YAMAHA YS12 Pick&Place Machine

We are very familiar with the SMT YAMAHA YS12 Pick&Place Machine ; we shipped over 60nos per year from China to the worldwide. Including, SMT full line machines, SMT YAMAHA pick and place machine, SMT reflow oven, SMT automatic stencil printers, SMT link conveyor, PCB coating machine, SMT wave machines, solder paste mixer, solder paste warm-up machine, and other goods. You only need to provide us your requirements, and we will send you some option machines to you. We also have the ability to do quick shipment and professional technique services.

Cost of SMT YAMAHA YS12 from China will be very high if you not with CNSMT, we will provide you very competitive YAMAHA YS12 cost especially for the real buyers.

  • Multi-Mounted YAMAHA pick and place machine.
  • 10Nos heads nozzles and shafts
  • Multi-camera option.
  • Mount component height up to 10mm-14mm
  • single feeder base/double feeder base option
  • PCB Max Size:510(L)  x  460(W).
  • 1200mm PCB mounting option
Type: YS 12(model: KKJ-000)
Object substrate: L50 X W50 mm-L510 X W460 mm
Appliance precision: Absolute accuracy(M + 3 Sigma) ± 0.05 mmm/CIP
Appliance efficiency: 20,000 CPH(our best conditions)
Component supply: tape, tray supply
Type of components: belt packing: 106(max. / converted to 8mm tape)
Disk packaging: 15(max. / converted to JEDEC tray)
Object components: 0402 ~ 45 x 100 mm, bulb electrode element: 32 mm or more, special suction assembly required
Mountable height: 15mm
Power specification: three-phase AC 200/208/220 / 240/380 / 400/416 V + 10 %
Gas supply: above 0.45 MPa, clean and dry
Shape size: L1,254 X W1755 X H1,475 mm(assembled with ATS 15) (other than protrusions)
Body mass: approximately 1,370 kg(assembled at ATS 15). )

YAMAHA YS12 main specification:

  • FEEDER type: YAMAHA SS/ZS electronic feeders, 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm/32mm/44mm/56mm feeder
  • FEEDER BASE: Electronic feeder base, single side 60 positions or 48 positions,   back side feeder base is option, if front side bases not enough for you, we can install backside feeder base for you, but need to add extra cost.
  • With scan camera is standard specification, if you need to mount more bigger size components, we suggest you add a multi-camera on the machine
  • With 10 heads nozzles total, it can mount from 0201 to QFP components
  • Nozzle exchange station is option, standard machine not with this function
  • Movable feeder base and fix feeder base are options
  • P tool and Mtool software is option

yamaha ys12

Yamaha YS12 Pick and Place Machine – The Complete FAQ Guide

Here is a complete guide for understanding Yamaha YS12, it’s working procedure, the essential components that make a Yamaha YS12, and how you can make the most out of the Yamaha YS12.

While there are plenty of suppliers and manufacturers of the Yamaha YS12 in the market, it’s crucial to choose suitable suppliers.

But before that, having a complete understanding of the Yamaha YS12 can help make a better decision.

So before you purchase a Yamaha YS12, you can go through this guide and have a complete understanding of the Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine.

1. Is the Yamaha YS12 Same as the Other Pick and Place Machines? 

While almost every other SMT pick and place machine in the market helps in PCBs’ manufacturing process, the Yamaha YS12 serves as a more advanced and better option.

Unlike the other similar pick and place machines, the Yamaha YS12 is a more flexible, space-saving and reliable machine for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

This machine offers unmatched capacity in comparison to other machines in the market.

Mainly, what makes a Yamaha YS12 a better and a highly reliable option is its ability to fulfill customer demands. These demands include:

  • Multiple feeding positions
  • Large board sizes
  • Significant output

All in all, we can consider the Yamaha YS12 as a reliable machine that fulfills efficient large-scale PCB manufacturing demands.

yamaha ys12-

2. How does the Yamaha YS12 Work?

The Yamaha YS12 serves as a both mechanically and electronically working pick and place machine.

This pick-and-place machine’s exterior comes with a modern-day design that looks more like a sci-fi film robot.

Simply put, this modern-day pick and place machine serves as a fully functional machine for handling all kinds of components/products.

Some features and properties of the Yamaha YS12 that makes it a convenient and reliable pick and place machine for usage include:

  • This functional machine can handle all the smallest components too
  • Its mechanical features include detecting the pickup materials accurately and then placing them on the PCB (printed circuit boards).
  • During the picking and placement of any material on the PCB, the Yamaha YS12 ensures a gentle procedure for high-quality and safe PCB production.
  • A vacuum powers the tip of the Yamaha YS12. This vacuum uses the right amount of power for picking up the electronic components while ensuring that they aren’t damaged during the process.
  • The Yamaha YS12 consists of a smart design that ensures that the fragile PCB components are handled and integrated securely on the board.
  • This machine can also determine the right orientation of each of the PCB components before it is placed on top of a PCB.

All in all, if we consider all these working criteria’s, smart design, and the production ability of the Yamaha YS12, it can be concluded that this machine is a highly reliable pick and place machine for safe and error-free PCB manufacturing.

3. Is the Yamaha YS12 Pick and Place Machine Still Popular in the PCB Manufacturing Industries?

Since the Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine can easily handle various products while manufacturing the printed circuit boards, it is one of the most reliable machines.

Apart from that, the Yamaha YS12 also can handle a wide range of components and product complexity.

With these modern and advanced features and the Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine’s working capacity, this machine has become a highly popular and reliable pick and place machine in the PCB industry.

Hence, with a Yamaha YS12, you can keep your PCB manufacturing business/outcomes to keep up with the market’s evolutionary electronic components and packaging solutions.


4. What is the Yamaha YS12 Manufacturing Speed?

While the measurements and component size of a Yamaha YS12 can depend upon the manufacturer or customization details, commonly, this pick and place machine comes with the following measurements:

  • Length: 1.25 meters
  • Heads:10 inline

With this measurement, the modern-day Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine manufacturing is combined with a new recognition system.

With these measurements and the overall modern mechanical and electrical working of the Yamaha YS12, this pick and place machine can work at a speed of 0.18sec/HP.

5. How Many PCBs can be Manufactured Using the Yamaha YS12?

As mentioned earlier, the speed of a normal Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine is up to 0.18sec/HP.

This operating speed of the Yamaha YS12 makes it one of the fastest pick and place machine in the market.

With this speed, the Yamaha YS12 can mount up to 20,000CPH.

Hence, this makes the perfect pick and place machine for mounting the PCB components and performing various other manufacturing business tasks.


6. What are the Important Features of a Yamaha YS12? 

The Yamaha YS12 comes with various important components that make the Yamaha YS12 a modern and highly efficient pick and place machine.

These components also make its automatic functioning and performance more efficient and reliable.

Some such important components/features of a Yamaha YS12 include:

  • Tray
  • Built-in tape

Both these features of the Yamaha YS12 can be operated with a single command, thanks to this machine’s automatic working.

Apart from his, the Yamaha YS12 also can work with special types of nozzles.

While these nozzles are also an important feature of this pick and place machine, they can be adjusted according to the daily work efficiency demands.

7. Is the Yamaha YS12 a Safe Pick and Place Machine?

The Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine is a highly reliable and efficient machine for manufacturing the printed circuit boards.

Since this machine is robotic, it makes tough, challenging and highly demanding PCB manufacturing more convenient.

Since the modern-day requirements of safe and reliable PCBs have become more complex, the usage of a robotic pick and place machine, like Yamaha YS12, can be the best machine for integrating even the tiniest components circuit board with perfection and safety.

With all these features, this robotic pick and place machine ensures that PCB manufacturing is managed safely while integrating every component of the PCB.


8. What are the Benefits of a Yamaha YS12?

There are various benefits of a Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine since it is a highly efficient robotic machine.

Some such benefits of using this efficient machine include:

  • High productivity (more than any other pick and place machines with the ability to manufacture 20k components per hour)
  • Ability to be adjusted according to 120 feeder positions
  • It consists of low ownership costs
  • It consists of a compact size
  • Includes side view and scanning camera for more efficient and reliable usage
  • Extremely easy to use, making it the perfect manufacturing machine for professionals and non-professionals.

9. Where can You Purchase a Yamaha YS12 Pick and Place Machine? 

While there are plenty of manufacturers and suppliers of the Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine, you must choose the most reliable one’s.

This includes looking for services like:

  • Reliable machine supplier
  • Usage of high-quality components
  • Exchange and repair services
  • Affordable rates
  • Warranty

10. What is the difference of  YAMAHA YS12 and YAMAHA YG12?

 Same point

1. All belong to the modular machine developed by YMH
2. HEAD adopts motor control
3. The applied PCB size is the same (L510XW460MM L50X50MM)
4. There are restrictions on the size of components, unless a fixed camera is added, but the speed will be affected. The so-called HEAD CAMERA is meaningless (component recognition application range 0402-20MM)
5. The speed of IPC9850 seems to be 36000, but in practice it is probably around 17000-19000. Little RB likes to advertise. But in reality, YS is definitely faster than YG. How can pneumatic FEEDER be better than electronic FEEDER.
6. The voltage used is the same.
7. The accuracy is the same. The accuracy of the two devices is +/-0.05MM? /chip(u+30)
8. Same weight, both are 1340KG
9. All use ANC STATION device (replace NOZZLE device)
10. All the tracks adopt three-point positioning, and the balance can be adjusted at any time.
11. NOZZLE can be used universally.


1. FEEDER is different.

YG12 claims to be compatible with all previous models of YAMAHA FEEDER (FS, CL, FV models) and now it is exclusively equipped with YG12 FEEDER which is the FT model. I think the previous FEEDER is OK, but now the batch of FEEDER bought by our company is really bad.

Especially the FS model is simply water. Although the new model adopts the SONY press material style, it feels that it is more likely to collide. I always follow the old ways of others. I weighed the weight of the next two CL models and three FS models of FEEDER. Its material is a word, bad.

The SS model electric FEEDER adopted by YS is small and exquisite, equipped with automatic scrap cutting function. I don’t know what its quality is. It takes time to measure.
YS12 is electric, YG12 is mechanical

2. Different air pressure requirements

The air pressure requirement of YS12 is 0.45MPA, and YG12 is pneumatic FEEDER, which requires a higher air pressure, and the air pressure is above 0.55MPA.
Different size

The volume of YS12 is L1464XW1542X1450,

YG12 volume is L1254XW1440X1450

smd line machine

11,What products can YAMAHA YS12 used for?

  1. PCB LED Bulb Light Assembly

  2. TV assembly
  3. Cellphone/smart phone assembly/Mobile phone
  4. LED street light assembly
  5. LED Display assembly
  6.  Lens Assembly

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13, About us

Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years’ experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
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※ We can customize variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

※ We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.

14, Main seaports in China

When shipping goods from China to the worldwide, there are several ports from where the products can be shipped.

These include;

  • Hong Kong seaport
  • Port of Shenzhen
  • Port of Ningbo
  • Xiamen seaport
  • Qingdao seaport
  • Taipei seaport
  • Shantou seaport
  • Port of Zhanjiang
  • Port of Guangzhou and many more


While not every SMT production line machine manufacturer and supplier offers these services, CNSMTLine can be a reliable option in this regard.

With a 1-year warranty, high-quality manufacturing, and supportive customer service, you can get the best Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine at CNSMTLine.


These are all the queries regarding the Yamaha YS12 pick and place machine.

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us.

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