Wholesale SMT YAMAHA ZS12/16MM FEEDER(KLJ-MC200-00)

CNSMT is one of the strongest SMT machines and SMT YAMAHA FEEDER suppliers and manufacturers in China, we deal with Japan-made YAMAHA ys electric used and new feeders, and also have China-made YAMAHA SS/ZS smart feeder.

Provide you the best quality and competitive price of the YAMAHA ZS12/16MM FEEDER KLJ-MC200-000, If you are looking for this kind of feeder, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible.



  • Original new and used or China made available
  • Used for SMT Yamaha ysm10 ysm20 ys12/24 pick and place machine
  • Fully auto electronics/smart YAMAHA feeder
  • Lead time: in stock.
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Export to worldwide
  • Free after-sale service
  • Fast delivery


Part number;KLJ-MC200-000/001/002/003/004/005/006/007/100

Application:YAMAHA YS12/YS24/YSM10/YSM20/YSM40R assembly machine

Exporter: CNSMT

KLJ-MC100-000 KLJ-MC100-003 ZS8MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC200-000 KLJ-MC200-003 ZS12/16MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC400-000 KLJ-MC400-002 ZS24MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC500-000 KLJ-MC500-002 ZS32MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC600-000 KLJ-MC600-002 ZS44MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC700-000 KLJ-MC700-002 ZS56MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC800-000 KLJ-MC800-002 ZS72MM FEEDER
KLJ-MC900-000 KLJ-MC900-002 ZS88MM FEEDER

CNSMT is a professional Yamaha zs/ss electric feeder supplier and manufacturer in China, KLJ-MC200-000 is zs12/16mm feeder, which is widely used for Yamaha ys12 ys24 ysm10 ysm20 ysm40r pick and place machine

What type of zs12/16mm (KLJ-MC200-000) feeder do you have?

  • Japan new
  • Japan used
  • China new

If your Yamaha ys assembly machine needs more feeders, please contact us and get the best quote online or by email. we will respond to you shortly.

This KLJ-MC200-000 zs12/16mm feeder can be used for all the ys pick and place machines

So you don’t need to worry about it, this is the most stable and qualified electronics feeder in the world

What is the difference of zs12mm and zs16mm feeder?

  • Actually ZS12MM and ZS16MM feeder are the same one feeder, you don’t need to buy 2 different feeders
  • Only difference is feeder tape cover , 12mm and 16mm feeder tape cover different
  • While you ordering the new KLJ-MC200-000 ZS12/16MM Feeder from us, we will give you both 12mm and 16mm tape cover
  • When you use 12mm ,you just need to install 12mm tape cover
  • When you use 16mm, you exchange to 16mm tape cover is ok

We provide you bellow Yamaha electronics feeder :

yamaha YS12,YS12F,YS12P,YS24,YS24X,YS88,YS100,YSM10,YSM20,YSM20W,YSM40,YSM40R pick and place FEEDER
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 8mm feeder, KLJ-MCN00-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 8mm feeder, KLJ-MC100-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 12/16mm feeder, KLJ-MC200-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 24mm feeder, KLJ-MC400-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 32mm feeder, KLJ-MC500-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 44mm feeder, KLJ-MC600-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 56mm feeder, KLJ-MC700-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 72mm feeder, KLJ-MC800-000
YAMAHA ZS Electronics 88mm feeder, KLJ-MC900-000

YAMAHA ZS Electronics 104mm feeder, KLJ-MCA00-000

If we need your KLJ-MC200-000 ZS12/16MM FEEDER urgently, can you ship it to us immediately?

Of course, we have a lot of YAMAHA electric feeders in stock, if you need any model of Yamaha feeder, we can ready and ship it to you immediately

What about the condition of used YAMAHA ZS12/16MM FEEDER?

If you don’t have enough budget to purchase Original new Yamaha electric feeder, Original used will be your best choice, as Yamaha electric feeder not easy broken, original used feeder also in good condition

Before shipment, our engineer will maintain and calibrate it well to make sure to keep it in good working condition

If our yamaha KLJ-MC200-000 ZS12/16MM FEEDER has an accuracy problem, what should we do?

  • Try teach on machine
  • Buy a YAMAHA electric feeder calibration jig
  • You will get a good accuracy after using the feeder calibrate jig

We have a lot of YAMAHA electric feeders in our factory, do you have any storage or trolley for them、

Sure!if you have a lot of these yamaha feeders, you must buy a Yamaha feeder storage or cart, it like bellow photo, it has 2 layers , up and down both have 40 positions for 8mm feeder,

one trolley will storage 80pcs feeders ,its a cost-effective tool for your feeders


If we want to adjust the feeder pitch from 4mm to 8mm, what should we do?

Very easy ! 2 options you can do

  • Adjust in the machine, you just need to select the pitch which you want to set in the machine is ok
  • Adjust on the feeder loading device, press the green key up and down, it will show every pitch, then you choose the one which you want.


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CNSMT Supply SMT full line machines in China, and export to all over the world, including

  1. SMT printers
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  5. PCB loader and unloader
  6. PCB buffer
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  9. Wave soldering machine
  10. PCB coating machine
  11. Dispenser machine
  12. laser machine
  13. SMT feeder
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  15. SMT spare parts
  16. PCB Trolley
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  18. ESD PCB magazine
  19. SMT FEEDER Cart
  20. ETC


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