Samsung smn-32mm feeder

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Part Name:Samsung FEEDER

Application:Samsung Pick and place machine,Samsung surface mounting machine, Samsung chip mounter



Product name: HANWHA SAMSUNG SM320 SM321 SMN 32mm FEEDER

Part number: SMN 32mm

Condition Original New

Delivery within 3 days after payment

Package Carton Box as required

Payment Terms T/T Western Union Credit Card

Your Reliable Samsung Feeder Supplier in China

CNSMT has over 15years SMT Samsung FEEDER experience in China, we have a skilled after-sale team and technique team support your business.

We have vast Samsung FEEDER in our warehouse, both new and used Samsung feeder available. about used Samsung feeder, don’t worry about the quality, our professional engineer will inspect and calibrate its perfect condition before ship to your place.

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The safety guidelines for Samsung Feeder are as follows:

1. Samsung feeder needs to be operated by a dedicated person, and non professionals are not allowed to tamper with it.

2. Only one operator can operate Samsung feeder. Prohibit two or more people from operating the machine at the same time. In special circumstances, the supervisor should agree and confirm the sequence of operations and signals.

3.Before starting the system, please confirm whether the working pressure is within the allowable range, and if the feeder is installed correctly, please confirm that there are no missing tools or other debris on the z-axis of the X-Y platform.

4.When replacing materials on Samsung feeder, it is necessary to confirm that the “materials, discs, tables, and Z positions” meet the four requirements, and a refueling record must be made. After replacing the material, it is necessary to check whether the LED mounting machine is correctly installed with the feeder.

5.During the operation process of Samsung feeder, head, hands, or other foreign objects cannot be inserted into the safety door. Moreover, the door of the electrical box cannot be opened.

6. During use, if Samsung feeder encounters abnormal situations such as collision or abnormal sound, the operator should stop the machine in a timely manner, notify relevant personnel to handle it, and report the equipment to the person in charge.

7. Check the safety devices of Samsung feeder. Ensure that the safety device is correctly installed in the designated location. Then perform the operation. When disassembling the safety device, do not install it in the original position, confirm that the machine operates normally, and correctly paste the Warning sign on the machine. Visible. If peeling or dirt occurs, please replace it with a new one in a timely manner. When the safety device malfunctions, the safety device must not be removed and the machine must be operated. If the safety device is removed after removal, accidents may occur.

During the use of Samsung feeder, these safety guidelines must be followed to more effectively ensure the safety of personnel and machines, and effectively reduce human-machine accidents.

You just need to tell us your Samsung SMD machine model, or your feeder photos, we will know what type of your requirement, then will quote you the best price within a few minutes.

Cause SMT FEEDER is the most important part of the SMD Machine, So you must choose the better quality feeder for your pick and place machine, some of the feeders not in good condition, it will have a lot of issues while mounting PCB.

So find a good and reliable Samsung FEEDER supplier is also important for your SMT line production.

We will always here be your best friends and partner.


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