YAMAHA YG100 is a cost-effective second-hand placement machine. It can mount chip materials and large-size materials. It can also be equipped with an automatic pallet device. If your pallet has a lot of materials, this will greatly increase the cost. your productivity


  • Front Side FEEDER BASE,Rear is option
  • Automatic Tray Option
  • Nozzle Changer Option
  • Multicamera need 1、2 option
  • Working Condition

The parameters of Yamaha YG100 placement machine are as follows: 1

Substrate size. M type is 460×330~50x50mm, L type is 460×440~50x50mm.
Placement speed. Chip type is 0.15 seconds/accessory, 32mm QFP standard is 1.70 seconds/accessory.
Under IPC 9850 conditions.
The placement capacity is 17700 CPH, and the chip type is 0.20 seconds/accessory.
Placement accuracy. Chip type is ±0.05mm (3σ), QFP type is ±0.05mm (3σ).
Mounting angle. ±180° units.
Supported components. 0402 to SOP, SOJ, 84-pin PLCC, 0.5mm pitch QFP, BGA, CSP, 31mm, 100mm connectors, IC sockets.
Equipment component height. 15mm.
Part identification method. Multi-angle lighting digital multi-camera system (34°/pixel), multi-angle lighting good vision system (79°/pixel).
power supply. 3-phase AC 416~200V, V±10%, 50/60Hz, 4.8kVA.
Air supply source. 5.5㎏/m³ (Dry Air), 140L/min.
Machine dimensions and weight. About 1650x1562x1850mm, weight about 1630

YAMAHA YG100 high-speed placement machine The high-speed placement machine is a general-purpose version of the YAMAHA high-speed placement machine. It has the ability to mount chip components at high speed and can use tape-mounted, tube-mounted, bulk components, as well as special-shaped IC components. Placement capability

The second-hand Yamaha YG100 placement machine is a device used for electronic component placement and has the following characteristics:

Efficient production: Yamaha YG100 patch machine adopts advanced patch technology, which can achieve high-speed and efficient patch production and improve production efficiency.

Precise positioning: The equipment is equipped with a sophisticated visual recognition system and positioning system, which can accurately identify and position electronic components to ensure the accuracy and quality of the patch.

Versatility: YG100 placement machine has a variety of placement modes and placement capabilities, which can adapt to different sizes, shapes and types of electronic components, and has strong versatility and flexibility.

Easy to operate: The equipment adopts a user-friendly interface and operating system. The operation is simple and easy to learn, so you can get started quickly and reduce the training cost for operators.

Reliable and stable: As a well-known electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturer, Yamaha’s product quality and stability are guaranteed. Second-hand equipment still has high reliability and stability after maintenance and overhaul.

Cost savings: Choosing second-hand equipment can effectively save procurement costs, which is especially suitable for some small and medium-sized electronic manufacturing companies or start-up companies, and can reduce investment risks.

To sum up, the second-hand Yamaha YG100 chip placement machine has the characteristics of efficient production, precise positioning, versatility, easy operation, reliability and stability, and cost saving. It is one of the commonly used chip placement equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry.

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