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CNSMT is a professional solder paste mixer manufacturer in China, who can provide good quality and competitive price for you, we not only make standard solder paste mixer machine but also customize all kinds of size solder paste mixer depends on your requirements, just ask for a quote now!

  • Power supply: AC 220 V/110V 50hz; 60 W
  • Working ability:Using adapter, 500g × 2 cans;(750g/1000g option)
  • Time setting: 0.1 ~ 9.9Mins
  • Size: 420 × 420 × 520mm W × D × H
  • Weight: 40Kg
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What is solder paste mixer machine

We introduce an amazing piece of equipment. Its name is the solder paste mixer. One of its purposes is to process the SMT chip and use it to mix the solder paste with the solder.

SMD manufacturers use manual stirring to mix the solder paste, which is time-consuming, but this solder paste mixer can satisfy the customer because the solder paste mixer makes the job easier and better. After all, it reduces the time it takes to mix compared to manual mixing.

The solder paste mixer is a fully automatic way of mixing solder paste. The equipment’s internal motor rotates and turns, which is the mixing concept.

The solder paste mixer has several advantages over manual mixing, including the ability to arbitrarily regulate the direction and duration of stirring as well as the unchanging mixing speed. It is also quicker and more accurate.

It will automatically stop after the designated stirring period has passed, increasing mixing efficiency while reducing labor expenses. The mixing process takes longer and is not very consistent.
The two solder pastes can be blended and mixed. Regulated operating times and guaranteed solder paste softness are the key advantages of closed-type stirring. The old and new solder pastes can be blended and swirled together to produce more active new solder pastes.

A microprocessor-driven automatic solder paste mixer makes up this equipment. It has features including an efficient stirrer, rapid mixing, and simplicity of usage.

The mixing process uses the rotation and revolutions of the motor. The SMT printing procedure is thereby made simpler. Solder paste can now be swiftly warmed while being mixed equally and utilized straight away, eliminating the need to remove the chilled solder paste from the refrigeration to dewater it.
Furthermore, the solder paste rapidly collects moisture from the air when it is mixed, especially when done manually, which lessens the soldering effect. However, it can be prevented by using a solder paste mixer. You don’t have to worry because it is sure and reliable. You can expect excellent results from it.

solder paste mixer serials

The solder paste mixer can effectively stir the solder powder and the solder paste evenly. Achieve more perfect printing and reflow effects, saving manpower and standardizing this operation. Of course, the need to open the can reduce the chance of absorbing water vapor

500g/Tin Solder Paste Mixer is a standard model of the machine, it can support 2nos Tins of solder paste one time, if you only mix one tin of solder paste, then must add a weight of 500g on the another position


750g/Tin Solder Paste Mixer is a mid-size type, CNSMT is a professional solder paste mixer manufacturer in China, who provide you the good quality and competitive rate for you

1000g/Tin Solder Paste Mixer is a large size machine, this type of solder paste mixer machine need to customize after you place an order, cause this is not a standard one, so if you need to purchase 1000g /Tin solder paste mixer, then we will spend 3-5days to make it


The glue mixer machine is used for mix red glue or white gule or black glue before the solder paste printer.this is for standard glue tube,also can customize depends on your tube size.

Digital Solder Paste Mixer

Scope of application: SMT solder paste. Glue. Red glue. silver paste. pigment. paint. AB glue. ink.It with a 3.5inch touch screen on the top of the machine.

Solder paste mixer parts

We provide you all various of solder paste mixer spare parts, like belt,motor,

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CNSMT produce all kinds of smt full line machines in China, including SMT PCB conveyor, PCB loader and unloader,PCB parallel transfer conveyor/loaders,Solder paste warm-up machine,SMT assembly pick and place machine, stencil printer,reflow oven, PCB clean machine,Stencil clean machine,nozzle clean machine, SMT FEEDER,SMT NOZZLE…


The Solder Paste Warm-up A timer machine is a special piece of equipment that makes it simple to control the solder paste’s period. Also, it can save the time needed to paste the solder back to room temperature after removal from the refrigerator. It is an effective way to control the temperature of the solder paste, ensure its activity, guarantee the caliber of the print, and better control the manufacturing schedule.


Our company has created a unique first-in, first-out (FIFO) solder paste device that can make solder paste in the SMT electronics factory refrigerator. This device is designed to make sure that the solder paste placed first is used first, eliminating the need for labeling. This greatly increases the production efficiency of the production line and lowers your company’s operating costs.

Stencil inspection machine

This device may be used to detect a variety of products, including steel mesh, screen printing screens, negative film, SMT, circuit boards, printing, LED mobile phone touch screen covers, and more. The use of the electron microscope equipment in this product can support the user in rapidly and simply identifying product and defect faults, facilitating speedy problem-solving.

Product Advantages


It’s easy to install after you got it, you just need to plug the power supply. press the start key, then run.


As we are manufacture of the solder paste mixer machine, we have a lot of this machine in stock, if you need it urget,we can ready to ship immedately.


We can accept T/T,Western union, paypal, or other method, also can ship to any of oversea counties.

Lasting Durability

The solder paste mixer quality is perfect, we provide you at least one year warranty, if any parts broken,we can ship to you free.

Material Selection

Solder paste mixer made by high-quality raw material

  1. Shell carbon steel bending process
  2. solder paste fixture aluminum alloy oxidation treatment
  3. PVC clamping pad
  4. exterior powder spray paint
  5. stainless steel handle

Main parts list

  • Self-owned brand medium and large motor, speed 1500 rpm
  • high-quality PVC material belt
  • NSK base rotating bearing
  • one counterweight
  • one power cord
  • foot cup
  • acrylic observation window


The solder paste mixer can used for mix solder paste,glue,red glue, white glue,black glue,for SMT assembly factory.

  • Automatic SMD production line
  • Semi-auto SMT assembly line
  • Manual SMD line
  • Customize SMT/THT production lines

Why choose our solder paste mixer machine?


CNSMT is one of the strongest solder paste mixer machine in China,we can make different kinds of smt equipment with competitive rate and perfect after sale service.

We also have over 10 years of export experience, exported to most of the world door to door or CIF to your port, or FOB to your airport.

Your Reliable Solder Paste Mixer Manufacturer

Customize solder paste mixer
  • Regular solder paste mixer 500g/tin
  • 4 tins solder paste mixer machine
  • Other customized mixer machines

When you mix your solder paste, you must use the blade mix it, and choose a suitable size of the blades, we provide you different size of the blades.

CNSMT has dedicade years of solder paste mixer production experience

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Your NO1 Solder paste mixer machine supplier

Cnsmt is one of the famous manufacturers of Solder Paste Mixer Machine in China, It is one of the latest and easiest ways to mix and warm-up solder paste before printing. Mix different metal pieces manually have been an outdated procedure which not only wastes your time but it also gives you a low-quality solder mixture.

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The purpose and usage guidelines for the solder paste mixer’s control panel

• First, remove the top cover.
• Step 2 is to unlock the fixture’s lock.
• Insert the solder paste cans into the fixture after stirring them. Put a can in the left fixture and one in the right fixture if you wish to stir two cans at once. The manufacturer-specified weighted solder paste cans must be used if you only need to mix one can. inserted into any of the fittings The firm offers two sizes of weighted solder paste cans: 500g and 300g.

• Press the start button to turn on the motor and begin the mixing process, remember the top cover should be closed.

• Press this stop button to manually stop the machine from running after setting the running duration so that it stops when it reaches the designated time point. If you wish to force the machine to stop, you can also press this key.

• The mixing time will rise by 0.1 minutes each time you hit this key to modify the time low bit up. When the time low bit is equal to 9 and you press this key, it will revert to 0.

• Select this key to raise the time to a high level. It will increase the stirring time by 1 minute each time. By pressing this key while the time high position is equal to 9, it will return to 0.

• Press this key to change the time high level down. Each time you press, the time will reduce by one minute. Once the time at a high level is equal to 0, press this key once more, and the time will increase to 9.

• Press this key to move the time low-bit downward it is the Key for adjusting the time low-bit downward. Each time the mixing time is cut in half, the time low-bit will increase by nine.

• The highest and minimum stirring times, respectively, are 9.9 minutes and 0.1 minutes. The motor will cease rotating, the time on the display will change to 0.0, and the buzzer will sound for 6 seconds if the working time reaches the preset time. The last specified time value will then appear on the time.

• If the upper cover is opened while the motor is running, the system will protect it by stopping the motor, changing the time on the display to 0.0, and sounding the buzzer for six seconds. In that case, the time will show the most recent set time.

• The buzzer will ring for 6 seconds if you hit the STOP key while the motor is running. The motor will also stop rotating and the time will change to 0.0 on the display. The last specified time value will then appear on the time.
Safety Precautions

• Avoid putting the machine in a hot, humid environment, and keep the machine’s surface clean.

• Handle machinery with care, and make sure it is working in a stable, tidy environment.

• The workers should lock the locks when putting in the solder paste cans to avoid mishaps.

• To avoid crushing the protection switch, avoid placing anything that is excessively heavy on the machine’s top cover.

• To protect the operator from injury, the solder paste can be removed when the motor has stopped.

• Lastly, frequently lubricating and maintaining sealed bearings are not necessary.


  • “I am Alex,we bought this solder paste mixer machine 3years ago, still working good now, and its easy operate,engineer teached us online and videos,Its very nice of them service”

    Alex from USA
  • I am Rajesh, from India, we bought this solder paste mixer and full smt line machines from them, all machines work good and perfect aftersale service

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This solder paste mixer machine brings to you the new technical way of having a high-quality solder.

So, are you looking for a Solder paste Mixer machine that can mix up paste within a very short period by saving your precious time along with the safety of your home or industrial place from the risk of fire because of overheating?

If yes, then our solder paste mixer machine is the most reliable helper that is manufactured perfectly for you while considering its regular usage.

cnsmt solder paste mixer machine provides a 1-year warranty for you, we will replace the machine parts free within 1 year.

Our solder paste mixer machine standard capacity is 2jars per time and 500g solder paste per jar, we can also customize larger size depends on your requirement, To ensure safety from the expected fire because of overheat, temperature monitoring is its best safety feature.

So, solder paste mixer is manufactured under the latest technological innovations like an infrared thermometer which makes the paste mixture perfect for your industrial usage by making it more secure and reliable.

The controlled temperature conditions of the solder paste mixer machine along with white finishing will make it suitable for you because of the eye-grabbing look to beautify the place where it will be placed.

Do not hesitate to invest in the paste mixer machine for perfect kneading of powder and flux.

The solder paste mixer can effectively mix the tin powder and solder paste evenly. Achieve more perfect printing and reflow soldering effects, save manpower and standardize this operation, of course, without opening the jar also reduces the prospect of absorbing moisture.


Specifications of automatic solder paste mixer:
● Power supply: AC 220 V50hz; 60 W/110v
● Operating speed:
● Revolution: 600 1350 revolutions per minute, rotation: 105 revolutions per minute
● Working ability:
Using adapter, 500g × 2 cans;(750g/1000g option)
● Time setting: 0.1 ~ 9.9Mins
● Size: 420 × 420 × 520mm W × D × H
● Weight: 40Kg
  • The solder paste is placed at 45 degrees and rotates along the axis of the axis, the solder paste not adheres to the can lid.
  • Double guard to make sure personal safety.
  • It has the effect of removing bubbles while stirring.
  • The dedicated negative feedback circuit fully considers the method control of solder paste stirring.
  • The speed ratio has been verified by practice to avoid the impact of tin powder and excessive temperature rise on the standard of the solder paste.


This machine is a microcomputer-controlled automatic solder paste mixer. it’s the characteristics of easy operation, fast mixing, and good mixing ability.

During the blending process, the solder paste doesn’t get to be opened, therefore the solder paste won’t be oxidized or moisture.

On the idea of replacing manual stirring, work efficiency, and work quality are greatly improved. Mixing principle: the blending method is that the motor rotation and rotation, without the necessity for cold tin

Schematic diagram of solder paste mixer

Internal schematic diagram of solder paste mixer

After the paste is taken out of the water, the solder paste is often brought back to temperature during a short period of your time, at an equivalent time, it’s stirred evenly and is instantly available, which makes the SMT printing simple;

The new and old solder paste are often mixed and stirred. the most important advantage of the closed stirring is that the fixed time period and therefore the flexibility of the solder paste. (Q property) Stability and mixing old and new solder paste also can obtain more active new solder paste.


How to operate the solder paste mixer machine

  • 1: START button: Start solder paste mixer button, press this button to start out the motor rotation (the top cover must be closed), start the stirring action of solder paste mixer.
  • 2: STOP button: Stop button, press this solder paste mixer button to manually stop stirring. After setting the time period, the solder paste mixer machine can only stop automatically when it runs to the set time point. If you would like to prevent the solder paste mixer machine forcibly, press this button.
  • 3: Time high adjustment key: press this solder paste mixer key to regulating the time high position upwards, whenever you press the stirring time to extend by 1 minute when the time high position is adequate to 9 then press this key will return to 0.
  • 4: Time high down adjustment key: Press this solder paste mixer key to regulate the time high down, whenever you press the stirring time to scale back by 1 minute, press the key again when the time high is adequate to 0 will return to 9.
  • 5: Time low adjustment key: press this key to regulating the time low position upwards, whenever you press the stirring time increases by 0.1 minutes when the time low is adequate to 9 then press this key will return to 0
  • 6: Time low adjustment key: Press this key to regulate the time low position downwards, whenever you press the stirring time to scale back by 0.1 minutes, press the key again when the time low position equals 0 will return to 9.

Supplementary explanation:

  • 1: the utmost stirring time which will be set is 9.9 minutes, and therefore the minimum is 0.1 minutes. If the solder paste mixer working time reaches the set time, the motor will stop rotating, the time displayed on the display becomes 0.0, and therefore the buzzer will sound for six seconds. After the time will display the last set value.
  • 2: When the solder paste mixer motor is functioning, if the upper cover is opened, the system will protect, the motor will stop rotating, the time displayed on the display will become 0.0, and therefore the buzzer will sound for six seconds. After the time will display the last set value.
  • 3: If you press the STOP button while the solder paste mixer motor is functioning, the motor will stop rotating, the time displayed on the display becomes 0.0, and therefore the buzzer will sound for six seconds. After the time will display the last set value.


Solder paste mixer Operation method

  • 1: Open the highest cover.
  • 2: Open the lock of the clamp.
  • 3: Put the tin solder paste mixer jar that must be stirred into the fixture. If you would like to stir two jars at an equivalent time, you’ll put one jar in each of the 2 left and right fixtures. Put in anybody of the fixtures. There are two sorts of counterweight solder paste cans provided by the manufacturer: 500g and 300g.
  • 4: Lock the lock of the fixture.
  • 5: Close the highest cover of the solder paste mixer
  • 6: Press the beginning button to start out the solder paste mixer machine.


  • 1: don’t place the solder paste mixer machine during a humid, heat place, keep the surface of the machine clean.
  • 2: take care when handling the solder paste mixer machine, and therefore the working place of the machine should be stable and clean.
  • 3: When installing tin paste cans, the staff should lock the lock to stop it from happening outside.
  • 4: don’t put too heavy things on the highest cover of the solder paste mixer machine to stop the protection switch from being crushed.
  • 5: Wait until the solder paste mixer motor stops completely before removing the tin paste can to stop the operator from being injured.
  • 6: Sealed bearings don’t require frequent lubrication and maintenance.



What is the solder paste mixer machine

How to use the solder paste mixer machine

What model of the solder paste mixer machine do you have

How long is the solder paste mixer machine warranty

Are you manufacture of the solder paste mixer machine

Can you export the solder paste mixer machine to oversea?

How do you ship to oversea

How to place an order?

Can you guide us if we are not able to operate the solder paste mixer machine

How many years of your company do this solder paste mixer machine

Advantage of solder paste mixer:

1. It is a fully automatic solder paste mixer, which has the characteristics of convenient operation, fast mixing, and good mixing ability;

2. During the mixing process of the solder paste mixer, the solder paste does not need to be opened, so the solder paste will not be oxidized or vaporized;

3. On the basis of replacing manual stirring, work efficiency and work quality are greatly improved;

4. The mixing principle of the solder paste mixer: the mixing method is the motor revolution and rotation mixing method, and the solder paste can be returned to temperature in a short time without taking out the refrigerated solder paste and returning the water. SMT printing process is simplified and standardized;

5. The new and old tin paste can be mixed and stirred. The biggest advantage of the closed stirring is the fixed running time and the flexibility of the solder paste. (Q property) Stability and mixing old and new solder paste can also obtain more active new solder paste

The SMd solder paste mixer CN023 is particularly designed for adjustable mixing experience and easy operation.

With a weight of34kg, the solder cream expertly placed in the tank bottom enables upward transition in a tornado-funnel shaped moving action.

This allows it defoam, stir and soften the solder cream with enough viscosity.

Known for its low noise, SMD solder paste Mixer is characterized by a rare printing experience made possible by its industry-standardwettability.

Simple, yet elegant, it has become the favorite of our buyers especially with its safety and convenience for pick and place. A nice purchase for all.

With an aim of producing the world’s most authentic  SMT goods our company has established a significant trust all over the world.

CNSMT has been in the SMT for over 10 years now, therefore the experience and quality delivered by our products never  fails to impress our customers.

We have hundred’s of high-quality machines and SMT spare parts in stock.

Located in the holy city-Shenzhen, near to Shenzhen international airport CNSMT believes in incessant improvement.

The successful  10 year journey of our company is only because of our completely satisfied existing customers.

We work hard each day to bring only the best quality SMT products and that too for the most reasonable prices

CNSMT is a reputable manufacturer of Solder Paste Mixer Machines based in Shenzhen, China. It has launched its latest version for Solder Paste Mixer Machines that caters to the fast demand production of solder paste while maintaining smooth consistency in the product.


It would only take within 10-15 minutes for the solder paste to be ready to use straight out of the machine’s cartridge.


The machine is released in three different models to suit the needs of the consumer based on the heaviness of work and the desired result.


With such, CNSMT caters to all specific needs in the solder paste production by giving consumers the wide array of choices to choose from that is fitted for their production.


How to choose the best solder paste mixer?


Solder paste mixers should have the capacity to produce heavy load of paste production while maintaining the uniform smoothness that is as per standard for a desired result.


A mixer should be designed to withstand continuous mixing of the solder paste and to assure quality and safe standard process.


In CNSMT, we value the quality of work and durability that our machinery provides, thus only manufacturing mixer machines that is well fitted to every consumer demands.


What makes our Solder Paste Mixer the best?


Our utmost priority is providing quality product result for our client through the use of our manufactured equipment.


In CNSMT, we provide three (3) model units for our solder paste mixer machine in order to provide choices that suits your need.

  • CNSMT-SP500
  • CNSMT-SP750
  • CNSMT-SP1000

All units are manufactured with added safety element that comes with our safety interlock activated in times of detection of abnormal vibrations during the use of the machine.

This helps keep the paste in-tack of the cartridges during production. Built to produce uniform quality of paste, the machine does not rely on the skill of the operator since it is designed to have consistency in its product – in terms of smoothness and viscosity.

The CNSMT solder paste mixer machine is designed for an airtight seal to avoid any issues in oxidation and humidity that may affect the quality of the paste.

It is known for its fast readiness of mixing for product to be ready-to-use within 10-15 minutes straight from the cartridge to the stencil, by far the fastest time available compared to other brands present in todays market.

Why choose CNSMT?


  • CNSMT has been taking the lead in China for manufacturing durable and high quality equipment globally competitive to the standard of mass production of commercial products around the globe.


  • With the company’s team of finest sales representative and technical support, every purchased made is guaranteed with a full year warranty of the entire unit purchased.


  • Since we value consumer satisfaction, we provide extended repair support if the unit purchased have some problem within one to two years since the purchased date.


  • The Solder Paste Mixer Machine manufactured by the CNSMT is one of the many highly remarkable models available in the market today.


  • Designed to provide the utmost quality in solder paste production with three models created diversely to fit the demand of your business, with the CNSM-SP500, CNSM-SP750, CNSM-SP1000 provided with easy-to-use manual for user-friendly utilization of the machine.


For assistance in the operating procedure of your unit, our team would gladly assists you step by step – hassle-free!


There is no doubt that solder paste mixing is an integral part of the creation of electronic components. Without this process, it could truly be a nightmare as the electronic components will just fail over time. So about that, you’ll need a solder paste mixer to perform the job.

This particular equipment makes everything more efficient as the solder paste mixing process will be done in a way that is supposed to be done. As a result, you’ll have the peace of mind that the process has finished smoothly and will not give you any problems on the next phases of PCB production.

The two factors that comprise a good solder paste is the right temperature and viscosity. With these two factors having the right amounts of them will result in fault-free PCBs.

In this manner, you will need a reliable Solder Paste Mixer. This is because they can perform the task most securely compared to the less popular brands. In our company, we only sell the best Solder Paste Mixer so that you’ll only get the best value for your money.

We have proven our worth in the industry of SMT manufacturing and reselling. A lot of our clients were satisfied with what they’ve got especially with our Solder Paste Mixer line.

This is because we only sell the best Solder Paste Mixers in the market right now. Our products have undergone tremendous quality checks to ensure that they are up to the mark. With our solder paste mixers, you’ll surely never go wrong. Let us discuss the benefits that you will be getting if you buy our solder paste mixers.

The Advantages of Our Solder Paste Mixers

In this part, we will discuss the advantages that you can get if you will buy our Solder Paste Mixer. Let us start enumerating them down below.

  • You have various brands to choose from: You’ll surely never run out of choices because our solder paste mixers lines include various brands so that there always be a solder paste mixer that is perfect for your specific needs.
  • They are durable: We ensure that the solder paste mixers that you will buy from us will last for a long time. What we do is we check the products thoroughly especially if they are not brand new. This will prevent you from receiving products that do have issues.
  • Amazing designs: Aside from functionalities, our solder paste mixers are known for their great appearance. This makes them more desirable to use and will make your workplace look better.
  • Competitive pricing: The prices of our solder paste mixers are competitive enough and will surely not hurt your budget. They are affordable but at the same time will not compromise the quality at any point.
  • Efficient and Accurate: The solder paste mixers must be accurate in every way possible. This is because the right temperature and viscosity are important.



Why should you buy Solder Paste Mixer from us and not from our competitors?

This is because we only offer the best solder paste mixers in the market right now that you will not find anywhere else. This will assure you that you will only the get best solder paste mixer which is truly a value for your money.

Do you offer a warranty on your Solder Paste Mixer?

Yes as we want to ensure that you are protected as a buyer if ever you found some issues with the solder paste mixer. It will act as a security that you will be in good hands as you will not worry if there are issues with the item as we can replace them or let them be serviced by experts.

Do your Solder Paste Mixers have English Language Support?

Yes, because all people from across the globe must be able to understand all the components that comprise our solder paste mixers.

Do you offer spare parts for your Solder Paste Mixers?

Yes, because we know that there will be a point in time wherein the solder paste mixer will need some replacement on its parts that is why we know that you should be ready. So our solution is to also sell solder paste mixer parts so that you will have sufficient supply when you need it most.

How long will our Solder Paste Mixers last?

Solder Paste Mixers are pretty durable equipment that is why you should not worry about if it will last long or not. With proper use and care, you can use it for extended periods without worrying about anything.

Does your Solder Paste Mixers need a trained operator for its usage?

This equipment is very easy to use that is why you do not have to worry because it will not give you difficulties when you are using it. But it is suggested that trained operators use it so that you can achieve the results that you are looking for.

Why do your Solder Paste Mixers much cheaper compared to your competitors?

The answer to this is that we do not put too much profit on every equipment that we are selling because we want our customers to have a quick ROI. So we sell affordable products that do not compromise their ability to have a good performance, so you are getting the best value for your money.

Do your Solder Paste Mixers easy to maintain?

Yes, because the solder paste mixers that we are selling do not require that much maintenance for them to function properly giving you the best experience as you can save a lot of time and effort from maintenance.



Do you repair Solder Paste Mixers?

Although we do not repair solder paste mixers, we provide tremendous service in case you need it. Our support team is so reliable that will surely answer all your inquiries the soonest as possible time.

How long does the delivery time take for the Solder Paste Mixers to arrive?

The delivery time only takes a few days depending on your location. Also, external factors such as weather conditions and the current situation in the country.

Why buy our solder paste mixers?

Now you know that our solder paste mixers have topnotch quality and features, you have to understand you’ll get the best experience.

So do not look anywhere else and consider getting a solder paste mixer from our company. The productivity will surely increase for sure which will result in greater profits.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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