SG-800 Automatic Stencil Inspection System Manufactuer in China

We are the manufacture of the stencil inspection machine in China, we have our own factory for developing SMT automatic stencil inspection machine, from us, you will get the bottom price and perfect service.

This stencil inspection machine Using image automatic measurement technology, through the measurement of parameters such as the size and position of the steel mesh opening, the error range is set, and the reference value is compared to determine whether it is qualified.
The stencil inspection machine operation is simple, and the measurement process is completed automatically, which not only greatly improves the detection accuracy and speed, but also avoids human judgment factors, and provides direct quantitative data for judging the quality of the steel mesh.

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  • Detection speed0.8 sec/FOV
  • Area measurement accuracy1*1μm
  • Minimum inspection part80μm * 80μm
  • Lens5M customized dual-sided telecentric optical lens
1Development timeWorld’s first in 2011
2Inspection specificationsModel nameSG800
3Testing purposeNew steel mesh opening accuracy, quality inspection, old steel mesh cleaning effect inspection, foreign body inspection, tension measurement
Comparison of the amount and precision of steel mesh;
4Test itemsLocation, size, quantity, quality, precision, foreign matter, tension, burr, damage, porosity;
5Multi-opening inspection of the whole boardCan check the whole board with multiple holes
6Steel mesh, step steel mesh thickness measurementIntuitive measurement of thickness and quality of steel mesh and ladder steel mesh by manual microscopy
Detection resolution: 0.12μm, measurement accuracy: 1.2μm;
7Detection speed0.8 sec/FOV
8Check accuracyDimensional measurement accuracy1μm (within the same FOV, resolution: 0.335um)
9Area measurement accuracy1*1μm
10Position accuracyRepeatability accuracy 1~5μm, grating scale accuracy ±1μm
11Tension detectionMechanical high-precision tensiometer, arbitrary multiple position testing;
Accuracy: ±, tension range: 0~100N
12Minimum inspection part80μm * 80μm
13Optical systemcamera2448X2048 Pixel 5 megapixel German camera
14Lens5M customized dual-sided telecentric optical lens
15Top lightingRing LED top light, coaxial LED light source
16Bottom lightingWhite coaxial LED light
17Resolution6.70μm /pixel
18FOV size16mm*13mm
19Steel mesh specificationsScreen frame sizeSupport screen frame below 813*813*60mm
20Maximum measuring range630*630mm
21Equipment specificationsAppearance size (L*W*H)1250*1400*1625mm
23Equipment frameZero-zero marble platform + casting structure, high-precision measurement guarantee
24Gantry structureFully cast gantry structure, better life
25Transmission systemDC motor + grating ruler closed loop control + flying photo
26PCOperating systemWindows 7 X64 Professional Edition
27Computer, monitorE5 Xeon 32G 2TB/ 22′ LCD (1920X1080)
28SoftwareProgrammaticallyGerber file programming
29Programming time2~5 minutes
30Offline programmingOffline programming
31Gerber fileRS-274, RS-274X
32Model switching timeLess than 3 minutes, can read program according to barcode/RF
33Main algorithmCalculate the coordinate position by MARK correction
Use vector image algorithm to calculate the geometric position and size difference between the opening and the actual Geber, etc.
34Device test modeOffline test
36Specific functionHole wall quality observationCan provide manual micro observation
37Test content selectionThe test content and parameters can be selected according to the A/R and W/T parameters
38Test methodMultiple detection modes and test level settings;
Different components can be individually defined and tested at different levels;
39Detection databaseSave the program name, barcode, operator, opening area, size, coordinates, offset, Zhang
Force data, pictures, etc.
40User rightsThe user authority level can be defined according to customer needs
41Connect with the company’s internal systemData interface, data structure and communication method can be opened and customized according to demand
42Steel mesh barcode management functionStandard steel mesh bar code management function
43Gerber File comparison functionStencil Gerber comparison function
44Accuracy comparison of steel mesh of the same modelCompare the openings of the steel mesh of the same model to verify the consistency of the openings of the steel mesh manufacturer (optional)
45Steel Network Information Management SystemStandard standard version, can be modified and customized as required (optional)
46History of each piece of stencilThe test process and result data are recorded in a file, and the test results can be viewed offline
47SPC statistics softwareOpening position, area, size, SPC data analysis, summary report, CPK&GRR accuracy report
Reports, Plato and other data and charts;
48Equipment requirementsVoltageAC 220V±10% (single phase), 50/60Hz, 1000VA
49Air pressureNo air pressure required
50Does vibration affect accuracyDoes not affect
51ServiceWarranty periodOne year warranty for the whole machine
53Software upgrade serviceTest software, free upgrade for life
54Service support7×24, response within 4 hours
*Due to technical updates, the above parameters may be slightly different from the actual equipment.

Automatically detect area, position, foreign matter, whether there are holes, and tension

High detection accuracy: the measurement accuracy of the opening position is 5um

Large detection range: the maximum detection range supports 500X500mm

Strong versatility of steel mesh: steel mesh size 400~736mm

Excellent repeatability and reproducibility GAGE R&R<2%

High-precision servo motor, grating ruler


The stencil inspection machine is intelligent: GERBER automatically aligns with the stencil, no need for multiple teaching

Integration of statistical tools: automatic generation of area, location, and perimeter difference maps

Simple operation: automatic detection using GERBER file

New and old steel mesh data comparison function

Can (SPC) process management

Automatic report generation: automatic generation of inspection reports

Stencil inspection machine data traceability: automatically save inspection data and bad pictures

Open permissions can be connected to SFIS, MES, etc.

Automatic Stencil Inspection Machine

It’s one thing to own a stencil machine and entirely a new different to keep it functioning efficiently.

Most times, these products may malfunction.

Finding the problem may prove difficult.

We at CNSMT understand this struggle very well.

We developed the automatic stencil inspection machine for such times.

This machine will help find the problem within your stencil machine in the shortest time possible.

That way, this machine saves you a lot of time and resources, especially when you may fix the problem locally.

We came up with this machine because whenever our customers malfunctioned with their stencil products, they had to ship them to our China warehouse for repair.

Some of these repairs could be done locally by local engineers, but they ended up spending so much on a small problem because they didn’t know the problem.

If you have several stencil products, then this machine may be a lifesaver.

Time to market
The world’s first in 2011
2检测规格  Test specification型号名称
Test purpose
New Stencil opening accuracy, quality inspection, old Stencil cleaning effect detection, foreign object detection, tension measurement, Stencil precision comparison, thickness measurement, scraper
inspection, etc.;
Test content
Position, size, quantity, quality, precision, foreign body, tension, burr, breakage, porous;
Full board multi-hole
Check by step
Optional full plate multi-hole inspection
7钢网、阶梯钢网厚度测量 Stencil and step Stencil thickness measurement选配
Manual microscopic visual measurement of the thickness and quality of the Stencil and step Stencil wall;
Detection resolution: 0.4μm, measurement accuracy: 4μm;
Scraper straightness check
Test speed
10检查精度 Inspection accuracy尺寸测量精度
Dimensional measurement accuracy
6.9μm (相同FOV内解析度:0.345um)
6.9μm (within the same FOV resolution: 0.345um)
最高3.45μm (相同FOV内解析
Up to 3.45μm (within the
same FOV resolution:
Area measurement accuracy
Position accuracy
GR&R<10%, grating scale resolution ±1μm
Tension detection
高精度张力计,任意多位置测试;精度: ±,张力范围:0~50N
High-precision tensiometer, any multi-position test;
Accuracy: ±, tension range: 0~50N
Minimum detection
80μm * 80μm最高40μm * 40μm Up to 40μm * 40μm
Optical system
2448*2048 Pixel 500万像素 德国相机
2448*2048 Pixel 5 megapixel German camera
4104*3006 Pixel 1200万像素 德国相机
4104*3006 Pixel 12 megapixel German camera
10M 定制双侧远心光学镜头
10M custom double-sided telecentric optical lens
12M 定制双侧远心光学镜头
12M custom double-sided
telecentric optical lens
Top lighting
Ring LED top light, coaxial LED light source
Bottom lighting
High power white light coaxial LED light
6.90μm /pixel3.45、5.75、6.9μm/pixel可选
FOV size
21钢网规格 Stencil specification最大网框尺寸
Maximum frame size
Maximum measurement range
23设备规格 Equipment Specifications外观尺寸(L*W*H)
Equipment structure
High-precision marble platform + casting structure,High-precision measurement guarantee
Gantry structure
Cast gantry structure for longer life
Transmission system
DC motor + grating ruler
closed-loop control
DC motor + non-contact grating closed loop control + flight scanning
Operating system
Windows 7 X64 专业版
Windows 7 X64 Professional Edition
可选配Windows 10系统
Computer monitor
E5 至强 32G 1TB/ 22′ LCD
E5 Xeon 32G 1TB/ 22′ LCD
E5 至强 32G 1TB/ 22′ LCD (1920X1080)
E5 Xeon 32G 1TB/ 22′ LCD (1920X1080)
I9  至强 64G 1TB+500G SSD/
22′ LCD (1920X1080)
I9 Xeon 64G 1TB1TB+500G
SSD/ 22′ LCD (1920X1080)
30软件功能 Software function编程方式
Programming mode
Gerber file programming, CAD import
Programming time
Within 10000 holes:2 to 5 minutes
Offline programming
Offline programming
33Gerber fileRS-274、RS-274X
Model switching time
Less than 3 minutes, you can read the program by barcode/RF
Main algorithm
Calculate coordinate position by MARK correction
Calculate the geometric position and size difference between the opening and the actual Geber by
vector image algorithm
Device test mode
Offline test
37特定功能 Special function开孔孔壁质量观测
Open hole wall quality
Microscopic observation
Test content selection
可根据A/R , W/T 参数选择测试内容、参数
Test content and parameters can be selected according to size, type, A/R, W/T parameters
Test method
Multiple detection modes and test level settings;
Different components can be individually defined and tested at the component level,Including area,
size, position, tension, etc;
Detection database
Save program name, barcode, operator, opening area, size, coordinates, offset, tension data, images,
User rights
User privilege levels can be defined according to customer needs
Connected to the
company’s internal system
Open, custom data interface, data structure, communication method as required
Stencil barcode
management function
Stencil barcode scanning, barcode information management
44钢网与PCB Gerber对比
Stencil Gerber contrast PCB
Gerber function
钢网GERBER与PCB Gerber对比功能,可检查钢网GERBER正确性
Stencil GERBER and PCB Gerber comparison function to check the
correctness of Stencil GERBER
Stencil information
management system
Standard version is available free of charge and can be modified and customized as required
Stencil history
File mode records test process and result data, and can view test results offline
47SPC 数据统计软件
SPC data statistics software
Position, area, size, SPC data analysis, summary report, CPK&Grr accuracy report, Plato and other data and charts;
Equipment demand condition
AC 220V±10%(单相), 50/60Hz,1000VA
AC 220V ± 10% (single phase), 50/60Hz, 1000VA
Air pressure
No need for air pressure
No need for air pressure
Does vibration affect
Does not affect
51设备服务 Equipment service保修期限
Warranty period
One year warranty
Equipment calibration cycle
Corrected after one year or after mobile device
Software upgrade service
标准测试软件 终身免费升级
Standard software lifetime free upgrade
Service support
7*24, response within 4 hours
Spare parts warehouse
Shenzhen, Suzhou, Kunshan, Huizhou spare parts warehouse

What Special Features does this Stencil Inspection Machine have?


  • This device has a CCD camera function.


This feature allows the inspection machine to inspect the stencil products like printers.

This camera has high precision, and it will make the inspection very clear.

You will come out having found out the problem and ready to fix it.

  • A 220V/110V power supply.

We understand that this machine will be the most vital in your business.

With a power supply of 220V/110V, you will achieve your inspection.

If this device consumed a lot of power, most people would find it difficult to afford it.

The low voltage feature works in the customer’s favor, and you will not worry about electric charges.

  • Diverse user coverage.

We made this machine with unique features to allow inspecting a wide variety of products.

This unique identification and inspection features will enable this machine to get help to many industries.

Stencil inspection manufactruere

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  • SMT stencil
  • Printing screen
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  • SMT stencil printers

Other industries have also found this machine very effective in detecting device defects.

  • The use of electron microscope equipment makes this machine super effective.

Did you know this device feature allows the device to detect the defaults on products intuitively?

This feature serves in saving time and allowing for the ideal repair procedures.

  • The flat light source serves in enabling excellent interpretations.

This feature helps to transmit signals to a monitor for proper display. With this feature, the accuracy of detecting defects and efficiency improves tremendously.

This device forms a high-tech technological advancement in the inspection of SMT equipment and other electronics.

  • This machine has a customized LED lamp for the lighting source.

This feature makes this device ideal in that it saves on power.

This feature contributes to the low voltage power supply needed for this device.

It cuts on a lot of general cost for the customers who invest in it.

  • The compact stainless steel body guarantees easy handling in this device.

This tight body as a feature will allow you to place this device in a place where it consumes little of your warehouse or company space.

The components of this machine fit precisely, giving it a compact feature that will grant you an easy time while handling it.

  • This product has a classic HD display too.

The HD display allows for proper inspection with high-quality definitions.

Non-HD displays provide poor quality imaging, and this doesn’t guarantee efficiency.

What specifications will you get with the Automatic Stencil Inspection Machine?

  1. This machine has stainless steel as the primary building material.

This material guarantees no rusting and assures quality and durability.

You should ensure to keep this machine in a moisture-free environment to prevent dumbness that may alter your stainless steel quality.

  1. The energy source will be a customized LED light source.

With this lighting source, you will save on power since the lamp has energy-saving properties.

  1. This device has a customizable size of 1200 * 900 * 950 MM. This size guarantees space-saving and easy handling.
  2. CNSMT ensured that this machine had a microscope. The 1-10 million pixels microscope has customizable features.
  3. The machine has a 7-9 Inch HD display.

SMT MACHINE1What parts make the important high-functioning parts for the automatic stencil inspection machine?

The automatic stencil inspection machine consists of two basic units.

  • The visual unit. This unit houses an automatic camera.

This camera detects defects and holes in the device being inspected.

  • The system backlight adds to the visual unit.

This light determines the clarity of the test you run on your devices.

Our engineers set this light to guarantee effective testing, and adjusting it may ruin your visual quality.

It would help if you let it work as systematically set by the manufacturer.

The visual unit for an automatic stencil inspection machine will differ from other devices.

The automatic machine operates on high-quality appliances, and they require a small workforce.

The item detects even the slightest defects from your testing procedure.

The modifications we did on this device improved the resulting quality of your testing procedure.

Things you need to know when operating the automatic stencil inspection machine


When operating this machine, the following knowledge will help you.

  • For the XY structure, use screws and the slide rail. You may hand drive them to their positions.
  • When you fix the steel mesh, place it directly on the platform and fix it.
  • When you intend to light the green indicator, press on the switch when the power gets turned on.
  • Turning the switch to no state will turn the test source on when you want to turn on the stencil system.
  • We placed the front and backside in the Y direction. The left and right sides get to be in the X-direction.
  • This device automatically drives the CCD test mechanism to the test position. The stencil inspection system also uses an automatic tool in the visual display interface.
  • This device may use remote control for visual display interface in zooming in and out before configuring the machine to run automatically.

How does this automatic stencil inspection machine function?


This machine tests the area, position, size, offset, hole-clogging, burr, foreign objects, and the miss hol in two minutes.

It uses the repeatability mechanism, which ensures to catch a defect in not more than three minutes.

The dual telecentric lens in the cameras provides the catching of any detail that may be of significance.

To operate this device, follow the provided steps.

  • Turn on the device by pressing the power key.
  • Place the device to be tested horizontally on the test bench
  • Switch on the light source switch. This action automatically ensures that the backlight functions
  • Let the device automatically control the XY directions making the CCD test mechanism move to the test position
  • Observe the virtual display interface and make your judgment according to your findings

What does the automatic stencil inspection interpretation mean?

This device may help you in checking:

  • By checking on the virtual interface, you may find out whether the stencil hole has dust or not.
  • This machine will also help in identifying the state of the steel mesh. Whether deformed or not.
  • You will also learn about the state of the stencil frame. You will know if the structure has problems or not.
  • This machine also detects other defects in other electrical equipment.

What advantages does this product bring to your business?

  • You will save on the time you could have sent your machine to the manufacturer for inspection.

Without this machine, you go through a lot of struggle in determining the cause of your trouble.

Some people will ship their devices to the manufacturer for inspection only to discover that the repair could have had a locally available solution.

This machine, however, sots you out in minutes, and you save a lot of money, time, and resources.

  • This machine offers inspection to various devices.

You will not only check on your stencil device but also other electronic and SMT devices.

This diversity saves you a lot of precious time and financial constraints. You may also use this machine to inspect other people’s devices for a fee.

You may end up creating an income from this automatic SMT stencil inspection machine.

  • You will enjoy working peacefully without worry.

If you use machines for your work, you may constantly worry about your appliances breaking down.

Without a diagnostic tool, you may suffer a mental strain. But, purchasing this machine will put your mind at rest.

You will now work in peace knowing that you will know if anything malfunctions in your devices.

  • You will never get corned in your business.

I had a friend who worked by buying second-hand products, and after refurbishing them, he would later sell them to the market.

His business wasn’t doing well because he often got conned and bought damaged products.

When he invested in the new automatic SMT stencil inspection machine, things changed for the better.

He could use this machine to inspect your stencil after the smt production.

This machine was a game-changer. It still will do that for you.

SMT PRINTERWhy choose CNSMT to buy your automatic SMT stencil inspection machine?

  • We provide fast and affordable services.

If you choose to purchase with CNSMT, you never get disappointed.

We deliver our products promptly without delay.

Our sales team ensures that you get your machine delivered within two days of purchasing it.

We manufacture in surplus, and as you order, our warehouse has over 100 of your device. CNSMT values its customer’s time.

  • CNSMT has a team of professionals specialized in this automatic stencil inspection machine repair.

After inspecting your devices, we will provide repair services where you may not get them locally done.

We specialize in repairs for all SMT machines and a variety of electronics.

If your automatic stencil inspection machine fails, we will also offer repair services.

  • Our customer care service team will amaze you.

If you to confirm anything with us, feel free to contact us.

Over the years, we have manufactured products for our customers, and they get services with extreme professionalism and care.

You will get prompt answers to your queries and receive the attention you need with CNSMT Company.

  • We conduct refurbishing services for our second-hand products.

Some customers may find our brand new machines highly-priced. For this reason, we also sell second-hand machinery.

Our engineers ensure that these machines have refurbishing done on them.

We guarantee a smooth interaction with your customs department when we ship refurbished products, unlike if the goods didn’t look new.

We ensure that you get the best with your financial budget.

  • The company has over decade years of experience.

You will not struggle with poorly made SMT machines and equipment.

Our team of experienced engineers has gathered enough knowledge to provide you with the best.

  • We operate on a 24/7 basis.

Our online support never disappoints.

We have an online platform at where you get to search your machines at any time.

If you have any answers, our contact button will guarantee you help any time.

Our online platform remains the sure way of relating with our potential and existing clients with a well-established business.


Frequently Asked Questions about automatic stencil inspection machines

Where will I get an automatic SMT stencil inspection machine?

CNSMT launched the production of these machines.

You will be able to get the automatic SMT stencil inspection machine with them at any time.

Is the Solder paste SMT stencil inspection machine good?

Yes. This machine performs almost similar functions to the automatic SMT stencil inspection machine.

The solder paste may operate on a manual basis, forming a significant difference from the automatic one.

Can CNSMT help in shipping my stencil inspection machine?

When you purchase with CNSMT, Our sales team will help you until your device gets to your destination.

We help determine the most preferred shipping companies that we have created a report with over the years.

Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplier for SMT machines and Solutions with over 10 years experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field, even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
※ We have a professional technich engineer team for produce machines

※ We can customize a variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

※ We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.


Investing in an automatic SMT stencil inspection machine will save your business. You will save on your time and invest in a machine that may earn you more income.

With this device, you will always identify defects on your SMT devices and other electronics. Purchase yours today and make a difference in your business.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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