Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer

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Semi-auto Stencil Printer

Accuracy+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.05mm
PCB Size300 x 350 mm600 x 350 mm1500 x 300 mm
Platform size320 x 400 mm700 x 400 mm1350 x 400 mm
Stencil Size(mm)370*470,550*650370*470,550*650370*470,550*650,1500*650
PCB Thickness0.2 – 6 mm0.2 – 6 mm0.2-6mm
Stencil PoitioningManualManualManual

Semi Auto Solder Paste Printer – The Complete FAQ Guide

Here is a complete guide for understanding the use of semi-auto solder paste printers in the right way.

These semi-auto solder paste printers can help in efficient manufacturing of PCBs in your business.

So we have managed to answer every possible query regarding semi-auto solder paste printer in this guide below.

We have also answered all your queries regarding reliable semi-auto solder paste printer manufacturers for purchasing bulk printers below.

semi-auto-solder-paste-printer1.     What is a Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer?

A semi-automatic solder paste printer works half manually and half automatically.


Figure 1: Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer

It is one of the advanced version of SMT solder paste printers.

The semi-auto solder paste printers or stencil printers work similarly to the manual solder paste printers.

These printers are also utilized in printing solder on the printed circuit boards through stencils.

These printers help complete the process of manufacturing highly efficient and good quality printed circuit boards.

Usage of the Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer is conducted at the beginning of manufacturing PCB.

2.     How does Semi-Auto SMT Stencil Printer Work in the PCB Manufacturing?

To manufacture high-quality and most efficient printed circuit boards (PCBs), it is essential to first print the solder paste on these boards.

To perform this step, the Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer offers fast and reliable printing outcomes.

After the usage of Semi-Auto Solder paste printer, the process of mounting components and checking solder paste height is conducted before manufacturing the PCBs.

3.     Difference between Automatic and Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer:

Both the Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer and Automatic Solder Paste printer work on the same process.

Whether it is an automatic SMT Stencil printer or a semi-auto solder paste printer, both print the solder paste on the PCBs.

These machines are the advanced tools used to print solder paste on PCBs.

As a result, the PCBs that utilize advanced solder paste printer machine tend to create efficient PCBs according to market demands.

The only difference between an automatic and semi-auto solder paste printer is:

  • Automatic Solder Paste Printer:


Figure 2: Automatic Stencil Printer
These stencil printers are fully automatic. You only need to add specific solder paste printing information and set it up once, and then the machine will automatically perform its task.

You can let the automatic stencil printers to efficiently print the solder paste on PCBs without any supervision.

  • Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer:


Figure 3: Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer

A semi-automatic solder paste printer is slightly different from an automatic solder paste printer.

Although it performs the same task, the semi-automatic solder paste printer performs some task automatically.

Like you might need to supervise it and manage some functions on the semi-auto stencil printer.

Other than that, a semi-auto stencil printer’s usage and reliability are similar to that of a fully automatic solder paste printer.

4.     Types of Solder Paste Printer Other Than Automatic and Semi-Auto Machines:

The fully automatic and semi-automatic solder paste printers are the most common and advanced printing machines.

With their advanced working and efficient outcomes, we can commonly find these stencil printers in the PCB manufacturing companies.

But there are other types of solder paste printers that work similarly.

These different types of stencil printers have different efficiency levels and performance, but you can also find them in various PCB manufacturing businesses.

Some such types include:

  • Manual printers
  • High-end printers


Figure 4: High-End Solder Paste Printer

  • Entry-level automated printers
  • Cheap printers

MANUAL PRINTERFigure 5: Cheap Solder Paste Printers

  • High-speed printers

5.     Who Can Use Semi-Automatic Solder Paste Printer?

Semi-automatic solder paste printers are one of the most common and highly efficient stencil printer machines.

These solder paste printer machines are more comfortable to operate for manufacturing PCBs, especially compared to manual stencil printers.

The semi-auto solder paste printer machine can be used by anyone who is manufacturing PCBs.

Especially in the PCB manufacturing companies; workers who lack manual printers knowledge can efficiently use the semi-automatic solder paste printers.


Since these machines are half-automatic, they are easier to manage and use for PCB manufacturers.

6.     Why Is a Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer Suitable for Your Business?

A semi-auto solder paste printer offers a more reliable and efficient performance of printing solder paste on PCBs.

Since a semi-solder paste printer’s usage and outcomes are less technical and manual, the experts and employees in your business can easily control these printers.

With limited supervision and self-access, you can easily use the semi-auto solder paste printers for printer efficient and high-quality PCBs.

So your business can benefit a lot from the semi-auto SMT stencil printer, especially in comparison to the manual stencil printers.

7.     What is Better: A Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer or a Manual SMT Stencil Printer?


Figure 6: Manual and Semi Auto Stencil Printers

Performance of a solder paste printer is similar in both semi-auto and manual machines.

Both of them are used to print the solder paste on the PCBs efficiently.

As a result, the PCBs can meet the market requirements of high-quality performance and efficiency.

The only differences in both the stencil printers include:

  • Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer:

A semi-auto solder paste printer machine has most of its functions working automatically.

You just have to set the tasks according to the PCB requirements and have them perform automatically.

Also, some of the tasks of semi-auto stencil printers require supervision and self-activation/usage.

You can use a semi-auto solder paste printer for more efficient PCB manufacturing.

These printers are less complicated to control while manufacturing high-quality PCBs.

  • Manual SMT Stencil Printer:

In comparison to the semi-auto solder paste printers, the manual stencil printers perform the same work.

These printers are more complicated to handle, as they are manual and need self-activation/management.

Experts who know how to use manual SMT stencil printers can use these printers for efficient PCB printing.

The manual printers are a complex type of stencil printers that require proper attention and utilization by experts.

8.     What Brands Manufacture Semi-Auto SMT Printing Machine?

Since semi-auto solder paste printers are the most common types of stencil printers, all the famous tech brands manufacture them.

The most popular and reliable brands that manufacture SMT stencil printers also manufacture these printers semi-auto variety.

Some of the famous and trustworthy brands that offer semi-auto stencil printers include:

  • CNSMT Co. Ltd.
  • DWX Co, Ltd
  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen HNY Technology Co, Ltd
  • HN Technology

samsung-pick-and-place-machine9.     Is a Semi-Auto SMT Stencil Printer Important for PCB Manufacturing?

The solder paste printing process is most important in PCB manufacturing.

It is an essential part of the SMT line that helps in effectively printing the solder paste on the PCBs.

Without efficient PCB printing, the PCBs cannot fulfil the advanced market PCB demands and requirements.

For this, the usage of SMT solder paste printer is crucial for PCB manufacturing businesses.

However, the semi-auto solder paste printers make the PCB printing a lot more efficient and reliable.

Since these machines are easier to operate and setup, PCB manufacturing companies can better manufacture the PCBs according to the market-demands.

10.The Efficiency of Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer Machine in Manufacturing PCBs:

The efficiency of semi-auto solder paste printer in the PCB manufacturing is more reliable and of high-quality, especially compared to the manual stencil printers.

These printers offer efficient PCB printing outcomes because they are easier to operate.

The semi-auto solder paste printers also have the most automatic processes that can be managed according to the different PCB requirements.

Hence, the semi-automatic stencil printers work more efficiently in manufacturing the market-grade PCBs.

11.Features of a Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer Machine:

Since the semi-automatic solder paste printers are different from other types of solder paste printers, these features are mostly different.

semi-auto-printer- Figure 8: Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer Efficiency

For a more precise idea, let’s explore some of the features of this machine.

  • They include high precision guide rail and import motor. This motor helps to drive the blade seat conversion while performing printing with higher accuracy.
  • Its printing scrapers are rotatable until 45 degrees.
  • They offer an easy stencil printing operation and smooth squeegee cleaning/replacement facility.
  • You can adjust the blocks in the semi-auto stencil printers before or after the blade’s position for choosing the right printing position.
  • You can perform both single and double-sided printing with these printers.
  • They are easier to install and adjust to anyone.
  • Convenient adjustment for PCB printing.
  • These machines offer the setting of either one-way or two-way printing options.
  • They offer automatic counting during the production of PCBs output statistic.
  • Their blade angle, rubber scraper, and steel blade are suitable for easy adjustment.
  • It has a touch screen feature with a screen saver. You can easily adjust the timing to prevent excessive touch-screen usage.
  • It also offers easy adjustment for the printing speed.

12.Where Can You Buy High-Quality Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer Machine?

There are various manufacturers of high-quality semi-auto solder paste printing machine.

semi-auto-solder-paste-printer3Figure 9: CNSMT Stencil Printers

However, it is hard to understand the quality and rely on every company for efficient machine delivery.

Only a few manufacturers offer high-quality machines catered according to the business/factories PCB manufacturing requirements.

One of the most reliable companies, CNSMTLine offers high-quality and highly reliable stencil printer machines of different types.

we have all the models of the semi-automatic solder paste printer: 600mm,1200mm,1500mm PCB length.

So you can buy high-quality semi-auto stencil printers here.

13.What Brands of Solder Paste Printer Machine Do CNSMT Offer?

CNSMTLine offers a wide variety of solder paste printing machine manufactured by different popular brands.

Some popular brands of stencil printers that CNSMTLine provides include:

  • DEK
  • MPM
  • HC
  • Right
  • GKG

14.Is Solder Paste Inspection Also Required After Usage of Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer?

The solder paste inspection is a process that is needed in every PCB manufacturing factory.

With this inspection’s help, the PCB defects can be assessed and fixed at an early stage of printed circuit board manufacturing.

semi-auto-solder-paste-printer2Figure 10: Solder Paste Inspection

So before the range of PCBs is manufactured, the solder paste inspection can help detect and solve PCBs’ issues.

Some such defects include:

  • Missing printing
  • Solder ball
  • Insufficient solder

Now even if you use a semi-auto solder paste printer, there can be defects in the PCB.

Since the advanced semi-auto solder paste printer settings can also have faults that need to be addressed.

So the solder paste inspection process is crucial even when your factory utilizes semi-auto solder paste printers.

15.Is Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer Cheaper Than Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer?

Yes, semi-auto solder paste printers are cheaper than the fully automatic solder paste printers are.

These machines have fewer speed options, and their precision level is lower than that of the fully automatic stencil printers.

Due to this reason, the cost of the semi-auto solder paste printer is lesser than the fully automatic printers.

So you can afford the bulk of these printers at a cheaper rate on CNSMTLine.

16.Does CNSMTLine Only Deal With China Brands of Solder Paste Printer Machines?

No, CNSMTLine deals with all brands of semi-automatic and other types of solder paste printers.

Here, you can purchase all the types of SMT stencil printers at different bulk rates.

The different types of solder paste printers manufactured by Chinese and foreign brands are available here.

It also means that we can operate the humanized tasks on these printers in both English and Chinese.

So it is more convenient and suitable to access and utilize these stencil printers.

Some foreign brands available on CNSMTLine include:

  • DEK
  • DEK 02I
  • DEK 03I
  • DEK 03IX
  • MPM UP2000
  • DEK Galaxy
  • DEk Infinity
  • MPM Momentum
  • MPM Accuflex

17.Qualities of an Effective Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer:

Some essential qualities that can help you choose the most reliable and efficient semi-auto solder paste printer include:

pcb-inspection conveyorFigure 11: Effective Semi Auto Solder Paste Printers

  • Vast capacity of the printer to put the solder paste on the printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • The printer should have the ability to ensure that all the electrical links of the PCB are functional while the solder paste is being placed.
  • It is not causing any type of damage on other components of the PCB during its printing.
  • In the end, an excellent semi-auto solder paste printer should also be able to cool its stencils down after the printing process is completed.

18.Benefits of Using a Semi-Auto SMT Solder Paste Printer:

A semi-auto solder paste printer or stencil printer comes with various unique features that benefit the user.

These features aren’t present in the manual or outdated stencil printers.

Hence, usage of semi-auto stencil printer can help PCB manufacturing factories more with these features.

The semi-automatic solder paste printer price is much cheaper than a full automatic one, So you only need to spend a few cost to start your business.

This printer is easy to learn, only a few steps to operate it,

Both English and Chinese language showing in the machine

19.What is CNSMT Famous For?

CNSMT is one of the famous production lines of SMT machines that are utilized in PCB manufacturing.

It is a globally renowned manufacturer of SMT Stencil Printers.

You can find game-changing SMT Stencil Printer Machines for high-quality and efficient PCB printing.

CNSMT provide you variety SMT printers, such as China brand printer, full automatic printer, semi-auto solder paste printer, used MPM printer, DEK printer, GKG printer, Desen printer, EKRA printer


20.Advantages of Buying Semi-Auto Solder paste Printer from CNSMT:

When you purchase a bulk stock of semi-auto solder paste printer machines from CNSMT, you can enjoy various benefits. Some such benefits include:

  • 1-year warranty for the printer machine
  • Replacement service for any solder paste printer part with a new (within the one-year warranty time-frame)
  • Friendly and professional technical support from the team for at least five years.
  • We are the first hand SMT automatic and semi-automatic stencil printing machine manufacturer in China, We always provide you the good quality and best price SMT machines for you.
  • Save your business cost is our final goal.
  • We have a professional engineer team and sales team to support your business.
  • We can export to worldwide, any time and anywhere we can deliver our SMD machines to you on time.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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