SMT PCB Conveyor 0.5m0.6m1m1.2m

  • SMT link conveyor with Imported circular special belt and patent tracks, can solve thin card guide PCB problem, improve fluency of connection,A gear motor directly drives each roller rail, eliminating the rail- to-rail drive shaft and permitting easy width adjustments to handle different size products
  • CNSMT  technology is available to offer the full range of boards handling machines and also the non-standard transportation solution for the SMT industries.
  • SMT link conveyor link the smt pcb magazine loader unloader for smt assembly, this PCB conveyor are mainly used for equipment linking, visual inspection, manual assembly, and PCB buffering functions. Their advantage is the short length, which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limitations.

smt conveyor led  pcb conveyor 0.5m 0,6m 1m 1.5m 2m

What is PCB conveyor?

PCB assembly transport conveyors are found in all assembly lines. PCB handling conveyors for transporting PCB’s within the SMT line-up can also be called a PCB linking conveyor or a PCB inspection conveyor, but they are all PCB transport conveyors.

The SMT Industrial 0.5 Meter Linking SMEMA Conveyor is the perfect addition to any SMT production line. All of our conveyor belts are in stock.


  • 110 V, 60HZ
  • PCB Width: 50-460mm
  • Conveyor Height:900+50-20mm
  • Conveyor Direction: L-R
  • PLC Hand crank width adjustment
  • SMEMA Compatible
  • CE Compliance
  • Machine Dimension: 500(L)×800(W)×90(H)mm
  • Shipping Dimension: 670(L)×950(W)×1150(H)mm
  • Weight:85 KG,N. Weight: 43KG


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pcb mini loader without magazine
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SMT PCB Conveyor

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