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  • Electric control.
  • cleaning system
  • a rinsing system.
  • a drying system
  • a filtering system
  • Customize all kinds of smt stencil machines for you
  • Strong manufacturer of the stencil clean machine
Electric stencil cleaning machine
The machine consists of a cleaning system, a rinsing system, a drying system, and a filtering system
Equipment dimensions: L1220*W1120*H1850 (mm).
Applicable stencil size: L750 × W750 × H40(mm).
The maximum volume of the liquid tank: 42 L*2PCS.
Cleaning and rinsing method: left and right mobile high-pressure liquid spray cleaning.
Drying method: high pressure hot air wind cutting.
Cleaning solution isolation time: 40~60S.
Cleaning time: 2-5min (time can be set freely).
Drying time: 2-5min (time can be set freely).
Cleaning liquid recovery filtration: 1μm (filtered micro-particles: solder paste, rosin, red glue and pollutants).
Rinse liquid discharge filtration: 5μm (filtered particles: solder paste, rosin, red glue and pollutants).
Liquid heating temperature: room temperature ~ 60 ℃ (time can be set freely).
Resistivity test range: 0 ~ 18MΩ.
External air source: 0.4~ 0.6 (Mpa).
Water pressure: 0.2~0.3(Mpa).
Exhaust port size: Φ125×H25(mm).
Power supply: AC380V 50HZ.
The total power is about: 25KW.
The net weight of the machine is about: 580Kg.
Standard: 2 filter elements.


1. Open-loop and closed-loop two methods, suitable for SMT steel mesh, copper mesh, resin mesh; misprinted PCB; PCBA and other cleaning.
2. Unique design of motion mechanism – the steel mesh moves back and forth, and the spray bar and air knife are fixed, making the machine run more stably.
3. The water-based cleaning solution is filtered in real time, prolongs the saturation time of pollutant load, and is suitable for precision steel mesh cleaning.
4. Large flow 4 air knife system, hot air drying quickly.
5. The whole body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and is sturdy and durable.
6. One-button operation, cleaning, rinsing and drying are automatically completed at one time according to the set program.
7. The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window, and the cleaning process is clear at a glance.
8. At the end of cleaning, compressed air is used to recover the residual chemical liquid in the pipeline and pump, which effectively saves 50% of the cleaning solution.
9. Color touch screen, PCL control, run according to the program; parameters such as solution temperature, cleaning time, rinsing times/time, rinsing temperature, drying time, drying temperature and resistivity monitoring can be set.
10. Integrate the highest quality electric and pneumatic components from Germany, the United States, Japan, etc., durable, safe and reliable

CNE-800 is a water-based electric stencil cleaning machine for automatic cleaning of SMT solder paste stencil, red glue stencil, copper mesh, resin mesh; misprinted PCB; PCBA.

Using a unique structure of 4 spray bars and 4 air knives, the process of cleaning, rinsing, drying and other processes can be automatically completed in one machine.

When cleaning, the spray rod, air knife, etc. are fixed, and the stencil reciprocates; to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment and the high precision and high quality of the stencil cleaning

Product Usage:

The electric stencil cleaning machine is used to clean the solder paste red glue adhered to SMT stencils and copper meshes. It uses an environmentally friendly water-based cleaning machine, which is more cost-effective than traditional pneumatic cleaning machines.

  • Cleaning material: Compatible with various sizes of red glue copper mesh/plastic mesh, solder paste stencil and PCBA misprinted plate cleaning
  • Cleaning Stains: Quickly clean solder paste and red glue on steel mesh and copper mesh
  • Cleaning efficiency:15 minutes/block

1. Quick & & super cleaning effect:

SMT steel mesh, copper mesh, resin mesh, silk mesh, PCB misprinted board and PCBA board can quickly and effectively clean the surface after printing with residual solder paste, red glue and other pollutants;

2. Standard water-based automatic cleaning mode: : Complete cleaning, rinsing and drying in one cleaning room, with small size and compact structure;

CNE- – 800 water-based stencil cleaning machine features
CNE— SMT, PCB industry precision cleaning, , cleaning equipment manufacturer

3. Visualization of the whole process: :
The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window, and the cleaning process is clear at a glance;

4. Wide application: :
SMT steel mesh, silk screen, printing glue fixture, SMT scraper, large size PCBA, misprinted board;

5. DI water real-time resistivity cleanliness monitoring system:
Used to monitor the cleaning effect, the resistivity can be set, and the resistivity control range is 0~18MΩ;

6. Adjustable nozzle pressure and symmetrical design: :
Solved the tension problem of SMT steel mesh under high pressure spraying during the cleaning process;


7. Standard cleaning liquid tank heating system: :
The water-based process requires heating and emulsification, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and shortens the cleaning time;

8. Low operating cost:
The built-in filter device can realize the recycling of the solvent, prolong the saturation time of the pollutant load, and at the end of the cleaning

CNE- – 800 water-based stencil cleaning machine features
CNE — SMT, PCB industry precision cleaning, , cleaning equipment manufacturer
When using compressed air to recover the residual chemical liquid in the pipeline and the pump, it can effectively save 50% of the cleaning agent;

9. Washable oversized PCBA (800mmx800mm)

10. High pressure fan + four air knives for air cutting and drying:
Using 7.5HP high pressure fan, higher efficiency (3~5 minutes), more thorough!


our service

Test wash now:There is a free trial cleaning of the prototype of the stencil cleaning machine in the factory, so that you can see the cleaning effect most directly

OEM cleaning:We can provide OEM cleaning to reduce cleaning costs by 50%

Quick response:24 hours quick response

One-stop service process:Provide special cleaning agent research and development and professional cleanliness testing Technical experts with 25 years of industry experience, provide equipment specifications free of charge Provide exclusive equipment customization and lifetime upgrade services

2 years long warranty:Formal procurement channels to ensure product quality and safety 22 technicians with 16 years of manufacturing experience provide strong service support

Lifetime technical support:Provide technical maintenance for life, and provide free equipment upgrade program for life


Notes Edit Broadcast

During the use of the SMT stencil cleaning machine, there are six major precautions provided to customers as follows:

1 The installation site of the stencil cleaning machine is strictly prohibited from being close to the fire source, heat source and power supply. The ground wire and exhaust pipe must be installed and installed completely independently, and must not be connected or communicated with any other equipment

2 Replace the solvent, add and drain the solvent, replace the filter element, and wear protective equipment when taking and sending the steel mesh. In order to ensure the health of the operator and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

3 It is required to connect, adjust and use the air source pressure strictly in accordance with the rated standard. Operate the machine in accordance with the operating methods and procedures in the machine’s instruction manual.

4 Do not bring cloth, paper scraps or other sundries into the machine cleaning room, and do not leave them in the liquid storage tank, otherwise it may cause the pipeline to be blocked and the machine to be damaged.

5 Please be attentive when operating the machine to avoid damage to the machine components.

6 Do not use solvent to clean the surface of the machine or other non-stainless steel components to ensure the service life of the machine.

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