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Selection of Tape Feeder

1. Belt feeders are generally divided into 8mm2P, 8mm4P, 8mm4E, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, etc., where (P) stands for paper tape and (E) stands for adhesive tape.

2. The feeder should be selected according to the actual width and pitch of the material belt during operation. Generally, 8mm2P can be substituted for 8mm4P, and 8mm4P can be substituted for 8mm4E, but it should be noted that 8mm2P cannot be substituted for 8mm4E.

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SM series feeder models are: 8*2MM, 8*4MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM, 32MM;

Feeder common accessories: cylinder, solenoid valve, induction wire, thimble wire, switch wire, feeder circuit board, pressure cover, gear, various springs, tape reel, one-way bearing, feeder guide key, spacing screw, etc.

Applicable to placement machine models: SM481, SM482, SM471, SM421, SM321.

Samsung SME-08 feeder


Belt feeder installation

1. Open the feeding cover and tape guide rail on the feeder tape.

2. Place the material reel on the Feeder reel stand.

3. After passing the upper tape and transmission tape of the material through the tape guide groove and the main frame, remove the upper cover tape from the head end of the tape to the place where the material is absorbed, and place the transmission tape in the slot of the guide rail.

4. When the sprocket clamps the moving groove of the transmission tape, pull down the tape guide rail. In the state where the strip guide rail is flatly attached to the transmission tape, finally adjust and confirm whether the transmission tape is normally included in the sprocket.

5. Hang the fixed and separated upper cover tape flatly between the gear and the forming gear to remove it.

6. Use the swivel arm to push the reel to the pick-up point.

Modification of feeder transmission distance

1. The 8MM belt feeder has 2P and 4P spacing, and special feeders should be used respectively.

2. The 12MM belt feeder can adjust the spacing of 4MM, 8MM, 12MM according to the type of parts.

3. The 16MM belt feeder can change the transmission distance of 4MM, 8MM, 12MM and 16MM.

4. The 24MM belt feeder can be set to 4MM, 8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 20MM spacing.

5. Use a flat-head screwdriver to unlock the original fixed position, and hold the handle to move to the distance required for this material, which should be consistent with (4, 8, 12, 16, 20). Set screws in the connection.



1. Swing Lever 2. Location Flange 3. Slightly 4. Ratchet

5. Sprocket 6. Clamping Roller 7. Shutter 8. Omit

9. Install Guide 10. Probe Pin 11. Suction gear 12. External non-circular gear

13. PCB control board cover 14. Roll wheel frame 15. Omit 16. Omit

17. Slightly 18. Push lever (Pusher Lever) 19. Barcode

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