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  • For SIEMENS D/S serials feeders
  • 10-inch color LCD monitor
  • High precision.
  • For 8MM-88MM feeders
  • Fast delivery.

Product name: Siemens D /s FEEDER calibration instrument

Product weight: about 35KG

Product size (mm): L500*W350*H500

Calibration mode: electric

Applicable models: Siemens D/S series (not applicable to X series is non-contact power supply, D series is plug-in terminal)

Usage: FEEDER calibration instrument is used for calibration of SMT Siemens FEEDER model

Functions and features:

  1. X-Y-Z axis adjustment;
  2. Axis camera that can be directly adjusted;
  3. Built-in 220V DC power supply;
  4. Cross cursor with scale;
  5. Auto and step function;
  6. LED display;
  7. Feeder control fixture;

8, 8*2mm/12*4mm/16*8mm and 24*8mm feeder control belt

SIEMENS Feeder Calibration  For D/S feeders




  Please read the following safety precautions carefully for the operators and maintenance personnel who actually use the placement machine and its auxiliary devices (hereinafter referred to as the machine) to avoid injury during use.

It is possible that part of the content written in the “Safety Precautions” in this manual does not belong to the specifications of the products purchased by the user.

In addition, in order to allow you to fully understand the contents of this SIEMENS Feeder Calibration instruction manual and the warning label of the product, we divide the warning display into the following categories for description. Please fully understand these contents and follow the relevant instructions.

 Notes on safety


In order to prevent accidents caused by unfamiliarity with the machine, the repair and adjustment work should be carried out by maintenance technicians who are familiar with the SIEMENS Feeder Calibration machine. In addition, when replacing parts, please use our company’s standard genuine parts. The company is not responsible for any failures caused by the use of non-standard genuine parts.

The components of the calibrator were adjusted in position before being shipped from the factory, and then installed. Therefore, please never try to loosen the fastening screws. After the screw is loosened, the company will not be responsible for the accuracy and quality of the image to the calibration instrument.

SIEMENS Feeder Calibration Use environment:

Please use it in the following environment.

Ambient temperature: +10℃~+35℃

Humidity: There should be no condensation below 50% (35℃) and below 90% (20℃).

Surrounding environment: there should be no corrosive gas.

  1. Product overview:

This SIEMENS Feeder Calibration is a piece of special equipment used to confirm the interval position (adsorption position) of the belt feeder (Feeder) and make adjustments. This product uses a Sharp color CCD camera and a high magnification magnifying glass to observe the feeding situation, the up and down movement of the thimble and the wear of the lever through the display, reducing the throwing problem caused by the defective material rack, and it is very helpful to improve the placement yield.

  1-1. SIEMENS Feeder Calibration features:

* Simple operation, simple and compact appearance.

* The transmission in X, Y, and two directions is driven by a high-precision rail moving platform with a micrometer. The guide mechanism ensures the precision and reliability of the transmission and guidance.

* Sharp color CCD camera with high-definition telecentric zoom lens, with ring LED lighting to make the picture clearer.

* Drive the FEEDER in an electric way to simulate the action of the machine and observe the dynamic feeding of the gear.

  1-2. SIEMENS Feeder Calibration Product list:

Mechanical body1Frame and bottom plate
Transmission system160*60 micrometer mobile platform
Sharp CCD camera1With crosshairs
Telecentric zoom lens1  FQYQ–B6
Ring LED light112V/10W
  Siemens Feida base1
monitor110-inch color LCD monitor


 1-3. Other matters:

* After unpacking, please confirm that all parts are complete according to the packing list.

* Incorrect power supply will cause damage to the machine, please confirm that the power supply is consistent with the specifications.

* Please place the machine in a stable and solid place.

* From an ergonomic point of view, we recommend that you place the machine on a table with a height of no more than 65cm, so that the user can easily sit while seeing the image of the display and facilitate the calibration of the feeder. .

  1. SIEMENS Feeder Calibration specifications

2-1. Equipment main parameters:

2-1-1. Input power: AC220V (50HZ),

2-1-2. Rated power: 45 W

2-1-3. Supply equipment air pressure: 0.5MPa(=5bar)

2-1-4. Overall dimensions (body size): length×width×height=450mm×300mm×540mm

2-1-5. Equipment weight (excluding monitor): 35Kg

2-1-6. Adjustable stroke and accuracy of the transmission part:

X direction: 45±0.5mm

Y direction: 45±0.5mm

X/Y micrometer accuracy: 0.02MM

2-2. Component parameters:

2-2-1. CCD camera:

Parameter index data


CCD size 1/4 inch

Resolution 400TVL

Signal system PAL

Minimum illumination (F1.2) ≤1.5Lux

Lens interface C/CS

Working voltage DC 12V

Working temperature -10℃~+50℃

Working environment Humidity: 40%~95%, atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa~106 Kpa

2-2-2. Zoom lens:

Telecentric zoom lens

Adjustable distance: 10MM—800MM

Magnification: 50 times

2-2-3. Color liquid crystal display:

Power source: AC: 180~250V 50Hz

Power consumption: 15W

Video input: 0.7~1.4Vpp, 75Ω

Case structure: plastic case, LCD panel

Colour: Black

Horizontal center definition: ≥800TVL

Dimensions: 300 (W) × 300 (H) × 100 (D)

Weight: 5Kg

2-2-4. Work lights:

Working voltage: DC 12V

Rated power consumption: 10W

2-3. Working environment conditions:

Temperature: +10℃~+35℃

Humidity: below 50% (35℃) below 90% (20℃)

Surrounding environment: There should be no corrosive gas.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is your minimum order quantity for the Wave Solder Conveyor Machine?

Answer: We do not have a minimum order quantity for all of our products. You can purchase one wave solder conveyor machine if you wish. However, it might be best to check out our other products as well, so you can maximize your shipping cost.

Question: How soon can I get my orders?

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Question: How do you pack machines like this?

Answer: When packing your machine, we can enclose your machine in a strong box or you can also choose to have it inside a wood frame. We will ensure proper packing of products to protect your machine from damages while it is being shipped to you.

Question: Is it easy to use this type of machine?

Answer: For people who are used to working with SMT machines, using the wave solder conveyor machine can be very easy. Nonetheless, please know that all of our products come with an English manual and a video tutorial can also be given to you if needed. You may also contact us via video call, so that we can assist you further.

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Once payment is settled, we will conduct a quality check on your machine and pack it using your preferred packing. We will arrange shipment with our shipping partner, and we will give you a tracking number for you to monitor your package as well.

These are the different information that you might want to know about ordering the wave solder conveyor. If you cannot find the information above, you can always get in touch with us, we will try our best to answer all of your concerns.

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