YAMAHA YS12 Pick And Place Machine

CNSMT provide you the good working condition YAMAHA YS12 pick and place the machine in China, YAMAHA YS12 is a high-end surface mounter SMT equipment, with 10 nozzle heads on the machine.

And with an electronics feeder base, using smart electronics feeders for the YAMAHA YS12 assembly SMD machine. This is a high-cost effective SMT pick and place machine, compared with other brands of assembly machine, YAMAHA YS12 is more stable and long-life. You will love to have it.

  • Multi-Mounted pick and place machine.
  • 10Nos heads nozzle
  • Multi-camera option.
  • PCB Max Size:510(L)  x  460(W).
  • 1200mm PCB mounting option
YAMAHA Mounter-YS12
1) Small high-speed module placement machine;
2) 0.1 second/CHIP ultra-high-speed placement (the best condition is 36000 points/hour);
3) In IPC9850 state, the patch speed is up to 24000CPH;
4) Ensure that the entire placement accuracy is up to ±50 microns, and the entire process repeatability is up to ±30 microns;
5) Mounting range is from 01005 micro components to 32mm components;
6) Use a new identification system


Your reliable YAMAHA YS12 pick and place machine supplier

CNSMT provide you SMT full line solution in China, including pick and place machine, SMT solder paste printer, SMT reflow oven, SMT conveyor, SMT SPI, SMT AOI, PCB magazine loader, and unloader, solder wave machine. etc.

We have a lot of used SMT equipment in China, this YAMAHA YS12 is one of the used machine models, most of the foreign customers like to purchase YAMAHA YS12, as this machine few issues, and working smoothly.

So if you want to start up or add more SMT pick and place machines, YAMAHA YS12 will be your first and best choice. contact us to ask for a quick quote here.

FAQs Yamaha Ys12

After reading a lot about Yamaha Ys12 pick and place machine, you may have some questions in your mind.

In the below FAQs section, we have answered a few queries that you may have regarding our pick and place machine.

Please read through!

Q: What is Yamaha Ys12?

Yamaha Ys12 is a pick and place machine that runs at high speed. It helps save time by placing electronic components on PCB in no time.

Q: What is the Use of Yamaha ys12 Pick and Place Machine?

A: Yamaha ys12 Pick and place machine is very useful in the electronic industry. You can use it for the precision placing of electronic components on PCB. With this machine, you can easily place capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits, and more components onto the PCBs in less time.

Further, it is also a very useful machine for the automotive and electrical industries. Buy the best Yamaha Ys12 from CNSMT.

pcb-link conveyorQ: What Are The Features Of Yamaha Ys12 Pick And Place Machine?

A: Yamaha Ys12 is a very powerful pick and place machine that makes component placing work so easy for you. Here are a few features of this machine.

  • It comes with a compact platform design and ensures flexible line arrangement in your PCB site
  • Its 10 inline heads and recognition system ensure 36, 000CPH
  • The maximum feeder capacity of Yamaha Ys12 is 120 lanes
  • It is best suited for large size PCB
  • There is a built-in tape cutter in this pick and place machine

Q: Which Industry Type Can Use Yamaha Ys12 Machine?

A: Yamaha’s fully automatic pick and place machine is suitable for many industries, including electronics, automotive, and electrical manufacturing. CNSMT produces high-quality Yamaha Ys12 machines that come with a standard non-comprehensive warranty, including free installation, training, service, and support.

pcb-inspection conveyorQ: Can I Get Used Yamaha ys12 Pick And Place Machine From You?

A: CNSMT deals in new and used Yamaha Ys12 machines. We not only produce the new pick and place machines but also sell the used machines which are in good condition.

So, yes, you can get used Yamaha ys12 to pick and place machines from us at affordable and genuine prices.

Q: Do You Also Provide The Training To Operate Pick And Place Machine?

A: yes, we provide detailed training to use our Yamaha ys12 pick and place machine. After buying this machine from us, you can send your engineers, and we will explain every function to him or them.

On top of this, we also provide a manual with explained images to operate the machine. We have over r 15years of experience in Yamaha pick and place machine field and know everything about it in detail.

yamaha-smt-machineQ: How Does Yamaha ys12 Pick and Place Machine Work?

Yamaha ys12 pick and place machine is basically a robotic device. It uses the vacuum to pick a component from a piece of tape, after this, it rotates the component to the right orientation, and then place it on a PCB.

At first, this process may take a few hours to set up a machine, but once everything is ready, it is very fast. A quality pick and place machine from CNSMT help you to build a lot of electronics in less time.

Q: Do You Sell  Spare Parts of Yamaha ys12 Pick and Place Machine

A: Yes, CNSMT sells the spare parts of Yamaha Ys12 pick and place machine. We understand that buying a complete machine can be expensive in case of failure of any spare part. So, we also produce spare parts and sell them at reasonable prices.

yamaha-beltQ: Tips for Pick-And-Place Machine Maintenance

A: Pick and place machine offers the best industrial automation solutions. If you buy this machine, then you also need to ensure it lasts longer and works smoothly. For this, regular maintenance is a must. Here is the maintenance task that you must perform on the place and pick machine from time to time.

  • Do Routine Safety Inspection – the safety of any machine is the primary concern for any industrial. Schedule a monthly inspection to check the evaluation of workplace barriers, light, and safety switches.
  • Clean the Machine Regularly – If you want to extend the expected life of Yamaha Ys12 machine, then clean it on a regular basis. Apply lubrication on parts as this can trap particulates and abrasives. Check the suction nozzles of pick and place machine and add liquid oil. Also, clean the laser head as well as the camera lens regularly.
  • Inspect Parts For Wear – Pick and place machines have many useful components, including grippers, vacuum pickup devices, and shock absorbers. So, all these components should be cleaned for the smooth working of the machine. Inspect every part for wear or fatigue.
  • Inspect All Electrical Aspects – Make sure that every controller mounted on the panel should have proper ventilation and filtration for cooling. Also, inspect the cable connections and cable tracks for abrasive wear.
  • Conduct a Final Evaluation – Once you’ve finished the cleaning process of pick and place machine, conduct a final evaluation of the entire system. The final evaluation of Yamaha Ys12 includes speed, accuracy, and error. This helps to improve efficiency and ensures safety for your workers.

Q: Consider Few Things before Choosing the Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine

A: Here are the things that you need to check before purchasing Yamaha Ys12:

  • Quality – Check the material quality of the machine. Make sure you buy pick and place machine which is durable and made of rust-free material.
  • Smoothness – The pick and place machine should run smoothly to avoid any type of error while pasting components on PCB.
  • Speed – Try to get a Yamaha Ys12 with variable speed options so that you can adjust it according to your requirements and needs at work.
  • Design – The design of the Yamaha ys12 machine, including interior and exterior, matters a lot. Get a machine that looks not only good but also easy to operate.
  • Weight – Buy a Yamaha ys12 pick and place machine that is not too heavy, not too light. Make sure your machine has every essential component and parts to complete your job.


We hope that you have got the answers of your queries. If you want to buy a quality Yamaha Ys12 pick and place machine, then call CNSMT.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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