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(Samsung)Hanwha FEEDER is used for Hanwha SM serial pick and place machines, like  SM482,SM481,SM471,SM411,SM421,SM431,SM321 SMD assembly machine,SMN and SME are two different Hanwha feeder model, SMN is mechanic smt feeder, SME is smart electric feeder. SME and SMN both can used on SM481 AND SM471 SM482 surface mount machine

We have over 10 years of experience in the SMT production line field, have rich sources of SMT machines and spare parts, its important that we have a professional after-sale service team support your business.

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  • SMT FEEDER manufactuer.
  • Provide originlal feeder
  • All models of Samsung/Hanwha feeder.
  • Export to wordwide
  • Good after sale service.

Samsung SMN/SME feeder is used for Samsung/Hanwha SMT pick and place machines such as SM310, SM320, SM321/321S, SM421/421S, SM411, SM431, SM471, SM481, SM482, DECAN S2/F2/L2, EXCEN PRO and so on

If you have large QTY of samsung/hanwha feeder in your SMT factory, you have to need a Samsung feeder cart which can storage your feeders safely

We also supply all the Samsung feeder spare parts, if your feeder parts broken, you don’t need to change the whole feeder, just replace the small samsung feeder parts is ok


Samsung feeder
Hanwha Samsung SMT Feeders:
CMSMT offers a wide range of Hanwha Samsung SMT feeders at low prices. We supply new and old Samsung feeders with no compromise on the quality. Our engineers properly check old Samsung feeders, and all the bugs in the feeder are removed. We offer a warranty of twelve months on all the Samsung feeders. Our Hanwha Samsung feeders promise;
  • 12-month warranty.
  • High quality.
  • Wide range of variety.
  • Complete guide of mounting on the machine.
  • SMT feeder For Samsung picks and place machine.

Samsung / Hanwha SME Feeder Fingers:
It is beneficial to use SME fingers along with feeders to increase efficiency. SME feeder fingers for Samsung feeders are specially designed to labour with the SME Samsung electric feeders. These feeder fingers save time and reduce the setup period. The promising benefits of Samsung SME feeder fingers are reducing the feeder jams during working and improving the production and utilization of SME machines. Some key advantages of Samsung/ Hanwha feeder fingers are;
  • They eradicate the jams of cover tape.
  • They lessen half of the time of setup.
  • They successfully avoid slicing.
  • They are handy and can easily attach to the feeder already mounted on the machine.
  • They can lever the cut-tape of 3" / 76.5mm.
  • They can load in less than four seconds.
 Samsung/Hanwha Feeder calibration jigs:
To improve the performance and capability of SMT Samsung/ Hanwha feeders, calibration is a must. It helps to resolve the common issues and errors in the device. CNSMT will never disappoint you regarding this service. We have Samsung SMT feeder calibration jigs that remove errors and improve the operating competence of Samsung feeders. 
The Samsung calibration jigs we carry help to resolve the following issues;
  • They help to reposition the feeder after deviation.
  • They help determine inappropriate deposit rates, which are sometimes higher than expected.
  • They aid to improve the bungling production rate of Samsung feeders.
  • They improve defective rates.
Samsung feeder calibration jig has an innovative and efficient machine at its backend that helps fix the feeder at the exact position and work efficiently and faster. It is a very steadfast device having so many advantages. It is made up of the best and most reliable technology equipment that monitors feeders' performance. 
Some of the features of the Samsung feeder calibration jig that we have are;
  • It is a simple device and easy to use.
  • It is user friendly.
  • It perfectly monitors the functioning of the Samsung feeder.
  • It has a compact and smart body with effective technological equipment.
  • It consists of an LED lamp of 50x magnification to lessen eye tension.
  • It is armed with an LED display of 12 inches.
  • It efficiently checkup and monitors the position of the feeder by measuring all the dimensions.
  • By ensuring the stability and position of the feeder, the jig is equipped with gears of high quality, which help to improve the working proficiency of the Samsung feeder.
  • It comprises of CCD camera setup for monitoring of axis.
  • It is usually operated on 220V of power supply.
  • Control belts are attached with proper stepping functionality.
  • It can work well with any feeder.
What is the need for a Samsung feeder calibration jig?
Some clients ask about the importance of calibration jigs along with the feeder. Here is the answer to their queries. Corporations and companies usually face issues of defects and significant errors in their machines, and they cannot identify its cause. These errors affect the efficiency of the feeder and SMT machines and cause barriers to production rates. The use of a worthy feeder calibration jig helps you resolve these issues. Samsung is a top of the list brand which offers essential Samsung feeder calibration jigs. It ensures the feeder works effectively without any mishaps and errors. It does not damage your machine and saves your time.

Samsung feeder cart:
Samsung feeder carts for SMT storage at our doorstep are phenomenal. They are made up of such trusted materials, proving them highly efficient. Luggage movements through the feeder trollies are easy and seamless. It is convenient for you to order Samsung feeder carts from us as they are easy to ship and handy for you. 
  • Samsung feeder cart applies to all the Samsung SMT series.
  • Its material is Aluminum.
  • These are well suited for the SMT workshops.
  • They enhance production efficiency and prepare advanced feeder materials for a secure future.
  • The frames of Samsung feeder carts will never go out of shape as it is welded with stainless steel.
  • The dimensions of the Samsung feeder cart are Length 1000x Width 600x Height 1200mm
  • The structure is comprised of two layers; each layer consists of 56 pieces with four bendable castors of metal.

Respective Samsung feeder for pick and place machines:
  • Samsung tape feeders for SM411/SM431/SM481/SM471/SM482.
  • Samsung SM feeders for 8X2MM/8X4MM/24MM.
  • Samsung SM421 feeders for 12MM/16MM/32MM/44MM.
  • Samsung CP45 feeder for 12MM.
  • Samsung CP45 FV feeder for 8X4MM.

Why choose us?
CNSMT is a well-known and one of the best feeder suppliers in China and worldwide. We have a wide range of feeders of trusted brands. We have a wide range of Samsung feeders that are well suited for any originalities, whether big or small. Samsung feeders work well for any PCB setup and machine. Samsung feeder products from CNSMT will surely save your future from difficulties and provide them with the best services. CNSMT's Samsung feeders will surely help you with better efficiency and output ideas quickly.
Samsung feeders that we offer have the following qualities.
  • They are reliable.
  • They are of high quality.
  • They have a wide range of models.
  • Our Samsung feeders have a trusted warranty.
  • Both new and old conditions of Samsung feeders are available at our place.
  • The material used in our feeder is usually stainless steel which is quite efficient.
  • Our Samsung feeders can be mounted on all types of SMT machines.
Our services:
We are the best suppliers of Samsung (Hanwha) feeders in China. Why should you choose CNSMT for Samsung feeders? Here are the reasons;
  • We provide after-sale services like free spare parts for mounting.
  • Before shipping, we thoroughly checkup and test all the feeder parts.
  • Every Samsung feeder of ours has a warranty which makes them trusted by all.
  • We also offer customized sized Samsung feeders at our doorstep.
  • Before shipping, we fully calibrate the Samsung feeders to remove any errors.
  • We are available with mechanical, electrical, original, and duplicated Samsung feeders.
  • We have a supply ability of hundreds of pieces per month.
  • Our packaging of feeders is well protected by standard vacuum and wooden boxes to save the product from any mishap in the delivery process.
  • A complete guide of operation and mounted off the Samsung feeder is available with every product for your ease as a quick detail.
  • Professional technical services are provided.
  • Proper cleaning of the inner and outer parts of the feeders takes place before shipping.
  • We also recommend reasonable suggestions along with the product.
  • We offer the competitive quality of Samsung feeders at reasonable prices.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Our delivery time of Samsung feeder is three to five days.
  • We provide one year warranty for broken parts of the products for free. Keep the original documents and payslip with you in such cases.
  • For any queries, you can contact us by number, email, WhatsApp, and through our official website. You can also visit us in-store.
  • CNSMT has been serving in the SMT industry for more than ten years. We have considerable experience of products in the SMT industry. We have exported thousands of products and built numerous SMT machines, feeders, calibration jigs, feeder carts, pick and place devices, and SMT spare parts.
  • A wide variety of SMT products is available at our doorstep. We are the best choice of yours regarding the SMT production line.
  • We are associated with many SMT suppliers in China. So, if any of the product you need is not available in our store, we can help you get one by contacting other suppliers at inexpensive rates.
  • Reduction of purchase cost always increases traffic to the products. We invest in developing the SMT pieces of equipment and offer high-quality SMT products at a competitive rate.
  • If you have any queries regarding SMT equipment and our services, you are more than welcome to ask. You can reach us through our official website will provide you with the best of our knowledge.

Our technical team:
CNSMT has a professional and experienced technical and sales team. We have almost 210 technical people in service and more than 50 salespeople at our place who ensure professionalism. Every member of our technical team is highly qualified from famous universities of China. We make sure the training of technicians before recruitment. Training sessions are held every month to enhance the team's skills and make them aware of the public demands and world trends. Our engineers can handle any technical issue in SMT feeders and machines and develop new world-class quality products. We will never disappoint you in any mean. 
List of products:
CNSMT never disappoints the customers regarding their products' variety, prices, and models, especially Samsung feeders. The list of Samsung feeders available at our site is as;
  • SMT Samsung feeder 03IX.
  • Samsung SM481
  • Samsung PLUS
  • Samsung SM482PLUS
  • Samsung SM471
  • Samsung SM411
  • Samsung SM421
  • Samsung SM321
  • Samsung SM320
  • Samsung SM310
  • Samsung DECAN
  • Samsung CP40
  • Samsung CP45
  • Samsung FV NEO
  • Samsung SME Electronic Feeder SME12MM/ SME16MM / SME24MM/ SME32MM/ SME44MM / SME56MM
  • Samsung CP45 CP16MM/ CP24MM/ CP32MM/ CP44MM/ CP56MM
  • Samsung SM Stick Feeder
  • Samsung CP Stick Feeder
  • Samsung IC Tray Feeder
Frequently asked questions:
Below are some questions asked by interested people about our company and services. We are sure that these answers will surely help you make the right choice. 

Q: What are the detailed steps of ordering a product from your company?
A: The procedure to place an order is as follows;
  1. Go to the official website of CNSMT.
  2. On the home page, you will find an option of "Get a quote" in the upper right corner of the site.
  3. Send the details of the product you want.
  4. Please go through the details of the machine, its price, shipping method, payment methods, and other terms and conditions.
  5. To confirm your order, make an invoice and Performa quotations.
  6. Pay the payments according to the invoice.
  7. Right before confirming the order, you can come to the details of the machine and thorough checkup the details for your satisfaction.
  8. Confirm your order.

Q: What type of Samsung feeder do we need for Samsung Pick and place machine?
A: You can use a Samsung Stick feeder, vibration feeder, and IC tube feeder for all types of Samsung/ Hanwha pick and place machines.
Specifically, you can use an intelligent SME Samsung feeder and Samsung electronics feeder for SM471/SM481/SM482/ and SM PLUS pick and place machine.
Moreover, the Samsung SMN mechanic feeder and Samsung Pneumatic feeder are well suited for SM320/SM321/SM421/SM411/SM471/SM PLUS/SM CP45.

Q: What type of feeders do you supply except Samsung feeders?
A: We supply feeders of famous brands such as
  • Yamaha feeders (CL/FT/FV/SS/ZS).
  • Juki feeders (ATF/CTF/FTF/AF/CF/FF/CFR/RS-1).
  • Panasonic feeders (CM/NPM/MSR/MV/MSQ).
  • Fuji feeders (NXT/XP/CP).
  • Siemens feeders.
  • Phillips feeders.
  • Sony feeders.
  • Mirea feeders.

Q: What to do if we cannot mount the feeder after we receive it? 
A: We provide an English manual of the complete guide with detailed steps of mounting the feeders on the machine. Still, if you cannot operate it, you can contact us by email, phone call, and online services. We will be glad to help you.

Q: I want to visit your store to check the machine and feeder for my satisfaction physically. What should I do? Am I welcomed in-store?
A: Yes. You are more than welcome to visit us. Our store is located in Shenzhen, China. Our sales will fully cooperate with you. You can physically check and test the machines and feeders before confirming your order. Moreover, our engineers will be happy to share machine details with you with proper guidance. We are a premium SMT brand in China and will never disappoint you for sure.

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