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CNSMT is one of the most reliable PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer manufacture and supplier in China, Who has a professional SMT machine factory, and can produce a different kinds of SMT and PCB devices for you, such as SMT PCB conveyors, PCB loader and unloaders, PCB NG/OK buffer, PCB stacker machine, PCB turn conveyor.etc

We can export to worldwide with fast delivery, and good after-sale services, if you have any need of SMT line machines or small devices, please don’t hesitate contact us.

  • Variety size of PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer machine
  • The free standard package for export
  • Customize all kinds of PCB buffer.
  • 250mm-500mm avaible
  • Compatible SMEMA interface
  • Fast delivery.
Technical parameters
1. PCB board thickness: minimum 0.6mm
2. The maximum capacity of the circuit board: 20-25 pieces (optional)
3. Cycle time: about 8 seconds
4. Transmission direction: left→right right→left (according to customer requirements)
5. Air pressure: 4-6 bar, up to 10 liters/minute
6. Power supply and load: 100-230V AC (user specified), single phase, maximum 250 VA
7. Used in SMT production line inspection equipment for sub-inspection of NG bad boards, or for buffering before and after equipment with gaps in working speed. To
8. PLC control system, true color touch screen man-machine control
9. Strong design with steel structure welded firmly
10. Adopt double screw rod to rise and fall
11. Multiple electrical power distribution circuit protection, safe and stable
12. Comprehensive multiple functions, first in first out, first in last out, pass-through mode optional
13. The touch screen of the device can identify three states: NG bad, OK, and no board
14. Compatible with SMEMA interface
15. Dimensions: 600*1200*1700MM


Functional characteristics of OK/NG PCB buffer machine:

The large-screen man-machine touch screen control interface and human dialogue become easier.
Integrate temporary storage, pass-through, upper board and lower board functions in one;
Servo motor + imported ball screw + rack distance measurement: lifting positioning, accurate, reliable, and never superimposed tolerance;
The push plate is a double-section structure, which can adjust the push plate pressure of the pneumatic push rod;
Effective push-board design can ensure that the PCB is not damaged;
This machine has the function of sound and light alarm for faults, and the troubleshooting is intuitive and simple;
The width adjustment screw is designed with fangs: excellent smoothness;
Smaller machine footprint
Compatible SMEMA interface, convenient for online automatic online operation with other equipment;
It is suitable for various SMT machines, balances the front and rear speeds, plays a buffering role, and can also be used for the upper or lower board function.

■ Using high-performance PLC control, it has the characteristics of stable operation and stronger anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

■ The machine frame adopts δ2MM cold rolled steel

What kind of PCB/SMT buffer /Conveyor machine do you produce?

  • PCB Buffer Conveyor
    PCB handling system
    Single magazine line loader
    Multi-magazine line loader
    Dual magazine line loader
    Triple magazine line loader
    Edge belt conveyor
    Inline workstation
    Reject conveyor
    LIFO buffer
    FIFO/LIFO slot style
    FIFO/LIFO belt style
    Single magazine combo buffer pass-through
    Multi-magazine combo buffer pass-through
    Lift gate conveyor
    Shuttle gate
    Telescopic shuttle gate
    Side shuttle
    Turn unit
    Single magazine line unloader
    Multi-magazine line unloader
    Dual magazine line unloader
    Triple magazine line unloader
    Chain conveyors
    Flat belt conveyor
    Laser marker
    Laser marker inverter
    Laser marker dual head
    Brush cleaner

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PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER – The Complete FAQ Guide

With different kinds of printed circuit boards, various technological manufacturing methods are introduced.

A wide range of the different SMT PCB line manufacturing technologies performs differently to prepare these wide varieties of PCBs.

Depending on these PCB types, the PCB buffer is also utilized as a crucial PCB manufacturing machine.

One common PCB buffer known as the multifunctional buffer is the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER.

The buffer process helps the PCB perform more efficiently and fully prepare the PCB according to the market demands.

Hence, if you’re setting up a PCB manufacturing business/factory, you will need a high-quality and reliable PCB buffer.

For helping you make the right purchase, we’ve discussed the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER below in detail.

So before you make a PCB buffer purchase, make sure you look into this guide and understand this PCB manufacturing machine in more detail.


As mentioned earlier, the PCB buffer or PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER serves in buffering the PCB during its manufacturing.

However, the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB, NG/OK BUFFER, isn’t like other basic buffer machines.

Instead, this PCB buffer machine serves as a multifunction machine that effectively buffers various printed circuit boards.

The PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB, NG/OK BUFFER, is used on the PCBs after another testing machine’s like the AOI and SPI.

At the end of other testing, this buffering ensures that the PCBs have a final touch of quality for better performance.

2. Why is the PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER Used?

The different kinds of PCB modes determine the kind of PCB it is.

Therefore, for different PCBs specific method of buffering is needed.

For this, the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER is used as a multifunction PCB buffering machine.

This machine is designed to buffer different PCB modes, i.e., FIFO, LIFO, pass-through mode, etc.

The working of this buffer consists of a PCB transferring process through the special ESD rollers. These rollers transfer the PCB onto the pick-up location.

After this transfer, the buffer lifts the PCB’s metal support bars carefully from the conveyor segment.

Afterward, these PCBs are stored there until the downstream request is passed.

In the end, the PCBs come out with a professional and efficient buffering result.

3. What are the Features of a PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER?

Since the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER serves as a multifunctional and equally essential component of the SMT line production machines, it has various advanced features.

These features make the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER a highly reliable, modern, and easy-to-use buffer for the professionals and the novice.

Some common features include:

  • A buffer conveyor is used after the stencil printer, or the reflow oven is used on the PCB for the buffer process/function. Most PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER come with the option of using NG buffer or OK pass during the buffer process of various PCBs.
  • It allows you to choose between FIFO or LIFO PCBs, depending upon your customer/factory manufacturing requirements.
  • It has a servo motor. This motor helps control the lifting process of the PCBs along with their downward position, making the process more accurate and secure for the PCBs and operator.
  • There is an abnormal alarm function. This alarm function allows the operator to manage easy maintenance without facing any issues or complications of self-checking or examining the PCB during their buffering.
  • Slot status changing feature is also present in these buffers. With this feature, the user can change the slot status independently for each PCB.
  • It also allows you to adjust the conveyor width. For this, a handwheel allows easy width adjustment according to the PCB type and dimensions.
  • Its user-friendly touch screen control panel allows easy usage of the buffer for anyone, making it a smart and efficient buffer machine for PCB manufacturing.

4. What are the Components of a PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER?

The PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER is a multifunction buffer machine for the PCBs.

This buffer machine handles various PCBs and buffers them for the final touch for the PCB’s efficient performance.

Hence, there are plenty of components present in the v that make it a reliable option for buffering all PCBs. These components include:

  • Reject mode for buffering the defective/bad boards.
  • Additional PCB boards capacity section
  • SMEMA cable (depends on the supplier, and whether you need it or not)
  • Touchscreen panel for easy operation
  • Width adjustment for electrical conveyor
  • Width adjustment for automatic conveyor
  • Input or output conveyor (cantilevered)
  • Cooling system
  • Dust cover the internal and output conveyor

These are the basic and crucial components/features present in ta PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER.

Other than this, there are plenty of other components that can be added according to your PCB requirements, depending upon the supplier you choose.

5. What is the Capacity of the PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER?

The PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER has an average capacity of buffering 20 PCBs at a time.

Hence, this multifunctional buffer machine may not be a suitable option for large-scale PCB buffering needs.

However, depending on the dimensions and supplier, you can get a PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER having a max capacity of buffering up to 25 PCBs at a time.

6. Where can You Purchase a High-Quality PCB LIFO/FIFO Buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER?

There are plenty of PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

However, to get the best PCB buffer operation and efficient PCB manufacturing in the end, it’s crucial that you purchase the most reliable supplier/manufacturer that guarantees high-quality PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER manufacturing.

For this, CNSMTLine serves as a reliable PCB buffer supplier that focuses on using high-quality components.

So the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER offered by them can surely last for years while performing efficiently for your PCB manufacturing business/factory.


These are the important queries regarding the PCB LIFO/FIFO buffer PCB NG/OK BUFFER. If you have any other queries, feel free to get in touch with us.


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