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HanwhaSamsungCP45 FV NEOCP8X4MM
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME8MM
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME12MM 
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME16MM 
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME24MM 
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME32MM 
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME44MM 
HanwhaSamsungSME Electronic FeederSME56MM 
HanwhaSamsungSM Stick Feeder
HanwhaSamsungCP Stick Feeder
HanwhaSamsungIC Tray Feeder

Samsung SMN-44 FEEDER

Firstly, SMT mounting machines are a modern high-tech equipment mainly used for the installation of electronic components in electronic product processing.

Currently, the SMT mounting machines mainly used in the industry are fully automated, and the devices used in mounting processing are becoming increasingly refined, rapid, and integrated. The SMT machine not only improves the overall production capacity of the industry, but also provides stable and reliable quality assurance for the development of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry.

During the operation of the SMT machine, in order to install refined components onto the PCB circuit board, it is necessary to use a very precise and continuous auxiliary tool that provides electronic components, namely the feeder, also known as the feeder in the industry.

It sends the components to a fixed position and then uses the SMT machine suction nozzle to move the components to the designated position on the PCB circuit board, From this, we can see the importance of the feeder in the operation of the SMT machine. So, how should we operate and use it correctly to effectively ensure its long-term stability and reliability?







1、 Selection of Tape Feeder
a. Belt feeders are generally divided into 8mm 2P, 8mm 4P, 8mm 4E, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, etc., where (P) represents paper tape and (E) represents adhesive tape.
b. When operating, the feeder should be selected based on the actual width and pitch of the feeding belt. Generally, 8mm 2P can replace 8mm 4P, and 8mm 4P can replace 8mm 4E. However, it should be noted that 8mm 2P cannot replace 8mm 4E.
2、 Installation of belt feeder
a. Open the press cover and winding guide rail on the feeder belt.
b. Place the material reel on the feeder reel frame.
c. After passing the upper and transmission coils of the material through the guide rail slots and the main frame, remove the upper cover coil from the head end of the material belt until the material is sucked in, and place the transmission coil in the slot of the guide rail.
d. After the sprocket clamps the moving groove of the conveyor belt, pull off the material belt guide rail. When the strip guide rail is flat against the transmission strip, finally adjust and confirm whether the transmission strip is normal in the sprocket.
e. Hang the fixed and separated upper cover ribbon flat between the gear and the formed gear for troubleshooting.
f. Use the rotating arm to push the coil to the pickup point position.

3、 Modification of feeder transmission spacing
a. The 8MM belt feeder has a spacing of 2P and 4P, and each should use a dedicated feeder.
b. The 12MM belt feeder can be adjusted for 4MM, 8MM, 12MM, and spacing based on the type of component.
c. The 16MM belt feeder can be changed to use transmission spacing of 4MM, 8MM, 12MM, 16MM.
d. The 24MM belt feeder can be set to a spacing of 4MM, 8MM, 12MM, 16MM, and 20MM.
e. Use a flat screwdriver to loosen the originally fixed position, hold the handle and move it to the required distance of this material, which should be consistent with (4, 8, 12, 16, 20). Connect the fixing screws.
4、 FEEDER installation and removal of feeder base
a. Before installing the feeder and base, clean the remaining loose materials and other foreign objects on the base with a brush.
b. The slots of the feeder base each have an inherent slot number. According to the station table provided by the technician, insert the feeder into the slot with that number.
c. Push the feeder with appropriate force until the positioning pin located in the front lower part of the feeder is connected to the vertical plate.
d. Push the handle forward to secure the feeder to the feeder base and check if the feeder is securely fixed to the feeder base.
e. To detach the feeder from its base, it is necessary to first confirm whether the equipment is in a stopped state. After confirmation, pull the handle back to release the fixed state of the feeder, and hold the handle with your hand to move the feeder back until it is detached.
5、 Maintenance and inspection items
a. Check if all screws on the feeder are loose (monthly).
b. Add corresponding lubricating oil to the frequently transmitted parts (monthly).
c. Cleaning of impurities in the sprocket area (daily).
d. Shutdown site demagnetization (monthly).
e. Check the LED light status (daily).


With good rate and perfect quality Samsung/Hanwha feeders from our factory,we have over 10 years professional SMT machine and feeder engineers support your business.
So dont worry about the service,we will be here anytime help solve your problems
Samsung/Hanwha feeder model list:
Samsung/Hanwha pnuematic feeder SM 8mm 2mm pitch SMT Feeder SM320/SM321/SM421/SM471/SM481/SM482/F2/S2/L2/S1
Samsung/Hanwha pnuematic feeder SM 8mm 4mm pitch SMT Feeder SM320/SM321/SM421/SM471/SM481/SM482/F2/S2/L2/S1
Samsung/Hanwha pnuematic feeder SM 12mm SMT Feeder SM320/SM321/SM421/SM471/SM481/SM482/F2/S2/L2/S1
Samsung/Hanwha pnuematic feeder SM 16mm SMT Feeder SM320/SM321/SM421/SM471/SM481/SM482/F2/S2/L2/S1

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