonic label feeder is almost similar to a normal feeder, and it offers similar features to the present Panasonic placement machines.

The only difference is that this label feeder can peel and present the barcode label stock.

After this, the placement machines can easily pick and place the presented barcode labels from the label feeder.

The entire process is a lot easier and productive with the usage of a Panasonic label feeder.

pcb-link conveyor19.What is a Panasonic Feeder Cart?

A Panasonic feeder cart is used to place the feeder.

You can better understand these Panasonic feeder trolleys as:

  • It helps to advance feeder preparation and feeder turnover soring.
  • With the help of the SMT Panasonic feeder storage, you can avail of a smooth placement and increased productivity with the ease of keeping all the feeders stored in one place.
  • The Panasonic feeder carts are commonly used in SMT production line

20.What is the Panasonic Feeder Price?

For buying any Panasonic feeder unit, you will need to decide what type, manufacturing, design, and measurement you require.

By figuring out all these aspects, you can get a clearer Panasonic feeder price range to choose accordingly.

This price range can highly dependent upon the quality of the tool and its working efficiency/durability.

I hope you have gathered all the information you needed from this guide.

However, if you have any more queries, please feel free to contact us.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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