Samsung SM481 Pick And Place Machine

(Samsung)Hanwha SM481(PLUS) placement machine is a (formerly Samsung placement machine) medium and high speed pick and place machine. SM481  pcb mounting machine mainly has 2 component identification areas. The head flight camera recognizes and fixes a high-precision precision camera. A single machine can complete all product placement independently. Front and rear feeder both can placement and operation

  • Best Condition 40000CPH.
  • 10Nos Head Shaft
  • Support from 01005-42mm QFN.
  • PCB Max Size:460(L)  x  400(W).
  • 45 CAMERA
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What is Samsung SM481 Pick And Place Machine

(Samsung)Hanwha SM481(PLUS) pick and place machine is a high-end smt assembly machine, Its old brand is Samsung, now updated name is Hanwha brand,as it was acquisited by Hanwha, but Samsung SM481 PLUS and Hanwha sm481 plus is the same model, so you no need doubt about this, the specification is completely same.

Before 2016year its called Samsung sm481,not-plus, after 2016 year its was called SM481 Plus, now new machines all called sm481 plus, sm481 only have used machines now.we both have new and used smt Samsung machines in stock, but the price little different.

We have a lot of SMT Samsung/Hanwha sm481 plus in stock, with a competitive rate and high quality, if you are ready to buy this machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.


CNSMT provide you all brands of smt pick and place machines in China, including YAMAHA,JUKI,FUJI,SAMSUNG,PANASONIC,HANWHA, IPULS,SONY,MIREA.ETC.

Panasonic npm pick and place machine is a lastest high speed smd machine in the world, Its made from Japan, and its sells very well recently years.If your products need high precision surface mounting machine, Then Panasonic npm is your best choice.

JUKI RS-1 Chip Mounting Machine is a high-end and high-speed PCB Pick and place machine, which mainly for chip components mounting.

Here have front and rear feeder station option, or fix and movable feeder plate option

YAMAHA YS12F is a multi-chip mounting machine, with a high-effective electric feeder. It can handle from 01005 to 55mm IC components, and option ATS will greatly save your labor cost, its the best choice for start-up business

Fuji NXT SMD Pick And Place Machine is a high-precision surface mounting machine, we have both used and new FUJI NXT SMD machine now, NXTIII have new machine, NXTI and nxtII are used type, cause they are already stopped production

CNSMT-ASE smt stencil printing machine is a popular china brand automatic printer, Which is made by CNSMT company, so we are the first-hand machine resource.

CNSMT is the leading smt reflow oven manufacturer in China. With years of experience, we have the strong engineering capability to serve you smd oven. Ourreflow oven is available in a range of types, styles, sizes, and configurations. It also can be customized to the specific application.


Samsung SM481 is the one of the fastest devices in its class that is enhanced for the VISION system on the basis of the high-speed placement machine SM471.

It is equipped with a cantilever 10 axes, a new flight camera, and an optimized Material/placement action to achieve the world’s fastest 39,000CPH in its class.

In addition, it can support the components from 01005  to the 42mm IC and can use the electric feeder, The electric feeder greatly improves productivity and placement quality.

It can be shared with SM pneumatic feeders, thus maximizing customer convenience

pcb-inspection conveyor


Do you desire an electrically powered, high-speed, and high-precision feeder with an advanced flexible mounter? CNSMT will take into account your choices and needs. Where CNSMT produces all different kinds of machinery as well as customized machines and other spare parts. As I previously stated, we have all the machines you could possibly need, including the Hanhwa SM481 PLUS, and because it is in advanced condition and is exerting more high speed, it is even more powerful. I can promise you that all of our equipment is in excellent shape, making it dependable, strong, and long-lasting.

Latest version of SM481 PLUS

Are you one of those individuals that require this equipment?

If so, move quickly so that you don’t get bored because with the new vacuum system and optimized pickup/placement motion SMART Feeder, we can expect and ensure speed and fast production as well as the coverage of the components suitable for the whole. The goal of high-speed placement is to encompass as many components as possible promptly timely manner.
A general-purpose, high-speed engine from the SM series
nozzles and a high-speed piano head with placers are offered
the choice for an upward camera.

samsung sm471 pick and place machine

Fast and Relaible HANWHA SM481 PLUS

Have you ever seen anything like it, fast and Reliable?
Imagine chip placement speed of up to 40,000 CPH it’s unbelievable, right?
What makes the Hanwha Plus SM481’s chip placement speed of up to 40,000 CPH possible? Because it is equipped with a head that has ten spindles and a gantry
Which is lacking in comparison to other component placers, even those in the same class, and which also has a new flying vision by maximizing pickup and placement motion and the chip placement speed of this version, which is based on the SM471 high-speed chip shooter platform, is the fastest of component placers in its class.

Quickest medium-speed Samsung pick and place machine

Additionally, it works with ICs as small as 42mm and 0402 chips. Using high-speed, high-precision electrically driven feeders has increased actual productivity and placement quality. It also improves the user’s operational convenience because it is made to be suitable with SM series pneumatic feeders.

Then what? As stated above Its machine has a high-speed one-gantry design and a head with 10 nozzles, allowing it to be operated from only one side. Surprisingly, the machine boasts of being able to apply the most PCB among the component installers from the SM series due to its capacity to build tall boards with lengths of up to 1,500mm. Also, the SM481PLUS uses Hanwha’s proprietary on-the-fly recognition technology to set chips at 40,000 CPH and QFPs one per 1.1 seconds (one at full speed). This makes it the quickest medium-speed component placer available.



Hanwha placement machine SM481plus model parameters:
  1, positioning: flight camera + fixed camera (optional)
  2, the number of mounting shafts: 10 shafts x1 cantilever
  3, placement speed: 40,000 CPH (* excellent conditions)
  4, corresponding components:
   01005 ~ □ 42mm (H 15mm)
  5, PCB size (mm):
   460 (L) x 400 (W) 510 (L) x 460 (W) (optional)
   610 (L) x 510 (W) (option) 740 (L) x 460 (W) (option)
  6, PCB thickness: 0.38-4.2mm
  7, the number of feeders (8mm benchmark): 120ea / 112ea
  8, energy consumption:
   Power supply AC200 / 208/220/240/380 / 415V (50 / 60HZ, 3Phase)
   Air consumption 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf / cm2) 160N / min
  9, Dimensions: 1,650 (L) x 1,680 (D) x 1,530 (H)
  10, weight: about 1655kg
A new chip shooter from HANWHA that is highly trustworthy is the SM481 PLUS

Ten positioning heads and one gantry are amazing, isn’t it?
users may quickly master the machine and make the most of it with the help of simple-to-use technology. The polygonic algorithm automatically finds component outlines on challenging components, and the standard component library comprises more than 1800 shapes.





Samsung sm481 machine

Samsung sm481 is a high-speed placement machine. It has been introduced in the market with extraordinary features which make it perfect as well as suitable for you and your business. The chip theoretical speed 39,000CPH is added in the Samsung SM 481 which makes it more perfect to perform the placement working in a more reliable way.

There are a number of other features of the machine which are as Mounting range 0402Chip ~ □ 42mmIC, Placement accuracy plus or minus 0.03mm,n PCB size 460 (L) * 400 (W)
Equipment size 1650 X 1680 X 1530MM, Power AC200 / 208/220/240/380, Equipment weight 1655KG, and many others just for the sake of making your working more advanced.

You should not worry at all. You need to experience the machine at least once in your life. You will never even imagine to replace it with the other one. It leads to the perfection of work. The most important thing about the machine is that all parts are made up of quality material. The usage of quality material makes the machine perfect for the usage of the long term. That will save both; your time as well as money.
The Samsung sm481 machine is operated fully automatically. You need to trap in mental agitation because of moving again and again for the purpose of giving the command to perform, end and resume working. It will also help you to save money amazingly only because of the function of automatic. You need to perform all its functions by giving command once or twice.

The external dimension of the machine is 1650(L)*1680(D)*1530(H). The machine can also be moved toward different directions just for the purpose of your ease. PCB Standard Transport Direction is from left to right, and right to left. You are suggested to experience the machine, offered by Cnsmt, for the purpose of placement, you will really love to feel proud of the decision of the addition of the Samsung sm481 machine.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

how they can ensure that this machinery for sale is high quality?

we guarantee that each set of machines is under rigorous testing before it is shipped to you, to ensure the excellent performance of all products.

How about the payment?

Will the initial 30% must be paid in full, and the remaining 70% must be paid before shipping we will begin preparing for your order in accordance with the attached invoice once we get confirmation of your full payment. Also, we are ready to help in any way we can, including by giving you access to a wide selection of SMT tools and solutions. We can also offer technical assistance that is knowledgeable. We offer both OEM and ODM services and we’re pleased to inform you that the equipment you ordered from us should show up 35 days after SMTlink gets your money.

How do I purchase this item from you?

There are several alternatives, and the method is straightforward:
To start, go to our website SMTlink and do a google search to discover all of our sales and services.
Second, if you have any questions concerning this equipment, you can contact or chat with us.
One of the reasons you should use SMTlink is that we make sure to be there to help you when you inquire about or purchase one of our offerings. This makes us conveniently accessible to our esteemed customers. Yes, also! Our devoted consumers may anticipate genuine devices in top shape.

Can I purchase some sort of equipment from you?

The solution is most likely! No matter what, and where you are we are always prepared to help you, dear customers. Since SMTlink currently has all the machinery we require, including PCB lines, SMT pick and place machines, SMT stencil printers, AOI-SPI, and THT inserting machines, it is no longer necessary to hunt for another provider. We also provide equipment to finish PCB fabrication. Additionally, SMTlink provides a HANWHA SM481 PLUS SMT Pick and Place Machine that is affordable and usable.

How will you transport our order taker?

Simply said, we transport your order by freight or sea freight, and we inspect it to ensure it is of the greatest caliber Compared to air shipment, marine freight is often slower, far less expensive, and less dependable. Thankfully, maritime transport generates a lot fewer emissions than air cargo.

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